-untitled poetry-

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I do not normally title my poetry, I wouldn't be the best of poetry writers but you know It doesn't hurt to try or does it?

I sense something wrong with you,
You won't tell me,
Is it me? Or is it something else,
My heart aches when your silent.

What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to leave you be?
You don't have to keep it to yourself
Just why won't you tell me.

I sit here thinking of you
Hoping that your okay
Take your time and hopefully
You be ok...

Sigh..I know this sucks but you know I tried to write how I feel right this moment.. I will post more of my poems on my thread.


I want to be yours forever
I want to be in your arms
I want to be by your side
Day and night

I want to you to hold me
I want you to say you love me
I want you to kiss me on my lips
I want to fall asleep in your hand

I want to tell you one thing
No matter how far away we are
I want you to do me one thing
I want you to keep smiling through the days we see each other again

Deep inside its killing me
The sadness has sunken in
Time is ticking slowly by as I sit here
Waiting for you to come back
Back into my arms once more
(Bit rusty but yeah)

She hides her sadness deep inside
She try's and keep it lock away
From the pain she been through everyday
She been broken,let down and disappointed
She never thought she be happy again

A warm hand touch her shoulder
Reassuring everything is going to be ok
She looked at him with her tearful eyes
As he warped his arms around her holding her tight
She buried her face and whispers "thank you"

I hide in the shadows,
Not daring to speak,
For they are the strong,
And I the weak,
Sometimes I feel like running away,
To end my life,
To not see another day,
But then I turn around,
And see my kevvy smile
And that's when I realize,
My life is worth while

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