Revamped Judge Dredd Respect Thread

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Dredd is a future cop with the authority of judge, jury, and executioner, he is portrayed as the peak in human fitness. Judge Fargo was seen as the most talented, fittest, and most competent Judge who ever existed, so well respected was he that he was cloned to carry on his bloodline, They produced 6 children each of whom were trained immediately from birth, out of the 6 only 2, Joe Dredd, and Rico Dredd reached adulthood, Joe later killed Rico in self defense.


Dredd slamming Alpha's head into a wall so hard that the wall cracks (Judgement Day tpb)

Dredd breaking a large chain and escaping (Day the Law Died tpb)

Dredd picks Jr Angel up above his head and throws him with little effort (Judge Child tpb)

Fighting Skill

Dredd holding his own against Batman for a long period of time (Judgement on Gotham tpb)

Dredd defeats Stan Lee in H2H, who is described as a martial arts master. (Meg 3.62)

Dredd fights Orlok, one of the best trained/most dangerous assassins in the world. (Doomsday For Dredd tpb)

Shooting Accuracy

Dredd shoots through a wire that Stan Lee is swinging from to stop him without injuring him. (2000ad 541)

Dredd kills a group of mutants instinctively (he has amnesia, his face has been burned beyond recognition). (The Dead Man tpb)

The boy mentions that nearly every shot was a head or heart shot.


Dredd takes out three guys before they know what hit them (Origins tpb)

Dredd outdraws a robot. (2000ad 43)


Dredd isn't really the smartest guy around, usually solving most of his problems by punching people and nuking countries, but he's at least reasonably smart, and is often cautious, not jumping to conclusions.

(Tour of Duty: MegaCity Justice tpb)


Dredd is crucified for 7 days, living off the blood of the Dog-Vulture's that are unwise enough to get too close. (Goodnight Kiss tpb)

After finally pulling himself down in pain-wracked delirium he immediately tracks down the guy who did it to him and still manages to win the fight.

Dredd's has an above average immune system, he contracts and survives the Sin City Virus, a virus which reportedly kills over 89% of people infected with it. (Satan's Island tpb)

This frame details the 89% mortality rate (note, Dredd was also one of the first to catch the virus as he was present at the source of the contagion when it was originally unleashed)

Dredd is blind, surrounded by monsters, and crawling through fire towards an enemy he knows he probably can't beat. (City of the Damned tpb)

an injured Dredd stabs himself in the hand to stop from falling (Raptaur tpb)

Other Abilities

Dredd has bionic eyes (the originals were gouged out).

His bionic eyes give him -

1. 20/20 night vision
2. Enhanced Clarity over Distance
3. 50% less blinking time laughing out loud

(City of the Damned tpb)

Dredd is resilient to psychological attacks.

Here, in this classic strip Judge Fear uses his power on him, a power which terrifies anyone who witness it to such a degree that it ordinarily kills them instantaneously, it barely affects Dredd at all. (Four Dark Judges tpb)



Infra Red Night Vision (2000ad 8)

Glare protection (2000ad 6)

Bullet Proof (2000ad 27)

The badge section slides down and acts as a respirator. (2000ad 9)

The helmet can also translate languages after being exposed to them for a short period of time. (Judge Child tpb)


Fires 6 Different Types of Bullet

1. Standard (Tour of Duty: MegaCity Justice)

2. Heat-Seeker/Hot-Shot (Tour of Duty: The Backlash)

3. Ricochet (Tour of Duty: The Backlash)

4. Incendiary (Tour of Duty: The Backlash)

5. Armour Piercing (Meg 206)

6. Hi-Ex (Tour of Duty: The Backlash)

There are also some optional varients

1. Stun
2. Gas Grenade

There is no "Double Whammy" wink

The Lawgiver has a palm-print ID check, if it detects an unauthorised user attempting to fire it, it self-destructs (usually taking the user's hand and forearm with it). (Necropolis tpb)


Essentially its a 4000cc armor-plated motorbike with guns, GPS, and minor, programmable AI (Dredd can program a route and send it on without him, often doing this to distract perps whilst he creeps up on them).

Here, in this early-ish story you see Dredd give it basic instructions to follow. (The Judge Child tpb)

It can't fly though wink

Yup, Dredd is awesome.thumb up

It's worth the price of an issue just to hear Dredd constantly call Batman a punk. Everyone else, including his enemies, treats Batman with great respect. Dredd couldn't give a crap about Batman's status in his timeline. In his world he'd just be another perp. laughing out loud

Just to correct some of the Lawgiver info, I just ran into a better source.

The Stun feature is not a bullet, so its not listed with the 6 bullet types, all Lawgivers have 6 different bullets + stun.

You can swap Incendiary or Heat-Seeker for Gas rounds

There seems to be some kind of crappy motion sensor too, though being that Dredd is never beeping whilst walking around in the comic I would take it that it can be turned off, or that it was phased out (alerting criminals to your position at all times is really not a good idea, though I guess against animals or unarmed crooks it would be more useful).


The Judge uniform also seems to be shock-resistant

Here's a better scan showing the visor's infra-red capability.

Dredd beats the 4 year-running Daystick fighting champion.

For backstory, Dredd suspects this Judge to have used excessive force on a civilian resulting in her death (which he did), but Dredd can't prove it so the guy's got away with it.

An unarmed Dredd evades fire and throws his Boot Knife

Dredd reacts quickly to oncoming missiles, pulls a shield off of a nearby statue and wheels around in time to block

Dredd in a heated firefight (this sort of things happens every other month to be honest, but I liked the artwork here).

Being that there seems to be little interest here I'm probably going to call it a day, I've got "Cry of the Werewolf" coming at the moment (the only tpb I've yet to check) so if there's anything cool in that I'll probably add but I think thats about it to be honest.

I've checked through Cry of the Werewolf now, so as I mentioned here's that, plus the last of the stuff I've run into since.


Again, Dredd breaks some chains (Book of the Dead)

Dredd Headbutts and detains a Werewolf (Cry of the Werewolf)


Here we see Dredd taking what looks like a very powerful punch (he's flying backwards at an upwards angle) through a window and dropping down out of a building to street level (his fall is broken multiple times though), this seems to have little to no affect on him (Book of the Dead)


Here we see Dredd killing the Superhero "Fairly Hyperman" , the only thing which can harm Fairly Hyperman is Green Kapokite, Dredd has bullets made up from this substance and then shoots the hero, who doesn't know they pose a danger to him and therefore doesn't bother dodging them. (Prog 530)


Again, Dredd gives the bike orders in this 90s story. (Inferno tpb)

Dredd takes on a gang of Werewolves (Cry of the Werewolf)

Here's the whole of the end fight with Ankhor (Book of the Dead)

Part 2

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