Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi- Luke Skywalker Character Analysis

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-Lightning Rod technique: The ability to disable wired and electric objects
-Brain Dead technique: The ability to make your brain appear undetectable.
-Flow Walking: The ability to go to the back, present, or future of time.
-Force Fold: The ability to teleport anything you choose, anywhere.
-Mind Walking: The ability to go Beyond the Shadows.
-Mnemotherapy: The ability to visualize and erase a targets memories.
-Force Light: The ability to weaken a darksiders connection with the Force.


"Luke Skywalker, the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, was being accused for the millions of deaths the second civil war supplied?"
-Leia Organa Solo on Luke's trial.

"How long did it take him?" "As I recall, about three days." Luke smiled. "This is very un-Jedi like of me, but I want to break his record."
-Luke Skywalker and Tila Mong on Jacen's "brain dead" technique.

"Luke found Ben lingering in the lounge, "All done," he said. "You mastered the technique?" "And I'm making inroads into the other 'lightning-rod" techniques."
-Luke and Ben discussing Luke's mastery over the technique in merely only a few hours.

"Luke took another step forward. It was slow going, for the Hidden One's power was great, but Luke was now certain in his footing and in his own strength."
-Luke in combat against head Kel Dor,The Hidden One.


"It was nothing negative, but-very powerful.."
-Vestara Khai on feeling Luke's presence.

"I-felt someone very powerful in the Force," she said, her voice slightly shaky and laced with an uncertainty that Vestara had never heard from her. It made her stomach clench. "Strong in the power of the light side." A Jedi...a great Master."
-Lady Rhea and Vestara Khai on Luke.

"Luke caught Tadar-Ro's eye and smiled a little. Then, before Ben knew what was happening, there was a sharp pop of displayed air. The Vor'cha stick simply vanished from his hands to reappear in hiss!!! father's. He gasped for a second, then realized while he had been studying so hard to learn flow-walking, Luke had readily mastered the other known Aing-Tii technique.
-Luke Skywalker displaying the "Force-Fold" technique.

" A short time ago, many of us felt a very strong rippling in the Force. We sensed a presence that we immediately realized would be a threat to us."
-Lady Rhea on Luke Skywalker.


"As Luke and Ben push their Force abilities beyond known limits they draw closer to a nexus of the dark-side..."
-Backcover of Abyss, Fate of the Jedi.

"He put a trio of blaster bolts through the largest mans chest and ignited his lightsaber in the faceplate of the other male."
-Luke in combat in the Sinkhole Station, easily killing two Sith Lords.

"He followed the older Sith out into the hangar, taking advantage of her momentary blindness to lop off pieces-first her leg,then a sword arm, then finally her helmet..."
-Luke killing Lady Rhea. With the aid of Ben, the duo defeated 15 fully trained Sith Lord with minimum injuries, even with Luke already being more dead then alive after Mind Walking for many weeks.


"Mere hours before, she and her Sith Master, Lady Rhea, had confronted Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Lady Rhea and Vestara had fought the galaxy's most experienced, most famous Jedi..."
-Vestara Khai on the battle against the Skywalker's.

"Luke won that race, coming in meters ahead of Halliava...his ability to draw on the Force at a consistent level clearly surpassed hers..."
-Luke demonstrating his speed, winning a racing competition on

"He was Firen's superior as a fighter, having trained in more fighting styles on more worlds then she had figures and toes..."
-Luke showing his knowledge in unarmed combat.

"Directly below Ben, Luke's lightsaber lit up. As the central rancor reached it, the blade swung back and forth, slashes so fast that they blurred together in Ben's vision."
-Luke in combat against Rancors.

"The was a pulse of energy from all along the tree line. Them wind howled out of the forest and rushed against him, battering him, adding its strength to that of the lightning...the wind tore at his clothes and his hair...but he could not be out down, could not be put back."
-Nightsisters battling Luke Skywalker.

"Luke didn't know how many he killed, how many he injured. "But the way your father shook his head." Dyon reported, "makes me think those Nightsisters are goners."
-Luke reportedly nearly wiped out an entire Nightsister clan.

Halliava sat on the cross-shaped stone. "But the Jedi. They are very skilled, very powerful."
-A Dathomiri on the Skywalker's.

"Galant struck Luke, high, low, a series of subtle and sophisticated blows that would have bewildered any lesser duelist. He was good; Luke gave him that. He might have been a match for an expert sword master such as Kyp or Kyle Katarn...He parried each of Gaalan's blows, and his ripostes-his blade skittering off Gaalan's and thrusting now at the Sith Lords's face, now at shoulder or knee or torso-came increasingly close to touching flesh. Luke smiled at the man."
-Luke demonstrating his abilities, easily dueling a Sith Lord on tier with Kyp Durran, an impressive feat.


"...Evan as Luke was using his own mastery of the Force yo destroy her. And it was a fierce sense of pride and love that Ben realized that, despite odds, his father was winning. "
-Ben on Luke's first fight against Abeloth


"...and Abeloth had power like a nova has light-until Luke killed her.
-Jaina on Luke doing the impossible and defeating Abeloth.

"Luke Skywalker is still the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. I think we should assume he has a plan."
-Jaina Solo to Lando Calrissian on Luke Skywalker.

"Khai's threat came to a startled end as he went sailing across the Pool. He slammed into the far wall of the grotto and remained there, pinned in place by the invisible hand with the Force."
-Luke easily toying with a Sith said to be on tier with Kyp Durran.

"She knew she was strong in the force, but the Skywalkers were mighty..."
-Vestara on The Skywalker duo after they managed to defeat the High Lord, a Sith Saber, and herself without any injuries.

"Luke flicked a finger in Vestara's direction and sent her tumbling towards Taalon..."
-Luke easily throwing around a powerful force user with zero effort, later then standing his own against a weakened Abeloth, which is still extremely impressive.

"Luke opened himself more fully to the Force, using his love for Ben and his lost wife and the entire Jedi Order to draw it into him. The foul miasma of dark side energy, still swirling into Abeloth, seeped into him, filling with great greasy nausea. But the light side rushed in, flowing in from all sides, pouring through him like fire. A golden glow began to arise from his skin-cells litterly bursting with the power of the Force."
-Luke in combat with Abeloth. Luke managed to destroy another host body of Abeloth, as with hold his own against another by opening himself completely to the Force, despite the odds.


" With all the strength he possessed in the a force, he yanked away from her body, away from Abeloth"
-Luke nearly doing the impossible, freeing Callista's spirit from Abeloth.

"I don't know. I just know you have more power then anyone else I can think of..."
-Vestera speaking to Luke after their confirmation with two dozen Sith Lords.


"...but rather a fight with one of the most powerful Jedi in history"
-Gavar Khai on his fight with Luke Skywalker.


"They're not just any Jedi, Dad. They are two of the best masters ever-..."
-Luke Skywalker and his Assault Team infiltrating the captured Jedi Temple with thousands of Sith inside, with the task of lowering the blast doors to allow the rest of the Order and Alliance to come in to recapture.

"Clearly, Master Skywalker had robed Abeloth of much of her power."
-Saba Sebatyne on Luke's fight against Abeloth Beyond the Shadows where himself and Krayt manage to defeat Abeloth.

Hope these can help you in debates! ^.^


Hey, along with the accolades to Luke's name, could you just list a couple of his most impressive feats just off the top of your head? Like, not the grander feats like beating Abeloth, but ones more similar to making the guy vanish and his saber blurring in Ben's vision. I'm only looking for a few to get an idea of what his more specific capabilities are.

Ah, my first "respect thread."
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"Luke Skywalker, the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, was being accused for the millions of deaths the second civil war supplied?"
-Leia Organa Solo on Luke's trial.

Typo. Here we go:

"If Jacen Solo, a very powerful Jedi, were transformed by what we taught him, and did all that he did, what might Luke Skywalker, the most famous, most powerful, and most experienced living Jedi, do if he were similarly affected?"
--Tila Mong (Fate of the Jedi: Outcast)

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