Design A Warp Drive... Or Pick One.

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Make one or pick one.

Drive Name:

Power Source:

Max Speed:

How It Works:


Drive Name: Patience Drive

Power Source: Warping space and time via an antimatter reactor.

Max Speed: One light year per hour.

How it works: Starship begins to blur and then disappears. Reappears in a black nothingness dimension.

Limitations: You have to wait the amount of time it would take you to reach your destination if you traveled there at max speed (1 light year per hour). So if you were to fly to Proxima Centauri from Earth, you would have to wait about 4 hours and 20 minutes after you activated the drive before you could jump into hyperspace to travel. This also means that any place you travel to you will be stuck at for a while before you can fly away.

Drive Name: Telekinetic Drive

Power Source: Telekinetic person onboard an organic spaceship.

Max Speed: 2 LY per hour

How it works: Superpowered persons with TK can propel the ship anyway they want up to max speeds in a safe manner.

Limitations: You can't have more than one superpowered telekinetic person aboard, since their powers will cancel each other out. Also a telekinetic won't be able to use powers while they sleep. And of course, the telekinetic only has telekinetic control over the organic starship they're inside of.

Options: Many will travel in packs of 4 organic ships. That way telekinetics can swap between ships when they have to sleep.

Star Trek Warp Drive: You know how this works and can pick it if you like. But I assure you that both of the former drives are faster than warp 9.

-- Drive Name: Hypersurfing.
-- Power Source: Varies. Low-end: antimatter. High-end: M-tap.
-- Max Speed: Highest recorded by a ship: Mag 15 (16.384 kilocee). Theoretical limit unknown.
-- How It Works: Elongated Rajkumar-Alcubierre metric
-- Limitations: determined by local gravity gradient. Eg, large ships cannot surf within a multi-planet system. Also (theoretical): the higher the hypersurf magnitude, the more the ship "phases out" from the host universe.

The above appeared in a novel self-published in 1999. Version 2 is currently under construction, hopefully ready to send out this summer ... so I can begin collecting 21st-century rejection slips.

Look at my Graphic novel and you will see my attempt at a warp ship.
Here is the first of 8 episodes:
On page two is the ship.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.