Female Leaders in comics

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Who do you think is the best female leader in comics?

I say Storm but I may be forgetting someone.

Bonus question: which female hero would you like to see in a solo movie?

Storm....maybe Wasp. Can't really think of other female leaders out there.

Female what now? Leader?

Never heard of it.

^laughingthumb up

Wonder Woman
Zatanna can be pretty good sometimes

Isnt Misty Knight leader of heroes for hire?

The current version is an all female team as far as I know...


Black Canary.
Squirrel Girl.
Kitty Pryde.

Invisible Woman

Maria Hill

Ms. Marvel (admittedly a crappy leader since Tony was controlling her all the time despite swearing not to do so)

Has Carol lead anything other than the mighty avengers?

You'd assume so, being a Captain and all.

Wonder Man
I liked Santana in Thunderbolts.

She Hulk.

Pillow Biter
Jenny Sparks

Wonder Man
Originally posted by carver9
She Hulk.
She-Hulk has been looking good.

Originally posted by Pillow Biter
Jenny Sparks

Good choice. Forgot all about her.

Wonder Woman is my second favourite comic heroine, so she'd be my pick for a solo movie.

Best leader? Storm I guess. Though I do like Black Canary too.

Don't forget Power Girl, who had a pretty impressive run with the JSA and JSA All-Stars. She was a solid leader.

Black Canary does alright leading street teams, but her leadership stint on JLA wasn't much.

Wonder Woman, it's kinda surprising she hasn't lead more teams, but when she does lead groups she does well, and has the whole 'princess/leads amazons a lot'. Loved her leading the albino apes too.

I'd say my top three are Storm, Wonder Woman, and Power Girl.

Not that I can think of, although that does remind me that Monica/Photon isn't a bad leader.

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