Boy held by a living house and wolf in cabin in the woods.

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I am looking for the title of a movie that I saw several years ago, but I cannot remember the title. It has been a while; so, my memory may be a bit fuzzy. I would guess that it was probably made in the early to mid 2000's. Could have been late 90's, but I doubt it would have been any earlier than that. It is not a direct fairy tale, but may be classified as a twisted fairy tale, or a mild horror movie. It is a live action movie. It is not animated. It is not kid friendly, but the two main people in the movie are a young girl and boy. I don't recall there being any adults, outside of perhaps the very beginning and very ending.

A boy is held in a cabin/house, in the dense woods, all "alone." I believe that the house is an inn, but the boy is the only one staying in the inn, and there is no one working there. I believe the kitchen has food that he is able to eat. I said "alone," but a young girl appears and disappears, from time-to-time. She is more or less the caretaker, at least that is how she describes herself. She knows a lot about his place and more than she tells the boy. I recall a clock in the living room that is significant. The downstairs is constant and unchanging. However, when he opens doors to the upstairs rooms, there is no telling what he may find. He may find a normal room. The next time, he may find the same room with a dead body in it. Another time, he may find another scene, realm, area outside of the house, etc.

He can move freely throughout the house and I believe that he can leave the house too. As I recall, there is a fence or some type of perimeter that keeps out an evil wolf. So, the boy can go outside, but if he goes beyond the fence, the wolf can get him. The wolf may have been responsible for kidnapping him, in the first place. I think that the wolf is gone during the day and he may go beyond the fence then. However, he is very deep in the dark woods, and cannot find his way home. I believe the wolf return at night. He must be in the fence by then or the wolf may get him.

It turns out that the girls was kidnapped long ago. She is not evil, but is forced to do the will of the house/wolf. She is actually very old, but the evil force keeps her young. She is supposed to trick whomever enters the house, so that they may be trapped by the house. By the end of the movie, she comes clean with the boy about who she is and what is happening. He convinces her to help him defeat the evil, so that he may return home. I believe that they go through one of the upstairs doors to get to the place to defeat the evil. However, they may have gone out through the fence. I think that they ended-up near a lake. In the end, I believe that they defeated the evil force, and the boy was able to go home. I don't remember what happened with the girl.


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