Beware the Batman

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So this premiered today. Any thoughts?
I'm personally struggling with Alfred Bond, but the rest seems decent.

Surprisingly I liked the villains of the episode. Not sure if they're from comics or original but interesting concept.

Bold marine corp material Alfred bothered me too. Maybe he'll grow on me eventually but that was a brave move. Keeps calling Batman Bruce instead of
Master Wayne. Lets wait and see...

I'll wait for more episodes before forming a judgment.

Not sure whether to like this or hate the fact that it replaced Green Lantern...yep I'm still mad about that.

Watched a second episode. Still mixed feelings. Batman/Bruce is pretty badass although gets his ass handed to him quite a lot. Batman/Gordon are slowly becoming partners but it feels forced, could've been much better developed. Shoulda taken notes from Spectacular Spider-man/George Stacey.

Also I think something prevents them from using all the characters they want. There's a character who is basically Catwoman.. except she's not Catwoman. And Katana for a sidekick... a bit weird...

Going to try and get caught up on this. I like that they are playing up Alfred's military past. And I'm curious to see how they handle Professor Pyg. Seeing a Grant Morrison villain in a cartoon is pretty great.

I been enjoying batman I like the animated series my favorite is batman beyond

Good to see Ras. Thought they said they won't use any of the popular villains. Which is dumb. No Joker, no Penguin, no Riddler.

Gotta say the show is really growing on me. Despite what they said at first they're introducing more well-known Batman villains. Ras, Killer Croc, Penguin already had a cameo and I feel the Joker will show up sooner or later. Was nice to see Deathstroke in the recent episode, he kicked ass unlike his poor portrayal in the Son of Batman movie. Barbara gets more and more screen time. Gonna keep watching.

Esau Cairn
Yeah I'm on the fence as to whether I like it or not...

I'm more confused about the time-slot it's shown here in Australia...
11 pm every Friday

After watching the last episode must say.. I'm really enjoying the show. It's getting better and better. Deathstroke is becoming a major villain of the show which is awesome. Also Harvey finally went Two-Face.

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