An actor who played in the new Wachowskis blockbuster blames USA for terrorism

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As you may possible know a new Wachowskis blockbaster "Jupiter Ascending" is coming soon and scheduled for July 2014. The movie featuring more than 50 actors both well known and the fresh ones.

Oleg Nasobin is one of the fresh faces in the industry who's been lucky enough to start his actor carrier in Warner Broth. Pictures studio project.

Some of you may ask "who is Mr. Nasobin and why would we even talking about him. Well...

It might be interesting to know that Mr. Nasobin is also known as a popular blogger who's managed to attract a huge audience in Russian social media. His popular posts are reaching thousands and thousands views and number of clicks continue to grow. Although the content of his articles is somewhat we call "controversial" he still considers himself as a highly creative and digging deep journalist what actually is not a bad thing.

Using his pseudo analytical "skills" he published an examination of the recent terrorist attack in Volgograd (Russia) which killed more than 30 innocent civilians. Playing with more than doubtful arguments he came up with a conclusion that United States, Great Britain and Germany are main sponsors and executors of the attack.

The question I'd like to ask the community:
Do you think if it is acceptable for Warner Broth. Pictures to feature an actor who blames blindly USA, Great Britain and Germany for terrorism in front of the multi-thousand audience?

The original post in Russian available in his blog on LiveJournal (most likely to be removed after the post): avvakoum . livejournal . com/976152.html

Translation in English:

Bloodshed on the banks of River Ra.

No-Name-City at the foot of Mamaev Kurgan (Volgograd) has been hit by a "terrorist" attack again.
A horrible blast broke the lives apart. Fathers and mothers, daughters and sons will never come home again. They are ordinary people squashed by the "masters of the world".

Obviously I'm bursting of anger and fury watching this never ending bloodshed, however let's try to leave the emotions aside and look at the things from outside.

What's the point of the attack? It's a no-brainer - an attack is always a kind of "message". The massage can be threatening, demoralizing, warning or detonating. Let's look at all the points, shall we?

1. Whom is this message for?
As the public opinion in Russia does not exist, it makes sense to address one person only: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Considering the over-centralized political power in Russia all the political and social processes both within and outside the country are driven by the "petitions" of different importance addressed directly to President. So no doubt, this attack is another "appeal" to the president as there is no one else to approach to.

2. Whom is this message from?

this is the most interesting point: neither Doku Umarov (without approval from his sponsors) not the Saudis ( Wahhabi sponsors ) need this attack: Putin "approaches" Israel with an unprecedented pace , and the Saudis as an Israel's allies, guaranteed him a "quiet life". Prince Bandar have met Mr. Putin twice and achieved a "breakthrough" agreement with Israel recently. so the bomb blast in Volgograd is definitely not from Saudi or Chechen terrorists.
And who is responsible then? I believe the ones who benefits from the following message: "Mr. Putin, Saudis word is not worth a penny. They can not ensure your safety. We are still controlling the situation . Joining the alliance "Israel - France - Saudi is meaningless for Russia."

In other words, it is the Anglo-Saxons (USA and Great Britain) and joined them Germany.

3. Why Volgograd?

NATO Secretary-General Robertson visited Volgograd eighteen months ago. I did not understand what the **** it was so important there . However, NATO takes the city on the banks of Rriver Ra (Volgograd) very seriously as a key . I do not know the reasons for that. It's not my business. it's just a fact : Robertson visited Volgograd with some vague goals.

People are desperate in Volgograd today. City is controlled by the unrefined , corrupt and incompetent people, strange aliens from Astrakhan Governor Bozhenova and his retinue .

(The description of Volgograd's social problems is skipped).

4 What do the puppeteers want?

They want Russia to leave the illusions behind about who the boss is. They want Putin to remember - you can try to sit on all the chairs at once. If you want to benefit from multiple sources - give it a try . However, Putin shall not forgive what the chair is the most important.

Shey Tapani
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