The Legion of Super-Heroes Vs JSA

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Both teams in their primes. Which uber team wins?


HMMMM two of my favorite teams head to head.

A team line up for each would be handy. ATM I'm going solely off the images (and assuming LoSH is a full line up considering the size of the JSA)

E-22 Superman, Powergirl, and captain marvel can handle three of the Kryptonian level Legionare's ( Superboy, Mone-el, Supergirl )but that still leaves a few ( Ultra boy, Starboy- depending in era, Dev-em. and if we're talking about later eras a Marvel named Thunder). Not to mention karate kid who can handle them.

Citizen Steel should take Blok. White / Black witch and Dr fate should be interesting. Colossal boy will be too much for ato smasher. Sunboy should be more than too much for almost any energy manipulator of the JSA, for that matter so should Wildfire. Lightning wont be able to take both Lightning lad and lass..............

Actually it's going to come down to if Jay, Jesse, Jakeem and Alan can thin the herd enough to give the JSA a chance. XS can deal with one of the speedster pre COIE the allen twins can deal with both.Even Hourman one million wont be much good up against a time traveler of Querls level and Terrific is way out classed by Querl in Brains. The JSA's street levelers out pretty much useless as Timberwolf could take the lot.

I'm going to say the JSA.

The total numbers aren't much different, but the Legion has no cosmics, or even people above Herald. They also have Starboy to give them an inside scoop on important info, like 'Don't give Brainy a chance to build stuff'.

the LoSH out number the JSA of the era pictured 2 to 1 so not sure what you mean about even numbers. prior to the Johns plow out era the JSA's largest team at any time was around 15 ( Johns took that to almost 30) where LoSH is almost always over 50 bar the early SA.

As for over herald black witch can easily match most versions of Fate except classic ( also not pictured) Brainy equals if not exceeds matthew Tyler in time manip, and Starman is insane as a JSAer. lets not forget that LoSH defeated a more powerful version of Mordru than the one that has soloed the JSA and done so a few times.

Well, yes, I am talking the Johns and post-Johns era.

And I'm pretty sure that even when talking lower total numbers, you generally have more high-power people, which is what'll decide things.

The only time Mordru solo'd was before the JSA got Fate in their court. The other times he went against the team, he had partners.

And the JSA's handled the King of Tiers (a foe tough even for the Spectre) on multiple occasions- Recently, they even beat him with the All-Stars which didn't have Dr. Fate thanks to Anna Fortune... and then the teams merged back together, so they've got Fate and Fortune. And Jakeem Thunder, and Starheart Alan, and Power Girl, and Citizen Steel, and Obsidian.

Obsidian, Starheart Alan, Fate, and Jakeem are all above-herald on their own. And Lightning was revealed to be capable of unleashing above-herald level attacks too.

??? Mordru soloed the JSA on several occassions with Dr Fate present. hell his first appearance in a JSA story heralded the return of Dr Fate in hector. This was 20th cent Mordru who is much lower in power than his 30th cent self. I mean for crying out load one of the times LoSH defeated him was after he had absorbed infinite man with Glorith and had the power to destroy the universe.

JSA win imho

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