Curry's tourney Match 1; Psycho G vs Beat B

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Since I'm mid-transit I'm posting this 2 hours early.

PG's post had to be split up into 2 due to the number of images.



Wow I give you a peak ( OK I changed it a little afterward) at what I could bring to the table and THAT is the best you got???

Seriously wanting I'm afraid.
1. Justice has the ability to simply know everything about any soul he comes into contact with post his upgrade in newuniversal ( for Abhi who can't open the originals)
Combining him with Vic means he can "contact" practically any and every soul on the planet

So I already know everything you just brought and how to defeat it. In fact consider I can also "contact" Doom, Reed, Pym, Lex, Palmer, Irons, Niles Caulder and every other genius on the globe I probably have more ways of countering every device you could ever think of with "Tony Stark's not so incredible genius" (compared to what I can come up with) than you can poke a stick at.

Hell in the Vietch Question mini The one that he was first fully showcased with the mystic upgrade. Vic knew everything that was going on in metropolis even the things hidden from those oh so keen senses of Superman. That was mostly just from the "city talking to him" and random spirits giving him dope combined with some intuition. That was without the ability of Tenison to simply know everything about the souls he contacts. The knowledge I have here will be extreme.

Now for that Ice burg ( and reasonably sized Glacier)
Justice's power, his blasts, shields and healing come from the fact that he can draw on energy from his aura or "chi".
How much more powerful do you think those powers will be when you merge him with the mind of someone like Vic who has learned to link himself to the very "chi" of the planet ????
If he can vaporize a human drawing only on the chi of a human
than potentially his blast power can reach the heights that would now vaporize a planet.
If his shields can protect him from an explosion that brought down a building
(yes the concussion knocked him down but he was unhurt)
Than potentially he can stop planet busting attacks.
not to mention what it would mean for his healing ability. I mean when he can heal from a bullet lodged in the brain. So his healing is going to mean you can't even do sufficient damage quickly enough to even slow him down. Hulk eat your heart out.

Let's also look at what else I "access" by the ability to extend Justice's contact to spirits. I mentioned the tech genius' but what about on top of Doom, Stephen Strange, Daimon Hellstrom, Kent Nelson and every other mystic that might be somewhere on the globe. Oh i lack the talismans and artifacts to fully power their spells but I can draw on the Earth after all. Suddenly I increase Vic low level magic to realm that only a sorcerer Supreme would put down without a work out.

You spoke of your superior speed an how your character was the fastest one here. Nothing is faster than instantaneous travel. Shiva and Cass can match evenly in combat the likes of Slade Wilson who is leagues faster, stronger and better reflexes. The do this courtesy of their skill and the ability to read and predict movements. With Vic i have someone who's skill isn't far off that

Combined with an even greater means of predicting movement. I know what you think when you think of it. before you have even sent the impulse from your brain to make the move I am reacting. Combining that with the honed reactions of a trained martial artist and the speed and agility of Shield and teleportation as a power and my combat speed vastly exceeds yours.

Plethora, seriously?? If you think that is an EXCESS of attacks compared to what my amalgam brings to the table you are completely deluded.

Because of what my amalgam brings I literally have access to the combined attacks of the greatest minds on the planet, the spells of the greatest mystics, the fore knowledge of everything you could possibly come up with AND the knowledge just what defeats it.

Your great plan is an energy draining device. Wo is me AHHHH I'm done for. Oh wait the only "energy" I actually have to drain is that of a normal human being who lives. Since i know what the ploy is I simply don't have to be drawing on any of the earth's power when you strike. Not that it will matter since you wont even know WHERE to strike. My ability to make you see what ever i want you to will mean you won't even know where I am until i finish you.

Seriously dude for the heads up I gave you this attack is seriously under baked.

Since there seems to be some issues with my images

Magic knowledge

Tapping into the earths Chi


Making enemies think what he wants

fighting Shiva



Healing pre upgrade
post newuniversal upgrade

Accessing knowledge of souls near

Energy blast that vaporize humans
well one was atomize

Shields that withstood a blast that leveled a building ( he was close and knocked over but up quick)

Trans dimensional travel without control

Shield ( not really much of an event here)
The 7 month old in that one is the Shield I picked (Bill) not his father. same level of power just doesn't need the catalyst suit.

There are better but i can't find
page after


I hoe these links work and appologize in advance for the crappy looking and hard to read images. Since CV went all 2.0 the tech is as pharked as the site

psycho gundam
*sigh* A lot of what you said won't work

1) The battlefield is limited to just the two of our characters, and they are imprisoned in a FF dome. There is no access to the populace of the city (there are none) let alone the planet. Accessing other characters is outside help of character minds you didn't draft. Directed Tony's way a little better for you, but he possesses psi-blockers in his helmet(s), more on that later.

2) Soul stuff is dubious cause I really don't remember drafting the soul of Tony Stark, we only drafted the minds, so in essence the character will act as the Vision/Alkhema/Jocosta/etc. That's another thing we can go more into if need be, but remember: in Marvel mind and soul are distinct, even the Infinity gems govern them separately.

3)You have I guess misinterpreted what the Question was doing that scan/what his power is. He's connected to the city(ies), not the actual populace, they just are perceptible by him due to them being terrestrial, the Chi/Ki angle is a reach.

4)You have all but ignored the power drainer, but that may be the fault of my messed up thumbnails. I will re post them for your viewing pleasure.

Stark tech power drainer disables the new Avengers team:
Stark tech power drainer disables the Dark Avengers team:

No vaunted "Luke Cage" durability

All you get is nausea and loss of powers, and you didn't bring any Imodium in preparation.....


psycho gundam

psycho gundam
Unclickable link fix

ok quick reply while on morning tea.
would have replied this mornin b4 I left for work but I stayed up so late I only got 4 hrs sleep and was running late

first, sorry I wasnt clear the access of peoples things is my 30 Sec prep ( outside ff dome) in less than 20 seconds I'll know your plan and what you have collected and will the use last 10 to teleport to Doom's castle where i will acquire his energy drain equipment and a small tool set( having already gained his knowledge while in the spirit walk gaining yours). his device has better feays by far ( Beyonder anyone?). while you are busy fighting my illusoons I'll do a minor rewire to it to set up a feedback loop. the instant you even attempt to drain anything tour energy drain equipment will overload and explode on you.

Mind and soul may be different in marvel but we're ina shared universe are we not? we have DC characters here too. plus there is one thing consistent in bith the lack of a soul for an organic being means dead. you chose a carbon organic mind making you cybernetic not android or robot. if you don't have a soul that would mean tour dead and I won before the battle began.

those scans of vic do show him linking the earth true but there are others of him linking with human minds plus some of Justice doing the same. I'm in my iphone scans at hime and I don't think I've loaded them anywhere to link. If needed I'll load in my remaining post.

"stretch"? this is an amalgam tourney isn't it?? there was a poster on one of the threads ( blair i think) who said he hoped I understood how to unlock potential with amalgams. was that just smoke and wind?? you can ignore the power I bring if you want but IMO it's at your own peril. Do I think Xama can destroy a planet? no. I said potential, obviously to do that would mean draining the planet dry and killing our battle ground and myself as well. I am however certain thet the merge of both takes me from low to mid level meta attack and defense to at least low/ mid herald level. the fact that my power draws energy from himslef is linked with a mind who has learned to draw energy from the planet can increase my power is not in any way a stretch.

PSI blockers? what are they going to do for you ?? Are they going to help you with magical illusions, do they help against cosmic awareness?? Cosmic awareness is a lot closer to what I have than TP.

you talk about outside help but offer scans where IM hash is saved by tech given him by doom ( you even offered it as proof for his durability). the area may not be populated but it still has the environment. the energies of beings that have been there that are part of the vibe would still be so. I know I mentioned spirits fighting for me but i don't really need them. the energy of the spirits that are part of the energy in the area. unless your changing the environment as well.

I'll leave it for judges to decide if that's viable or not.

you still havent offered anything to say how your even finding me to use your attacks. no defense for mine and if you just going to ignore the potency and say wont work I personally think that will be costly

This match ends in 8 hours.

You guys better get your arguments in smile

psycho gundam
Just saw that. no expression

Might as well close it now.....

His prep is a waste, and his on-field stuff won't give him what he wants. Also, Justice's back story is rife with peculiarities due to plot. some of his feats from old may be lost to hallucination:

"If you read Prime Eternal's primer on the New Universe, you'll see that in the first year, a lot of the writers and creative teams missed the point entirely. The team(s) behind Justice were the biggest offenders, as they used a large group of alternate dimension, magic-based characters. This was all revealed/ret-conned to have been a warping of reality by Daedalus Darquill. This occurred in Justice#15, by Peter David, who brought Justice into line with the NU's stated properties and premises.
That being said, all info behind Tattoo, who appeared during the reality warping issues, should be regarded as uncertain. He was supposed to have had magical abilities, presumably granted by Darquill or Conquest, but this should not be the case. He may have been a real paranormal of the NU, or he may have been made to appear to have powers, or he may not have existed as anything more than an illusion of Darquill.

Anything which took place in the first 15 issues should be taken with a grain of salt. Tensen (and apparently the writers, as well) was under the influence of Darquill, and so anything he saw or did was affected by this. It was never clearly established what exactly took place, but I would ASSume that the events on Earth were real events, although the characters within them may have been altered by the hallucinations, or may have been hallucinations altogether. Any of the beings he fought against may have been paranormals, or they could be normal people, made to appear differently and to possess powers by Darquill. The events taking place in the Far Place strike me as being closer to pure hallucination, although there may have been touches of real people and events in there, too." Courtesy of MARVUNAAP

So the looming shadow of doubt hangs over some of his feats. Lawl

I already went over how the on-field stuff won't work in the last post due to rules and the scenario we're slaves to adhere to.

Even if the base state that are pooled together for your guys is applied, he's still: slower by a large margin, weaker physically by a shitload, dumber, weaker shields, less available weapons, heal slower (northstar has a healing factor and his power will speed up X-51's nanites lol), etc

X-51 can even gain knowledge on the fly, so I TRULY have that knowledge you desperately needed in your prep to create counter measures for something you cannot prepare against:

The drainer speaks for itself and needs no rehashing.

Might as well end with a stomp, thankfully it can be quick. One hundred stomps

Sorry guys thought i made it clear in the other thread that J withdrew from this. i should have just watched this tourney played to get an insight into how they are played here. I makes it easier too with tjay no show as its a straight 8 player draw. Good luck with the rest of the tourney.

BTW not sure why you would bring up the " shadow of doubt" on Tenisons feats as those that show any vast power levels were actually from after issue 15. in short almost none of what I have thus far offered. post the reboot for him he still had all the same abilities just to higher levels, why would I want to show the low end feats??

and not that its a counter but he can't be "dumber" when he nnows everything that anyone he's in the presence of does ( and by scenario that is you). that feat of simply being aware of everything of the person in his presence was newuniversal and it still showed not to be TP so your blockers wouldn't have worked. that mind you is without the fact that in the Vietch miji Vic new the actions and plans of every intergang member as they made them. The merged HF of Justice and Shield with Shields durability alone would easily have match yours if I was to debate on even without increasing those levels with magic.

sorry to have stuffed you all around I'll keep an eye on rhis and on e I get the hang of the restrictions you playto will be back.

Did you withdraw from the Tourney or just this match?

I feel like you would still be more than able to keep going in the losers bracket.

psycho gundam

Originally posted by curryman
Did you withdraw from the Tourney or just this match?

I feel like you would still be more than able to keep going in the losers bracket.

From the tourney. Until I get a grasp on how tourney's are played here there wouldn't be much of a point. For example in the last tourney I played elsewhere hax items were specifically banned by rules. listed as examples were a cosmic Cube. One player using Ult Reed built one in the prep. The Tourney host allowed it at first because he didn't just get one he had to actually build it and the player offered scans to show he could do so within the prep. His opponent called him on it again and gave some context and it was dropped.

In a current one I'm playing elsewhere where limits are set on time manip one players has Prf Paradox dropping 10 drones (claiming that will only take a minute) on all his opponents team (5 members) to monitor and learn all there is to know then pick them up in a few years upload all their data. His team is then meant to build a n android who will begin mass producing many more so that when paradox then moves a few thousand years into the future he will bring back a massive army all programmed with every weakness of his enemy. All in an hours prep.

In that one time travel is allowed but anything you do in that tie travel has to still realistically fit within an hour of actual time. Personally in my bout I've had Degaton make one stop in time to steal some weapons of B5's from LoSH head Quarters because IMO with the security there even for a time manipulator that's all an hour is going to allow me to do ( I doubt B5's force field belt, flight ring, anti energy bomb and time viewer are just sitting on shelves waiting to be picked up by any passer by- plus I mentioned I'll probably have to leave one behind)

The guy making all those outlandish claims if his opponent doesn't shoot them down will likely win because of the flaw in his adversaries debate just like he won last round.

That's the style of play I'm used to on about 5 sites and that wont fit in here. I'll need to watch very closely.

If I was up on the way things are done I have no doubt this amalgam would do well ( still wish you'd allowed my Kent Nelson's body cause that would have been the clincher) and I'm definitely looking to use it again elsewhere.

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