Trying to identify a horror film I saw - Please help!

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Hi, I have joined this forum today because I suspect someone here might be able to help me identify a horror film I saw part of many years ago. I was very young, about 4 or 5 years old, so this would have been around 1989 - 1991.

My Dad was watching a film or drama. It was daytime, but I suspect he was watching something he'd taped off the TV, as the nature of the scene seems inappropriate for daytime viewing.

I distinctively remember the cast were american. The scene I saw took place in a darkly-lit lab. There were operating tables, with bodies on, covered by sheets.

A middle aged woman and her late-teenaged son are in the room with another character. The woman was upset and in anger pulled the or lifted a sheet off one of the bodies. Her son tried to stop her, but that moment all the bodies in the room sprang to life.

The next thing I remember is the son and mother fleeing to their car. They're in the car and the son is struggling to start the ignition. One of the bodies from the lab appears at the driver's window. It looks a bit like a man wearing one of those zentai suits. It is completely formless, no eyes, nose or ears, but possibly a small hole where the mouth would be and its's desperately trying to get to the son, frantically circling its hands on the glass, smearing the window with a slimy residue. The son stares at it for a short while, before the car finally starts and races off to safety.

I've tried to describe the scene as best I can. I think my recollection is pretty vivid, a testament to how distressing I found it. I have tried to find it ever since. Although I live in England, I am sure this was an american film or show, because I remember the characters accents and the car was left-hand drive.

If this description reminds anyone of anything they've seen or perhaps you know exactly what film I'm trying to track down, I'd love to hear from you.

Many thanks,


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