what song can you listen too on repeat for the longest.

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So basically, what track can you listen to from any genre, any artist etc on repeat for the longest time with out getting bored?
Mine would have to be Don Mclean - Vincent(Starry Starry Night)

I watched the Biggie & Tupac Documentary the other night on netflix, and of course i wanted to know a lil bit more, but on Pacs deathbed...during his final hours, Vincent was on repeat all the way til the end, when this song was put on he was asked to move his feet if he could hear it...he did(apparently) and also shed a tear(apparently) while listening.

So for me the song became something more, I mean I have loved it for a while now, but this song, regardless of who died...was the last track, voice, harmony this person would ever hear, a peaceful death. The track is beautiful anyways, but this just took it to another level for me.

What about you?

River of Deceit - Mad Season

Ill check that out, does it have any sentimental value to you? Or any emotional attachment? Or do you like it that much.

Edit: thats a good track.

It's a very beautiful and emotional song and happens to be sung by one of my favorite bands.

Yeah, its very emotional....really amazing track...nice.

Eon Blue
Rhubarb by Aphex Twin

Pretty much anything from Daft Punk.

And "Cloud of Unkowing" by Gorillaz and Bobby Womack. As well as "Revolving Doors" from GOrillaz.

Those songs i can listen more than one time:

System of a Down - Aerials
DMX -Up in here
2pac - Changes
Young Guns - Weight of the World
Disturbed - Land of Confusion

Been listening to pac - god bless the dead just got a raw feel to it.

Depending on my mood I could sit there and listen to a track called Pink Orange Red by the Cocteau Twins several times. Just an all around unique and awesome group. I don't think there has ever been a group like them, and likely never will be another.

jinXed by JaNx
No contest...,Led Zeppelins/ How the West was Won/ Whole lotta love.

Simply, it doesn't get any better than that.

Bella 101
Oh there is a song at the moment l listen too and well with the radio at work it is repeated offten and l don't mind it lol It is called Fade but can't remember who sings it

Been listening to The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La lately non-stop....feeling more political now than ever lol

I listened to "shook ones" - Mobb deep like 12 times in a row the other day. I listented to "sitting on the dock of the bay" - Otis Redding for about an hour and a half.

Chop suey by system of a down

The Smiths-Hand in Glove
The Sisters of Mercy-Some kind of stranger
Black Sabbath-Solitude

Too many to list really.

Both Cattle Decapitation: "Gristle Licker" and Cannibal Corpse: "Funeral Cremation" tie for the longest repeat for me.

Too many to name, tbh.

Right now, probably Push Pull by Purity Ring. At least for a day lol.

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