Movie Batman(Dark Knight) vs (Gene Hackman)Lex Luthor(Superman

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Lex Luthor decides to take a easier hero so he goes to Gotham and starts to set up shop. Luthor is a very smart and very rich man can he kick Batman out of Gotham?

You know, I do think Lex has better tech and more raw processing power than Batman, BUT Batman is much more cunning, has a better tactical mind, and isnt prone to over confidence as Lex is...

So no, I dont think Lex will be able to kick Batman out of Gotham; THE GODD@MNED BATMAN will find a way to win this fight even though Lex will make it very hard on him...

I think Lex can take it remember when Lex made those traps to test Superman's powers smart idea to and he also had a Superman of his own created what if he does that here?

Rao Kal El
Lex Luthor from the movies is an idiot clown.

Batman should win

What's to stop him from creating another Nuclear Powered super villain like Nuclear Man, who's actually stronger than that Superman?

Lol, the world is his.

Rao Kal El
Just letting my hate for the character to flow freely here.

I was actually watching the movies yesterday and is incredible the amount of deductios he made out of nothing.

He read on the daily planet the first appearance of Superman and deduces out of nothing and of course thanks to the plot that he is an alien.

Plus the comedy relief sidekick characters that he has. Any REAL genious will get rid of Ottis as soon as he opens his mouth and miss chest? Well she is only there to look at her chest, that was his only smart move with his sidekicks.

I just hate how lex luthor got reduced into a clown on those movies.

Having said that, yes it is probably that he could clone another superman, but he is so stupid and his sideckics are so stupid that Batman will switch superman's hair for Flasse's hair.

By the time "mr real state criminal mind of the century" realizes this Batman will have the tumbler right on lex bald nogging.

Just my point of view, i really hate what they did to him on the movies.

And he is so clownish that he should not win this one, but i can see your point of view too.

Miss Chestmocker = bewbs.

Ottis = outlet.

Get it?

Ottis always ****s up and Lex always beats his ass. "Would you like to see a really long arm Ottis! Would you like to see a really long arrrrrmmmm!?" "I'm sorry mista Lutha! Ah!" Next time you see em his teeth are misssing and he has a black eye lol.

He's so smart he deosn't need any sidekicks. But he likes his kicks.

Rao Kal El
Yeah, I saw that, poor Ottis, he got abused by Lex.

Bats will have Lex reduced to a beggar on the streets og Gotham within a day. Movie Lex is an incomprehensible clown, he trusted Otis with tasks such as reprogramming the nuclear missile for fuks sake.

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