Highschool DxD trio vs Negimaverse

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Highschool DxD trio consists of:
Issei (Trident form)
Vali Lucifer (balance breaker, but can go juggernaut drive)
Sairaorg Bael (balance breaker form of Regulus Nemea)

they go against Negimaverse in two scenarios:
1. they go against them by tiers first. they take on the low tiers, then the mid tiers, etc.
2. whole verse at once.

speed for DxD trio is equalized to that of top tiers for both scenarios and they know what Negima characters are capable of and vice versa. that said, there is no prep time for any character to develop a strategy.

how does this go?

Can't say I'm too familiar, but they'll have to be rather impressive to stand up to Negima top characters.

in terms of speed, I can't exactly say how fast they really are as Highschool DxD is a light novel, but assuming that the lightning magic getting tossed around is as fast as the real thing, then one character in DxD can casually block lightning with his wings and Vali could blitz that guy effortlessly. Issei is able to keep up with Vali somewhat and Sairaorg is more or less on par with Issei.

strength wise, when Issei and Sairaorg fought, their punches split hte ground and was apparently shaking the artificial dimension they were fighting in. the fact they were taking each other's punches too without blocking also shows off their durability as well.

they also have some pretty decent other abilities too as Issei has the ability to double his power every 10 seconds (how much he can boost himself depends on training though) while Vali can divide a person's power in half every 10 seconds and even divide said person in half (as in their actual size) as well. Sairaorg doesn't have any hax ability but he can take a serious beating to go down. think of him as Highschool DxD's equivalent of Jack Rakan.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.