Theory about Adamantium

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Darth Jello
So just a thought about Adamantium and its secret.

We know that Primary Adamantium is the result of an attempt to recreate Protoadamantium which was created in an accident. We know that it's insanely costly and consuming to create. We know that it seems to have a toxic affect on the human body which can apparently be negated by healing factors or in the case of Bullseye, Eastern Medicine/Magic. We know that there is a non-secret, cheaper version that isn't as strong called Secondary Adamantium and that the Soviet attempt to recreate Adamantium resulted in Carbonadium, a highly radioactive and therefore unstable garbage alloy that apparently only Omega Red and Moon Knight see any value to.
My theory is that whatever makes Adamantium nearly indestructible, it's very likely that the key ingredient is a radioactive isotope of a metal such as the iron used in its steel. That's the secret.
1. The expense and secrecy. Why would creating an alloy be so expensive and secretive if the ingredients to make it weren't rare, dangerous, or highly regulated?
2. Toxicity. If Adamantium is indestructible it should have no reaction and not interfere with biology so heavy metal toxicity makes no sense. The oligodynamic effect doesn't work because Adamantium is not an ion. What does make sense is if the metal absorbs the high energy radiation of its components but some low level radiation that would be harmless externally but poisonous internally still leaks out.
3. Carbonadium. If you take the same ingredients and mix them the wrong way, why would the result be highly radioactive?
4. Secondary Adamantium. How would you make a cheaper, mass market version of a classified, super-hard, expensive metal? Use a cheap, non-radioactive, common alternative in it's manufacture like making chocolate with vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter.


Also consider if the above holds up, does that mean that if someone were to generate enough force to break Primary Adamantium on a macro level, would it result in a very, very big boom due to release of energy?

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