A New Fan-Made Transformers Universe

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Hello all. It's been QUITE a LONG while since I've been on the ol' KM Forums. Some older members might, MIGHT, recognize me, but I sincerely doubt they will. For those that don't know me, I am lordmegatron1 and I've recently received a rather brilliant idea for a new Transformers Universe. I've decided that it'd be in the TF Fanbase's best interest that I present my idea to the general TF Fans before I begin work on a draft.

It's going to be a 3-part story that forms into one large tale. The main book title is going to be cleverly named, "More Than Meets the Eye." Part 1 will have the subtext of "The Rise." Part 2, "The Fall." And part 3 will be, "The Final Stand."

Part one covers the beginning of Cybertron from Primus and his battles with Unicron, to the creation of the Thirteen, to Unicron and his servant's entrapment, to bits of the Golden Age leading up to Megatron starting the War for Cybertron, to the death of Cybertron and the end of the war on Cybertron.

Part two, the Autobots and Decepticon's adventures on earth where they reunite with old faces and such.

Part three, the final battle between the Children of Primus and Unicron and his servants.

There is one thing I've done that will REALLY separate this from all the other fan-fic's out there. The Cybertronians look like humans. My Cybertronian's have three configurations:

DEFAULT: Human-like appearance
ARMOR: Metallic plating forms around their bodies from their own physiology.
VEHICLE: Full-blown transformation into full-size vehicles.

Please ask any questions you may have by posting on this thread. If you are intrigued, I'll be happy to include synopses for any parts in question. They are all planned out and I'm just wanting to know what you, the Transformer Fanbase, think of it before I take it any further.

Seems pretty interesting; slightly reminds me of the Headmasters and Pretemders...

Do the characters have any special capabilities to differntiate them from regular humans (in default mode)?

Is this thread still alive?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.