Age of Ultron: THANOS edition!

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So for my second thread I wanted to see if we can replicate Ultron's most recent crusade against earth, and apply that to the Mad Titan's kingdom. For Ultron all of a sudden has a strong desire to dethrone Thanos, for he feels he is not worthy of such a title in power.

Ultron's resources: Ultron gets 1 entire year of prep, with Thanos and his army having absolutely no knowledge of this invasion taking place. Ultron also has an army of 50,000 sentries made out of pure Adamantium.

Thanos's resources: Thanos gets all 5 members of his Black order. Corvus Glaive, SuperGiant, Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf, and Proxima Midnight. As well as a mixture of his standard soldiers and outriders.

Note: Ultron being given an entire year of prep time knows of Thanos's Black order and has prepared counter-measures to deal with them, and he also has a full understanding of Thanos's power-set and is well prepared to face him as well.

Invasion day: Thanos is sitting on his throne contemplating his love for lady death where all of a sudden the stars become obscure, the sky becomes even more dark then it already is, and a loud noise, the sound of a legion of Ultron sentries reigning down upon Titan (think of the sound and visuals of the legion of arrows that descended on the Spartans in the movie 300.) Ultron and his army begin to decimate Titan. Thanos being shocked that anyone would dare defile him and his kingdom then summons his Black Order and army. Ultron and his sentries strategically spreads out in groups to target and eradicate the main threats (the Black order, and Thanos.) Does the Mad Titan find a quick way to defeat Ultron and his army in a pinch? Or is Ultron's resources and entire year of prep time to overwhelming for the Mad Titan.

Shall Ultron be dubbed the new "King of Titan"? You decide, NOW GO!!!!

dial J for Josh
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