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The Evil Queen
Hi there,

I'm new, although that much is obvious. wink

I was sitting at home today (I've been ill) and I came across this site, and as I love movies, (don't we all) decided to join.

I don't know what I am meant to say in my intro, so I guess I could just give a few details about myself -

- I am called 'The Evil Queen' as I am a huge fan of the TV show Once Upon A Time, specifically, the Evil Queen!

- I do karate, and I am currently an orange belt, hoping to grade to green in March.

- Also in March I am doing the Worlds Greatest Shave for charity. I will be shaving off my waist length hair. Bit nervous, but more happy to be raising money for a good cause!

- I am a Muslim. Converted to Islam five years ago, but have kept it secret from my family for fear they wouldn't understand. I had relapsed for a number of years, but recently found my faith again. I tend to keep my religion private - and I am always saddened by attacks on my religion. Islam is not perfect, but neither is any religion.

- I am very politically minded, and have a lot of opinions I am not afraid of sharing. I debate respectfully, if you are respectful to me.

- I would describe myself as a post whore. I love forums with many members, because that equals many posts, so I will always have something to respond to!

I will have a look around here first and then maybe make a few posts. There are so many forums!


Scarlet Fox
Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you Evil Queen, though I am sure you are not Evil at all! big grin

I hope you enjoy what KMC has to offer here, and if you enjoy Posting Overly so I suggest stopping by the Off Topic section. That can keep you busy for an hour or two alone!

I myself perfer the RP forums at the very bottom but it seems they have died a great deal though I want to revive them if possible. No one has responded to that. q.q

Anyway I am sure you will like it here and feel free to message me with any questions!.... and no I am not a moderator here. Just a friendly user.

The Evil Queen
Hello Scarlet Fox, and thank you for your warm welcome. smile I will certainly message you with any problems I have, though hopefully I won't have any! smile

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