Curry's tourney Match 6; Id vs Charlotte

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Charlotte vs ID, match ends on Sunday (barring delays)




Charlotte DeBel


Charlotte DeBel

So for post numero dos, I've decided skip a face to face argument, in efforts to expand on why I feel my amalgam is well built.

Body - Rogue: Within Rogue houses thousands of powers that can be put to effective use, with the proper key, and control.
Mind - Qubit: My choice to provide the control. I needed a proper mind well versed, in handling Sage powers, and consequently the templates that will be activated within Rogue.
Power - Sage: Sage provides the key to unlock Rogues potential, and the tools necessary for Qubit to control both Sage, and Rogues powers.

I don't want to bore you with recycled information. Please refer to Rogue potential in my opening prep/strat.

Mind - Qubit - Control
I get the feeling he is the most neglected in the team, but I really landed a great deal with him. You see drafting Qubit did not give me just Qubit. Qubit had previously compartmentalized Modeus into his mind. This processes essentially adds Modeus knowledge/Experience to his own. Modeus also happened to be a notorious body hopper, who used the abilities just as good as the original if not better. Many times better, more on that in a bit.

Compartmentalize, this is a very important ability of his. As it grants him the ability to capture invading minds/personas. Here take a look at what I mean.

As is, Qubit is one of the two smartest people in the Irredeemable verse. The other being Modeus. With their combined intelligence, comes the proper experience in dealing foreign powers. An innate understating. I'll show you a few examples.

Both Qubit, and Modeus realized Plutonian actual capacity which dives within the realm of psionics/reality altering powers.

Its Qubit who teaches the Plutonian how to use his exotic powers.

Within Bette Noir body, Modeus realized her true potential, and made modifications to her body using over the counter drugs, to unlock her power. Effectively jumping from low street level to high herald. Possibly the greatest example of the innate ability that comes to understanding foreign physiology.

Just look at the scope of her power, Modeus raised Bette. The capacity to channel energy of an entire stars in moments.

Powers - Sage - Key
Sage is the one picked to be used as the key, to unlock Rogue potential, and support Qubit in his control.

However in Sage lies other interest, that are physical granted to my character for Qubit to make use.

Jump Start: Important key to the puzzle. It requires said person to analyze, and understand the genetic data to unlock its potential.

Genetic Sight: able to 'see' a person's genetic code, reading complex DNA sequences for latent, and manifested mutations, thereby allowing her to sense mutants and, in many cases, understand how their powers work more thoroughly than they themselves do.

Computer Brain: Her mind works in the same way as a computer with unlimited storage capacity, only much faster. She is able to perform several mental functions at once without losing focus on any of them. Also, it allows her to instantly recall specific information with incredible speed and accuracy. She's able to store everything that she experiences in a photographic memory and retrieve it immediately without the typical human pause for thought. The sheer speed of her thoughts lead into augmenting her analytic ability so that she is able to make snap decisions about her surroundings and create complex scenarios at that same speed. As such, Sage is able to track the probability of an event by piecing together stored data.

Mind (Qubit) + Power (Sage)

I wager that that Qubit innate understanding of things + Sage's Genetic Sight, would ensure that Qubit understands Sages abilities, and Rogues potential on an intimate level. Therefore he would have near instant understanding on the unlocking process through the jump start, with perfect efficiency. The requirement to analyze genetic data, and unlock it would be satisfied to perform a Jump Start.

The follow up to my Jump Start. Qubits ability Compartmentalize + Sages Computer Brain, ensures that once the jump start has followed through, all surfacing persona's will be collected, and absorbed within Sage's limitless storage. When the persona is compartmentalized, its knowledge/experience is ours to claim. Keep in mind that the psionic shielding are already set up, therefore compartmentalization processes happens naturally.

As a direct point of reference. I mentioned that Sage had previously dealt with compartmentalizing thousands personas in Exiles. She did struggle, but only because Sage herself was dealing with her own episode of Schizophrenia. Once she reunited with other self, Sage instantly overtook the memories of Roma, defeating Merlyn, and his thousands of personas claming their knowledge as her own, becoming virtually all knowing, by her own words.

Note 1: With all templates effectively active, and under our control. I am not limited to sticking with just the powers I picked. I can effectively switch them out, and replace them for another as I see fit. As the Jump Start does, grant that kind of control.

Note 2: By gaining True Legion, I not only gain the ability to Warp Reality. I also gain Pyrokinesis, Time Manipulation, Telekinesis, and Telepathy. His Telepathy is among the most monstrous in Marvel Earth. But more importantly, its not just the raw power, but proper experience. Independent from the experiences brought by David, and Legion of Persona's, Qubit counts on the experience gained independently from Legion such as Xavier, Psylocke, Exodus, and Rachel Grey, making my character the most skilled Psy in this tournament.

Note 3: If your wondering If I just ignored, and skipped Charlotte entire 2nd post? Well is she back on her, "nuh-uh you cant self apply jump start!" argument?

Let me take a peak.
Yes she is.facepalm
Well the judges, and viewers deserve a rest from circle logic. I don't want to recycle an argument. In the mean time, Charlotte why don't you continue to keep digging up flaws in my amalgam, and plea to the judge how impossibility of my claims. We all know that's your only hope to winning this match.

Charlotte DeBel

Charlotte DeBel

Boy it seems I hit a nerve with the constant, "Bullshit! Bullshit, and ITS ALL BULLSHIT!" remarks.

Heh I seem to have that effect on womenz. Ok thats not something to brag about. sad


No Charlotte, I didn't cheat. I just pay attention.
Page 30 - Curryman's Meta-Amalgam Tourney!
2nd to last post.

So yes, Genetic Sight, and Computer Brain comes with the drafting Sage as powers. Neat Huh!?!

I've been following all the topics created by Curry in regards to this tournament, at no point did he ever mention that that drafting a mutant power adds an extra X-Gene. If you are claiming that there is such technicality, than Burden Of Proof falls squarely on your shoulders. Please quote Curry on such ruling/technicality.

Otherwise, your simply fabricating technicalities that don't exist. Its a nice way of me, calling you a liar.

Again Where is the Proof that drafting a mutant power adds an X-Gene? Show me where Curry specifies such technicality.

You see your logic does not add up. What if the body I drafted was entirely artificial, like Warlock (Technarchy) can an X-Gene be added than? Of if I drafted DCnU Majestic for powers, does that add a Meta-Gene to the existing body?

You see the paradox it creates? Regardless, such ruling was never declared. And as such I treat the powers draft as an auxiliary, or at best an extension over an existing mutation.

Bingo! There is only one x-gene, Rogue X-Gene. And because Marvel Womens' power was not affected by the Jump Start, than it draws parallel to Rogue now with Sage powers.

Sage claims risks in using jumpstart, when she was uncertain of the result on that point of time. However this is why I am using cannon feats. I am not applying a jump start on a random mutant. We are applying it to Rogue, and we know the results that would yield from it.

Thats the neat thing in using cannon feats, it washes away ambiguity from string logic.

When you draft a body, you get her entire body including the physical brain of the draftee.

When you draft the mind, you drafted the conscious mind. It doesn't replace the physical brain.

Since the physical brain of Rogue's is not replaced, than the templates stored in her brain remain.

Well if your going to draw an analogue Its actually 3 Monet St. Croix telepaths; As Sage, Qubit, and Modeus all demonstrated low level psionics.

However thats not my point of argument. I am parading Qubit Compartmentalization + Sage Computer Brain.

Your claim contradicts the absolute need to own high level telepathy when Sage alone contained former Omniversal Guardian Merlyn, and thousands of personalities just fine.

Moot Points
Because Moot Points Are Moot

Moot Point. I am recreating a feat, that coupled Omega/Mimic to create a powerful siphon. Had I referenced said feat, and omitted Mimic, you would be bitchin of the omission, waving another flag of impossibility.

Moot Point. She Hulks healing factor grants sufficient stamina, to operate at peak level for 48 hours strait before hitting fatigue.

Moot Point. The very first person you will encounter would be Qubit empowered by True Legion's Telepathy. And as such you'll be greeted in the same manner as Xavier.

The difference, Styx is also grafted onto my power, therefore direct mental contact equates to the forfeit of your life.

Moot Point. I drafted Rogue for a body. Which means I get both Body, and her Brain.

Moot point. The revelation the only way to beat the persona's, and claim the knowledge for her own was for Sage and Diana to become one. In which they do just that in mere moments.

Moot Point. A true testament of Rogue mutant ability attaining a mature state. Your overlooking that independent from Sage, or Qubit. Rogue handled Legion and Omega just fine.


Just something to keep in mind, Polaris truly is irrelevant before me.

True Legion has laughed off, and beaten Magneto.

Magneto is among the powers Rogue can call up.

Black Hole: Your attempting to beat the damn thing, using minor gravity negating feat, and phasing through solid matter. I am not sold, and as such it is proving to be a big factor to overcome.

Mimic & Omega Siphon: If such attempt was as rubbish, and redundant as you claim. Why have this been one of the main focus for the past 4 posts? Oh because its a cannon feat, and an effective strategy, that if can not do away with, would equate to huge loss. Draining Lorna of her powers, equates to K.O. or worse Death.

Styx: Mental Contact, means I draw out your spirit. You've caught on to this, so now your looking for a way to beat it. But fact remains, that you are attempting to breach my mind, and engage in astral combat. In which it will be impossible to avoid the effects of Styx, thus add on to your impending doom.

Charlotte DeBel

Hm I always thought that Serena Williams was a man. mhmm

Sage swapped bodies with Nocturne. Despite the absence of Sage's conscious mind. Nocturne acknowledges that Sage's memories still reside within Sage's body, if locked away.

That scene draws parallel to the current situation. I have Rogues body, with Qubit's conscious mind. The templates that store powers/memories of the persons Rogue has absorbed, are locked away within Rogue's body (Brain). The tournament allows a person circumvent their way into gaining said memories/abilities, so long as you have the means. As my luck would hold, Jump Start does that, which is approved by the Currman himself.

Stop twisting your logic around, to miss the point.

Rogue is a Mutant. And despite Mis Marvel powers being an extension of her own through Rogues mutation. They where left intact. Going by a cannon example, Sage powers would be left intact as well, since the Jumpstart used on Rogue, promoted the activation, and control of her templates.

Sorry but you just lost me on having the need to perform two Jump Starts. Why would I? The Jump Start not only activates the templates, but grants control. I mean, that's specifically what Rogue asked for.

Refer to post #2. The part where Qubit had previously compartmentalized Modeus, and gained all his wisdom.

Yes the same act you previously fraud upon, and deemed it useless. Well Modeus, spent the entire Irredeemable run body hopping, possessing the likes of the Meta Humans, Aliens, and Artificial life forms.

For some reason, your pick gets the nod, and label it an instant successes in handling the powers-abilities of Lorna/M'gann. Yet I hold up the same exact same explanation as yours, with the added fact that Sage provides innate tools to alleviate Qubit understanding. And suddenly you shift yourself in complete denial. How humorous.

Your overlooking one fact. The compartmentalization are being done on Templates not individuals. With a computer mind of Sage's caliber, I can do just that, because she previously did just that, and much more.

Sad day for you toots. Omegas siphoning powers work on the artificially empowered like Mimic.

There wont be any infighting since;

The Jumpstart grants control over said powers.

Templates hold memories/powers of said individual yes. But are not individual themselves, the way Styx-True Legion are.

Regarding Jumps Start & Genetic Sight: From what I gather, all thats required to execute a "Jumpstart" is to perceive the genetic potential, by analyzing said person's DNA as shown here:
The processes of Cataloging the DNA + Jumpstart took place in one page. What you fail to realize is Sage herself is not a super genius in the same caliber as Qubit/Modeus, and relied entirely on her analytical mind to perform said feat. As such, I dont understand why Qubit with Modeus wisdom, would not be able to replicate said feat, if they count on her Genetic Sight + Analytical Mind to understand the genetic potential within them. These are the same persons that understood Plutonian potential, and realized Bette Noir staggering power.

My Concluding Observations

You arguments where all over the place, you had difficult time maintaining a key point. At times retracting your statements, other times just plain rambling. Focusing on your replies in regards to Omega/Mimic alone, I could gather them up, and they would add up paragraph worth of an incoherent ranting.

You declare that if the Jumpstart is possible, you would have no way defeating me. Yet you still argued points of victory even if you considered the jumpstart a successes.

Much Patronizing on your part. You declare my amalgam would have been a successes if Rogue/Sage where separate individuals, Jumpstarted, than amalgamated. And then argue, how impossible it is to apply a Jumpstart on Rogue at all.

You demanded a scan, and declared you would not address my amalgam with Jumpstart. Unless that specific demand is met. You still went on to address my amalgam with the Jumpstart.

According to you, Emma will be able to use M'gaans abilities, and Lornas power just fine due to her innate understanding, thanks to her experiences through her body hops. But I get a fierce "No You" remarks, despite the fact that Qubit with Modeus wisdom, has dome much of the same. I find it amusingly hypocritical.

You mimic what I post. If I structured my post in a certain manner, centering the lettering, making vb coded list, you would replay in a similar structure. When I went in detail explaining how and why my Amalgam worked. You replied why yours work, despite the fact that I never really pointed out flaws within it.

Those are just some of the small patterns I noticed, when I read your replies. But in the end, we both know that if my Amalgam is deemed successful. The Honey Badger is going to choke the life out of Queen of Emeralds, much like how Scott chocked the Phoenix Force out of Emma Frost. But not before I take your ear. uhuh


psycho gundam
Someone judge this, please

psycho gundam

Working on it




For me this was the second closest fight in the tourney thus far, congratulations to Id.

Well fought the both of you.


Charlotte DeBel
Well, thank you. That was a good fight. Good luck in the next round, Id.

Although the match did have its ugly points, none was taken to the heart. I thoroughly enjoyed this match. I want to thank Charlotte, Curry, and the Judges for their time.

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