Emperor's Wrath respect thread

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Since Neph sucks and won't make an Emperor's Wrath respect thread, I will.


"They talk about you like you're the 2nd coming of Exar Kun."

"It's your power that reveals a person's true nature." -Jaesa Willsaams

"You are Baras's pawn. An especially resourceful and powerful one, but a pawn no less." - Master Nomen Karr

"The force is very strong with you. I must dig deeper."- Nomen Karr

Confirmed Kills/Victories

The Beast of Marka Ragnos: A mighty beast of Marka Ragnos, it is a huge example of power that the Wrath managed to kill such a beast so early in the game.

Overseer Tremel: One of the heads at the Academy, Tremel was the Wrath's first teacher. It is very impressive that the Wrath can defeat a sith lord when only an acolyte.

Vemrin: the Sirak of the TOR era, Vemrin was a sith acolyte who was head and shoulders above everyone at the Academy... until the Wrath arrived. Darth Baras chose the Wrath to be his apprentice instead of Vemrin, which enraged the latter. He attempted to kill the Wrath in the tombs of Naga Sadow, but was no match for the Wrath's martial prowess.

Master Yonlach/Yu-Li: The former is an old jedi master with exceptional telepathic capabilities, and the latter was the greatest lightsaber duelist the former had ever trained. To make things worse for the Wrath, Yonlach effortlessly renders your companion unconscious, forcing the Wrath to fight the two alone. Despite this disadvantage, the Wrath defeats both.

Nomen Karr/Jaesa Willsaams: A powerful jedi master on all accounts, Karr was an expert lightsaber combatant, and was the master of one of the most prodigious apprentices in the order, namely Jaesa Willsaams. What makes this more impressive is that Nomen Karr begins to fall to the dark side, and taps into it to make him more ferocious and powerful. After the Warrior's ultimate defeat of Karr, the Wrath is then pressed into a short engagement with Jaesa, and he defeats her, despite just having participated in a battle with her master.

Project Siantide Wardroid: It's an enormous and very technologically advanced war droid.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frqSQPxuQnY 7:30

Darth Vengean: Being a Dark Council Member, Darth Vengean was an immensely powerful practitioner of the dark side. He was Baras's master, and was betrayed by Baras so that he could ascend to the Dark Council. with the aid of Lord Draahg, the Wrath defeats the Councilor. This is a vastly impressive feat, as Draahg credits you for doing most of the work. This is shown when you wittle down Vengean to half health, and Draahg is held in a force grip for the remainder of the fight
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sQOQAAs4Vs 3:40

Darth Ekkage: Another Dark Council member, Ekkage was the sister of Baras, and extremely powerful. Prior to this fight, she one shots a sith lord with ease with her lightning. She then proceeds to fight the Wrath, whom is accompanied by a jedi master (note that this master would most likely be fodder to one such as Ekkage, as she just one-shotted a sith lord previously).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reCkSA-lIuk 1:40 for the one-shot, 2:50 for the actual fight

The Emperor's Voice: The mouthpiece of the Emperor, the Emperor's Voice harbors the power of the Emperor himself. The Voice asks the Wrath to strike him down (as he needed to escape Sel Makor's prison), however Sel Makor possesses the Voice, and a fight ensues. Ultimately the Wrath defeats the Voice, and the Emperor prepares in the shadows.

Lord Draahg: The sith lord whom helped you kill Vengean/betrayed you earlier is here to finish the job. Cybernetically enhanced, lord Draahg was improved to an incredible extent, adding his own skill and prowess with it.

Darth Baras: An extremely powerful dark council member, Baras was a master lightsaber duelist (stalemated Satele Shan) and force user (Easily subdued Darth Angral with lightning). With the power to control an entity, Baras's own strength was amplified by an Ancient Sith Entity and Sel Makor. At this point Darth Baras was considered "nigh indestructible". Despite these odds, the Emperor's Wrath defeated Baras in a long and epic confrontation. After his defeat of Baras, the Wrath's position was absolute, and no dark council member would dare to cross his path.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05jf_k5hBxM 2:30

Respect the Emperor's Wrath!

will watch it tomorrow, but good work.


I forgot to add: skip to 7:20 for the Yonlach fight link.

I'm going through the game so I'll ehlp post anything notable I find.

Defeated Lord Rathari:


"Never have I seen such raw power"

Rathari was noted to be an extremely powerful Sith. So powerful that the Dark Council itself recognized his strength and gave him Nar Shaddaa. His personal power was such that he cowed the Hutts and almost drove the Republic off the planet.

Still early in the Warriors career.

Yeah I also forgot to add the Augmented executioner droids.


Bunch of kills and Force use in this video.

4:20 is a good speed feat, and 5:25 is a good TK feat

Yeah. Playing through the class is giving me a greater appreciation of the Wrath. Just beat Yonlach. Very, very impressive. Yonlach was the greatest teacher in the order, taught for decades and the guy you fight him with was the best student he'd had in lightsaber combat and the Warrior still beats them both together.

That's on Tatooine, right?


I played the Warrior storyline a while ago, don't remember every detail. But he's tough. I loved playing him as a Pureblood.

Might as well do this one too:

Warrior Holonet profile.

Game Rules description.

General Description.

am playing rest of sith warrior story right now, two new feats for baras:

Force choked a commander from across the galaxy.

Was able to pinpoint exactly where his lightsaber was from across the galaxy.


I found out a while ago that Nomen Karr is the person who defeated Darth Ekkage and sent her to Belsavis. So that makes the Warrior defeating him all the more impressive.

Great sith

Some info on Master Wyellett:

Saved a bunch of jedi council members from the Starweird Queen (queen of some group of entities called the starweird,) a being that was considered legendary.

Defeated Darth Baras during the war (the same Baras that subdued Angral with a mere burst of lightning.)

Became more powerful than ever after communing with the force for years while buried under rubble on Hoth.

Is literally classified as a superweapon by the republic.

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4:20 is a good speed feat, and 5:25 is a good TK feat



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Some things never change.

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