Real estate SEO Tips? SEO Tips for Realtors or Real Estate Moguls?

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SEO tips for Realtors and SEO for realtors is really about - guess what? LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!! Know your keywords (e.g., foreclosures in Phoenix) and KNOW your local search terms. Pay attention to Google+ Local and get your real estate presence on Google+ Local.

Here are other SEO tips for Realtors and Realtor moguls -

For SEO, how narrowly should I target my SEO keywords? - Ideally, you want to get as close as possible to the keywords inputted by the searchers. Not just one word, but the exact phrases, the exact word order. Then, you have to prioritize these phrases in terms of volumes and value, and place them strategically in your tags. There are many trade-offs here; hence the ART of SEO.
How do you get images to appear on a Google search? - There are two aspects of images for effective SEO. First and foremost, always use the ALT attribute for your important images on each page. If you are a real estate broker, for example, and you have a picture of yourself. Use the ALT attribute to have it say, 'Real Estate Broker, Los Angeles' for example. The ALT attribute tells Google what the image is about, and can have an impact on the total SEO.
What is Google's view of paid links for SEO? - Google's official view of paid links is that they do not count, and should be marked using the REL=NOFOLLOW attribute so that it 'knows' that these are paid links. That said, as long as the paid links are not part of a link farm or other nefarious 'black hat' SEO site, you should be fine.

For Real Estate SEO one need seo provider who knows all techniques and procedures which are necessary for website rank in Google. Professional seo provider are capable of providing such services easily and it is helpful for brokers.

"Real estate SEO" are key words!! laughing out loud

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.