Your take on a MOS universe villain

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Rao Kal El
Ok, So here is the deal

When Batman Begins came out to the movie theaters on midnight show, I liked the movie so much that as soon as I went back home I wrote a review of the movie AND I posted my take based on a REAL SCENARIO JOKER INTERPRETATION.

Basically I posted the idea of having a Joker far from the Joker of the old Batman show and not the same type of Joker Jack Nicholson gave us on the Burton movies.

I posted the idea of having a Joker who basically carved smiles on people's faces with a blade.

Now I do not know if someone read that idea from the Yahoo forums, but when I saw the movies I was like "Cool, it seems someone might have read my idea, who knows, but I would like to think so"

Based on this likely/unlikely event I want to hear everyone's takes on Superman villains but in a REAL WORLD SCENARIO.

How will Doomsday could be in a real world situation?
How will Darkseid be? Luthor? Parasite? Brainiac? Banshee? Mr. Myx? Metallo? Cyborg Superman? Bizarro? Mogul?

Zod for example, is not just a villain, He is a GENERAL and all the things He does are for the GOOD OF HIS PEOPLE. So he was not necessarily just "Evil"

How or what will be your take to bring those villains into a real world situation?

I have my idea for a possible spin off for MOS 2.

The kryptoanian explores found dead all over the universe could have been killed by someone, either Doomsday or Brainiac.

One of those two hate the kyrptonians so much that He is on a genocidal mission to kill them all.

So post your ideas, who knows. We might have someone from the studios scouting around for ideas.

Mark Strong is already rumored to be Luthor

Darkseid will be an alien from another world.. I would simply have aspects from his comic book appearances

Cyborg Supes willl be hard because so far no one has any of Kal's alien dna, but that could change during Man of Steel 2 or even Justice League

same with Bizarro

now Doomsday could simply be an alien from another world coming to destroy the earth and Kal has to defend it

Atomic skull.
Instead of a dominator gene-bomb it can shift to kryptonian Origins due to the manipulations of Jax-ur. Perhaps due to some experiments done before they announced themselves to assess the local life, something Jax-ur did more or less on his own for his own reasons/kicks.

The idea of a tragic villain to follow the 'evil' general. Maybe sees the destructive fall out of the invasion threw the eyes of a mentally unstable, paranoid alien abductie who views superman as maybe not only a threat but perhaps the 'leader' of the aliens thinking he set up the failed invasion so ppl would willingly follow him. His body begins to change due to the manipulations and he deeming himself a hero and superman the villain chooses to use his powers to kill superman. Modeling himself after his favorite old comic book hero 'atomic skull'

With a lex sub plot of his own distrust maybe atomic skull tries to kill superman and gets beaten soundly. Take him off to star labs since a normal prison can't hold him.. Clark is on a date so lex manages to take atomic skull.
Tries to use Atomic Skull and give him armor, amp his powers without telling him he will burn out but hopes he will kill superman in the process.
In the end atomic skull doesn't burn out and goes critical making superman take the fight to the Arctic and blah blah superman wins.

Work up the fact that he is a normal person who views himself as a hero. Lost his family to the invasion, lost his sanity to the kryptonians and is a burning embodiment of the distrust, fear and hate clarks father was scared of and others are feeling and in his own way an extension of Lex's own feelings

I see him looking like this.
then this

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