JLA Adventures: Trapped in time

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Uhh....what the hell? Just found out about this today for the first time. It released this year with zero buzz


^ Ah it's just a kiddy's show. Sounds like something akin to Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon or the Superhero squad.

People have been saying its very good. Much better than jla war.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. You have to keep in mind that it is geared for a younger audience, so the art, voices, and dialogue are going to suffer a bit as a result. That being said, it was still a FAR cry from purely infantile crap like The Superhero Squad and USM. Anywho, I watched it with an open mind(I didn't get fixated on the little BS), and all in all the character interactions/battle scenes were very well done(they did a good job showcasing Karate Kid's badassery), and the general plot was intriguing... Not to mention that I loved seeing Time Trapper used as one of the main antagonists.

Was it my favorite DCAU film? No. Things like Wonder Woman, JL: Doom, and Under The Red Hood take the cake for me. However, it was still very enjoyable. Tbh, I probably did enjoy it more than War overall, which is saying something given that this film was released completely under the radar for the sole purpose of not overshadowing War.

^ Oh right, sounds like it's worth watching then. I think Ultimate Spider-Man just put me off watching anything geared towards kids. But if this is nothing like that then I'll check it out.

Like I said: it's definitely geared moreso for kids/teens than adults, but it doesn't have the overly ridiculous cheese-factor that some of those kiddy cartoons have.

As long as you go into it with an open mind, realizing that it isn't going to have the same adult-themed overtones that most of DC's mainstream animated films have, you'll probably enjoy it.

Its worth it just for making Val punch out an iceberg.


That was ****ing awesome.

thumb up

Just watched it. Not bad at all. A really solid piece. Nothing that I would rave about to ridiculous levels, but nothing to complain about either.

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