Avengers/J.L Vs The Annihalation Wave

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With a massive threat coming towards Marvel Earth , Silver Surfer reveals to the world, that Drax was unable to revive Galactus and thus the Wave continued its march, taking much of . e Kree Empire along with. Plus thete big gunonan and the Super-Skrull. The Wave is about to hit Earth in a massive strike on multiple cities/sites, many heroes and villains if not most will fall/die In fighting off the massive wave strike....

while sustaining massive casualties. With more of Annihilus' forces coming, just before dieing, Reed Richards sends a destress signal that Earth needs help, the becan heard by Bruce Wayne who informs the other JL heroes that he recieved a destress signal from Marvel Earth he and Reed Richards had setup when they first met years ago....

The Dc Heroes arrive hour after reciveing the destress signal.. Batman, Suprman, G.L Hal, Wonder Woman and Cyborg are the ones who on this rescue mission.. The 5 heroes reach and cordinate with Iron Man who the only other heroe who knew of Reed and Bruces emergency becan..

Annihilus plans a final massive attack on Earth..

The Heroes plan to form 2 lines of attack and defend as they will try to trick Annihilus into splitting his forces into 2 with one driving them towards the moon.

Superman, G.L, Wonder Woman, Thor, Silver Surfer and Ms.Marvel intend to fight and defeat the wave on Earths moon...

Captain America, Iron Man, Batman Cyborg volunteer to help fight off the Wave and buy Earth time with help of a small band of mix of high, mid-level and street level heroes of about 10 led by Namor, Spider-Man and Wolverine Plus there big gun the Hulk!

Does Marvel Earth win the day?
Annihilus leads half of his forces towards Earth...
Ravenous leads the other half towards the Moon..


yeah, how about a line up? are thanos and A&T out? who is in the wave?

Branlor Swift
If Annihilus goes anywhere near Earth, the Galactus gun wipes out every single person on or near Earth

ah yeah the G bomb. should vaporize just about everything

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.