The Marshall Mather LP 2 - ****ing brilliant

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Anyone bought it yet? Bought it this morning, and its ****ing brilliant.
From infinite too SSLP too MMLP all the way too this one...i have to say, I enjoyed the Production value from Rubin and Dre it is a nostalgic trip back to 99' the way the beats are smushed together with pure perfection.
His lyrical prowess is more dominant here than any other album, hes as good as hes ever been.
Its the album I personally have been waiting for, hes telling the rap industry to step it up.
'bad guy' 'bezerk' 'wicked ways' 'so far' 'survival' 'stronger than i was' 'Rhyme or reason' ....there all straight up classics imho, his lyrical dexterity, his wordplay, his flow, everything is brilliant.
i consider this one of his top albums.....
How about you guys?

Ps. Kendrick now has my vote, ****ers. wink

Id rank his albums now like this;

1.MMLP or SSLP(tie)
4.Relapse(woefully underrated, lyrical masterpiece right here)
5. TES
6. Encore(majority of tracks were sub-par, but rain man is still top 20 eminem track)

I just listened to most of it and i would rank it near or at the bottom of the list of his albums. It's by no means bad, it's leaps and bounds better than most mainstream rap these days but it's still shit compared to his other albums.

Its better than relapse encore and tes imho, his lyrical skill in the album is as good as hes ever been, but his actual tracks arent as good as his earlier stuff

Originally posted by LeonBuco666
Relapse? Sure. Encore? No, Encore has songs on it i actually listed to, Mosh,Puke, Evil deeds etc. I can't really imagine myself ever listening to any of these songs again.

Im almost offended you would say this album is better than the eminem show. not only is it not better it's not even close, the eminem show is my favorite album by him and his best imo.

This is the problem with this album tho, it's lyricism for the sake of lyricism. Sure it has great lyrics but if the songs don't sound good then whats the point.

Yeah i see what you mean, but would you still bump a track if the lyrics were dogshit poor but the music was catchy as hell? Probably..ino i would...but i feel the same when a beat can be piss poor but if the lyricism is as good as Em's skill then ill listen to the actual lyrics and concentrate on the flow.
I could never get into TES as an album just a few songs
Encore is his worst album to date that or recovery. Rain man and Evil deeds are two top tracks from Em all time tho.

Em is my faveourite rapper undoubtedly, and he HAS too be a top 3 GOAT in my opinion

Even that he can be inconsistent and i aknowledge the fact a couple of his albums are sub-par...i still bump it even if its shit....ill still like it lol

Im a huge fan of good lyricism but great lyrics with a shit beat that i can't do, sometimes there are exceptions but not often. Great lyrics with a shit beat is just different than Great beat with shit lyrics, i don't know why it just is.

I love TES it's just a perfect album. Encore isn't as bad as recovery there are some redeeming tracks on there. Particularly Mosh, one of my favorite em songs.

Eminem is also my favorite. I wouldn't say any of his albums are shit or even sub-par, even his most recent albums still make most mainstream rappers look like garbage in comparison.

No I mean Sub-par and Shit to his own standards, he shits on any other rapper nowadays.(most)

and Mosh is a perfect song in my eyes.

Darth Martin
It was alright. Marshall's my favorite rapper of all time so my expectations are big for his stuff.

5.MMLP 2

The first three albums are classics to me. Relapse is legitimately great outside a few tracks, and the rest are meh. I initially thought Recovery was dope upon release but when I listen to today it doesn't hold up. Encore is half garbage so that's easily his worst effort. I never really rank Infinite.

Anyway, standout tracks for MMLP 2 to me are Bad Guy, Groundhog Day, and Beautiful Pain. Em is really bringing it lyrically but the production and hooks really had me shaking my head. Plus, he still has that screaming double-time flow for alot of it.

Also, I honestly am not sure what dude is thinking these days as far as his overall direction for his music. Relapse, to me, was dope as hell. Easily his best produced album and lyrically he was spitting his ass off. If you can get past the accent(which to me is alot better than the screaming flow post-Forever Remix) it's one of the best mainstream efforts the last couple years.

Overall, it was alright. I expected better. Life Is Good>MMLP2>>>MCHG

Relapse was in my opinion an astonishing album, I loved the horrorcore style he went tracks on that album are definately either Beautiful or 3 a.m
I do think the MMLP2 is really great imo

Darth Martin
Stay Wide Awake>>>

About to listen to it now. Haven't liked his stuff recently. I liked the cheeky shit stirrer Marshal, his new, more mature stuff hasn't caught my ear as much.

He's just as good now than his 'slim shady' days, but yeah, even though his new album is exceptional, imo best album of the year, I prefer to listen to him circa 96 - 02

Darth Martin
Originally posted by LeonBuco666
He's just as good now than his 'slim shady' days There's more to it than just technical skill.

Originally posted by Darth Martin
There's more to it than just technical skill.
Yeah, I agree, but thats the matter of which Im regarding 'As good now as he's ever been' In terms of technical ability(lyrical) I've already acknowledged that In terms of production value he could be doing much better to appeal to the wider audience, although I actually have taken a liking to this new style, a big one at that, I can see why the general public are thwarting it for its Rock-esque instrumentals etc.
He's a Goat for sure, no doubting that.
But this album, sealed the deal.

And I know this might be a poor example, but its like, I prefer to listen to Gangster Rap(WC) than Boom Bap(NY) but I know(well, think) that Krs >>> pretty much anything thats ever came out of Cali.
That being said, the only person who can contend with the NY giants is probably Ice Cube.
Those of you who dont know what Boom Bap is, its a type of music beat, where the Bassline and Snare is brought to the forefront of the track, whereas gangster rap is....listen to Pac, Eazy E, Ice Cube etc.
So all Im trying to say is....for me, the beat doesnt change a rappers skill level, you can have shit tracks, but have and amazing flow and exceptional all round lyricism. I think its just what you prefer to hear.

Darth Martin
This album IS him trying to appeal to a wider audience. He's including the pop acts on his album today that he was dissing yesterday. He's clearly taken a different approach musically.

I'll defend Relapse but Recovery and MMLP 2 weren't great albums.

Overall, Cube might be the best the West has put out. New York has too many dope people in comparison though.

I agree on nearly everything you've said there brother, Relapse was good overall, lyrically it was beautiful but overall good, Recovery, I dont know how to feel about that one to be honest, MMLP2 I love tbh but we have a different taste obviously In terms of styles or whatever.

Darth Martin
Relapse was great. Questionable subject matter but out of this world lyricism and production.

The subject matter is fine with me because the album obviously has a concept. He's spitting from the perspective of a character(hence the accent).

The accent>his current "scream on every track"/post-Forever (remix) flow.

Not to mention, 4 years later I'm still bumping it on the regular so it clearly has longevity going for it. Recovery I never bump and I'm already off MMLP 2.

Not saying it's classic, but it's probably the next best thing.

Yup. Have you seen the krs interview when he speaks about relapse saying its a lyrical masterpiece(something like that)

Darth Martin

Il try an find the link, but its some douchebag reporter tho, but he says about Em being voted greatest rapper alive, around the time of the release of relapse, and Krs basically says that 3 am is a lyrical masterpiece and so is the album.

Darth Martin
VIBE had a poll and Em won. Think that was in 2009 before he dropped Relapse.

IIRC, It was around the same time.

My favorite Em album is and always will be Infinite.

Infinite is genius. His internal rhymes, flow, and multi's were amazing on that album.

MMLP 2 is a pretty good album, he's still better than everyone they play on the radio.

This is probably my favorite verse from the album:

"I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is fallin'
Now I think the fact that I'm differently wired's awesome
Cause if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to work words like this and connect lines like crosswords
And use my enemy's words as strength to try and draw from, and get inspired off 'em
Cause all my life I was told and taught I am not shit
By you wack ****ing giant sacks of lying dog shit
Now you shut up *****, I am talkin'
Thought I was full of horseshit and now you ****ing worship the ground on which I am walkin'
Me against the world so what, I'm Brian Dawkins
Versus the whole 0-16 Lions offense
So bring on the Giants, Falcons and Miami Dolphins
It's the body bag game, *****, I'm supplying coffins
Cause you dicks butt kiss, bunch of Brian Baldingers, you're going to die a ball licker,
I've been diabolical with this dialogue since '99 Rawkus
You don't respect the legacy I leave behind y'all can
Suck a dick, the day you beat me, pigs'll fly out my ass
in a flying saucer full of Italian sausage
The most high exalting and I ain't haltin'
Till I die of exhaustion, inhale my exhaust fumes
The best part about me is I am not you
I'm me, I'm the Fire Marshall"

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