What if Batman hadn't given up the Yellow Lantern ring?

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Instead, realizing the potential as the perfect amalgam of utility belt and using fear as a weapon on crime and evil, he attempted to master the ring and use it to take over the Sinestro Corps. Remaking it into the much more powerful much broader intergalactic scope Batman Inc!

Could he use his mind, will, manipulation of fear and strategic skills to:
Master the ring?
Keep the ring to use as he saw fit?
Over throw Sinestro?
Reform the Corps?
Manage an entire Corps of Fear Lantern Ring wielding Batman Incorporated?

And lastly could he manage to find a way to contain or somehow deal with Parallax to continue using the light for Justice?

all his plans would take a back seat to red lanterns attacking them due to being the corps formerly known as the sinestro Corp that ravaged, raped and killed them or their loved ones. GLC would also take them down seeing batman as corrupted by the ring like how guy said he was more of a prick with the yellow ring on. They would think he is crazy as he, BATMAN is trying to orginize a group of the universes worst and most sadistic killers and crazies into a fear based peace keeping force where they wield power rings. They won't bend to batmans ideals. If batman could do something like this then he could turn arkham asylum into a police force.
It's doomed from jump. He can't keep the ring without it eventually taking him to Sinestro Corp home base where he will be killed or need to ditch the ring and hide. If he fights sinestro then he either loses to the vet or gets the rings failsafe activated on him and dies.
He gets put into the power battery and unexpectedly boosts the strength of every yellow ring. That's how he contributes to the yellow lanterns and the universe.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.