The New TEEN TITANS! (Character Archives)

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In this thread you will post your characters after they have been approved, you can also update your characters as much as you'd like, such as if they have learned something in the rp thread. Please do not go too crazy and make a Justice League level character out of nowhere. If you are new please refer to the OOC thread before continuing.

Short Summery

A new team of young heroes have reformed the Titans after five long years of being disband, lead by a psychic named Athena. The team has had ups and downs and lost many of the new Titans after a visit from Snows father, a General from the United States military but not before Titan's Tower was broken into and vandalized of coarse. The Titans were on there last leg when from out of nowhere the city was attacked by a woman who was once in the Justice Leauge causing heavy damage to the city. The titans were not able to catch the criminal, however were able to reduce casualties and stop her rampage, kind of. Now the titans seek to recruit new members into their fold and ready for the next attack that is sure to come.

Unbeknownst to the titans, Katarina or Ghost is stealing powerful devices from all over the city for an unknown employer who maybe in league with the woman who attack the city. Who knows what dastardly deeds this mystery man is up to, with the titans struggling to keep members plans for future conquest are going smoothly. Will our heroes be able to get there act together or is Jump City doomed!

Archive Guild Line

- Players will place all available characters in one post, and each player must post once before any revisions are allowed.

- Any changes to characters as a result of gameplay will be revised in additional posts by their players, with version numbers attached. Acceptable changes are those that alter a character's appearance or skill set for a greater amount of game time, or permanently.

- Characters removed from gameplay, either through death or player banishment or other means, will be listed as Out Of Game (OOG) until such time as they are able to return to active play.

Character Sheet information

(Appearance: anime or descriptive)

Name :

Alias : (if available)

Age : (must be a teen)

Gender :

Powers : (up to 3 powers but they must be some how connected to each other. If you have a mental power you probably won't have a physical power and vice versa.)

Weaknesses :

Skills/abilities :

Personality : (you can leave this blank if you feel you won't abide by this.)

Bio : ( please no *TBR, mostly cause I find it lazy when people do this.)

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*To be reviled


Name: ????

Alias: Athena Justice

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Telepathy- The ability to reminds and communicate through thoughts. She is able to keep mental links with the other titans as long as they focus on the link, she also limits herself on how far she will dive into her teams minds out of respect.

Telekinesis- The ability to move people or objects with her mind. she can also force push objects like larges boulders with enough power to crush them and has been known to use this force push ability to empower physical abilities. She can also create powerful psychic walls that can act as barriers for defensive purposes or to contain a foe.

Learned abilities

Anti skill- With farther control of her telepathy, Athena has learned an ability to block certain memories that makes her target forget how to use their powers, However she must be in physical contact with her target and puts heavy strain on herself own mind causing black outs or nose bleeds.

Mind push- Farther control of her abilities has unlocked an ability to suggest a new memories, this ability can only be used on people with weak wills.

Weaknesses: Athena must maintain control over her emotions or her powers can become unstable and ultimately kill her and anyone around her,she also must remain focus or she will hear the thoughts of the whole city at once and will most likely cause her to go insane.

Athena has a genius level IQ and is able to learn quickly, such as: fighting techniques, computer skills, musical instruments, and even cooking recipes. However she must train her body to do these things and her cooking is only as good as the recipes she learns.

Athena usually tries to stay indifferent but has learn to let her emotions show without losing her control over her powers, however, when she is angered she will still lose control over her telekinesis but nothing major has happened as of yet. She envies Matt's ability to always show his true emotions and usually keeps him close because he never holds back his true feelings.

Athena has never had a family that she could remember and has heard stories that she was found and a dumpster, however, this may only be a lie spread through mean spirited children who were in the same foster homes she grew up in. The psychic had found her abilities very early in life and was most likely the reason why she had no friends and was moved around a lot. People just seemed to be thrown across the room after making her cry or see monsters when she was frighten or mysteriously remember they were secretly the Easter bunny. Finally after years of moving around Athena had learned to control her powers and was even able to make good friends with fellow orphans that were outcast like her because of their gifts that no one seemed to like. The three became inseparable for years and developed a family like relationship going as far as changing their last names to Justice because it sounded cool. Athena thought she had finally found happiness, however, it was threaten when family wanted to adopt Matt. Naturally the only thing to do was to leave the orphanage with the little things they owned that was easily stuffed in a backpack.

With Katarina leading the group they were able to survive nearly two years on the streets of Jump City by stealing what they needed from people Katarina decided wouldn't miss a few missing cans of food or money. This, however, did not feel right to Matt and Athena then decided it was time to do something more with their powers then just surviving, it was time to pay back what they owed. Finally after days of arguing the three painfully parted ways, Katarina went her own way saying she didn't owe this world a thing and Matt and Athena begun to do acts of goodness and finally they obtain the Titan's Tower, mysteriously.

Name: Matthew "Justice"

Alias: Tech

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Technopathic- The ability to make and control technology with only a thought. Matt has made many different gadgets, cars, nano tech suit, and even a human like robot named Serena-Bot.

Electromaster- The ability to create and manipulate electromagnetic currents such as lightning and electricity. Matt is fairly new to this ability and needs more training, however he can shoot lightning from his finger tips and has ruined several of his devices by sending an electromagnetic pulse through them.

Weaknesses: Matt usually depends on his technology to get him through most things in life and so his common sense is a bit lacking and if he has no tech nearby he is fairly useless or so he thinks. He has no real control over his electromagnetic abilities so they are fairly weak at the moment.

Matt has the top scores in all the games he plays and is always ranked one in any online game he's ever played, he also has sick DJ skills and can throw a mean party. Athena refuses to acknowledge this as a skill but she will learn soon.

Matt mostly wears his emotions on his sleeve and can come off as an ordinary goofy sixteen year old, though he is much more deeper then that, he has faced the darkness in his mind and came out on the other side and refuses to ever go back. He always tries to make Athena and the others smile often at the expense of his dignity

Matt was the first and only born to a couple that had no idea how to raise a child, often leaving Matt lone for hours crying to get their fix for the day. When he was around seven he discovered his ability to control technology with his mind starting with the TV, his parents quickly caught on and saw this as their payday. His parents forced him to learn the ins and outs of an ATM and soon he was able to hack them and steal every last bill from them. Although his parents had more money then they knew what to do with they still wanted more and their treatment of Matt never changed, in fact they kept him away and treated him like a freak. One day at a job as Matt's parents called it, a trap was set for the trio and were surrounded by JCPD, finally Matt was free from his terrible parents. However a new set of terrible people were to look after him, he was often neglected by his foster family and was set apart from the other children that were encouraged to mock poor Matt. After a few months of this he finally found the courage to run away but was caught shortly after and set to another home, where he ran away immediately after and caused trouble where ever they placed him until the fateful day he would meet his future sisters.

Matt, Athena, and Katarina would followed each other around all day talking about nothing and playing pranks on the "normies" of the foster home, he had never been so happy in his life but this was threaten when a family came to adopt him. He wouldn't let this happen so he suggested the trio run away and live on the streets and take what they needed, the other two agreed to this and took what the owned and left.

With Katarina leading the group they were able to survive nearly two years on the streets of Jump City by stealing what they needed from people Katarina decided wouldn't miss a few missing cans of food or money. This, however, did not feel right to Matt and Athena then decided it was time to do something more with their powers then just surviving, it was time to pay back what they owed. Finally after days of arguing the three painfully parted ways, Katarina went her own way saying she didn't owe this world a thing and Matt and Athena begun to do acts of goodness and finally they obtain the Titan's Tower, mysteriously.


Name: Katarina "Justice"

Alias: Ghost

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Teleportation- The ability to move oneself, another, or an object from on place to another instantly. Kat uses these ability to throw her opponents off and get in surprised hits from any direction, she can also teleport objects and people without moving herself and has been known to teleport people 10ft in the air only to let the fall to the ground.

Phasing- The ability to pass through solid matter by passing her atomic particles through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she is moving. In this way she and the object through which she is passing can temporarily merge without interacting, and each is unharmed.

Much focus is needed to be able to teleport, if she is too distracted she will not be able to teleport and is quite vulnerable. Because she has spent years with Athena and Matt she developed a moral compos and will not kill or hurt children, most in her line of work see this as a weakness.

Katarina is a master pickpocket even without using her powers, she is crafty and can talk her way in and out of anything, she has also spent years in gymnastics and is able to perform high level techniques in battle effortlessly. In her underground adventures she has picked up some weapons training such as knives swords and even guns and usually has at least three knives on her at all times.

Katarina is harden by past back stabbings from her family and holds hatred for most people, especially "normies" . She can be brash and hard headed, however, she is calculating and won't enter a fight without unless she knows she can win.

Katarina was born into a wealthy family that made her strive to be the best at everything she did, which included gymnastics, she excelled at it and was on her way to becoming a top pick for the Olympics team. However, when her powers started to show her father made her stop training and begin training to control her powers thinking they would be a more valuable asset then a metal. Katarina didn't complain and as everything else she excelled quickly in her control and for the first time she saw pride in her fathers eyes. One night her parents were to attend a charity fundraiser, on the way they were murdered for whatever cash and jewelry they had. News spread quickly and family members that were entrusted to watch over Katarina found ways to cut her out of her inheritance and take what belonged to her.

Being sent to foster care after living a life of wealth was hard for Katarina and found herself in fights with the other children, this was not the life she was meant for she would tell herself as hatred for others grew. Katarina moved from home to home causing problems where ever she ended up, she had no desire to make friends, they were a liability. However one day she met a goofy but sincere boy and a weird but interesting girl who also had abilities, they became friends and then like family. But like everything in Katarina's life it was being taken away when a family tried to adopt Matt, they decided that running away was the best option and left the foster home with no money or food. Katarina thrived on the streets learning to pickpocket with her powers then learning to do it without, it was almost too easy for her to break in to stores and take what they needed, like everything else she started to excel at being a thief and she liked it.

When Athena and decided to start using their powers to help others they met a fork in the road, Katarina had no interest in helping strangers she only cared about herself and her family and ultimately decided to split up. She blames Athena for causing the rift between the three, however, she still holds feelings for her two friends.

On her own Katarina started to make a name for herself calling herself Ghost, people in the underground started to pay respect for her when she was able to pull off jobs that would seem impossible for ordinary criminals. She was also known for taking down whole gangs single handed if they crossed her, people started telling rumors and soon she became some sort of legend in the underground. This lead her to her current employer, a man shrouded in mystery she has never seen anything more then his silhouette and even that gives her a chill, and something in her gut tells her that crossing him would be a big mistake.

Name: Victoria Blake

Alias: Elemental Girl

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Elemental Mastery- The ability to control every element including but not limited to: earth, fire, water, air, and lightning including all properties such as ice and gas or even metal. She has also been able to take control over the weather causing hurricanes.

Elemental Slave- The ability to create creatures made from raw elements, she has been known to be able to make armies of minions out of varies elements such as: earth, fire, water, and even lightning.

Elemental Walker- The ability to leave the physical plain for the elemental plain becoming intangible for however long we remains in the elemental plain.

Victoria is unstable and can become unfocused easy causing her to lose control over her powers which will result in her complete stoppage of whatever she's doing. When Blake leaves the physcal plain she will lose control of any element was was controlling before leaving, this includes crafted elemental slays.

Victoria was a former Justice League member and has training in alien combat techniques and immense control over her abilities evolving them passed normal meta humans with the same abilities.

Blake is mentally unstable and can go on psychotic rampages at any moment, she also is suffering from severe depression that can leave her bed ridden for days at a time, she is quick to anger but still extremely intelligent.

Victoria Blake was a powerful heroin starting out solo but was invited to join the Justice League when she became an adult and served many years before decided to retire from being a super hero. She wanted to settle down and marry her long time lover then start a family, for a time everything worked out to her favor, she had a new born baby and her husband was doing well at his job. However, she was found by one of the many enemies of the Justice League and was attacked at her home and left alive only to see her murdered family and a message painted in their blood.
"No rest for the wicked"

Victoria went on a rampage nearly burning down her an entire city before being taken down by her former team and sent to back to the watch tower, a year passed before was was able to escape her "prison" and is now on a hunt. She has joined a mysterious man and assets with his plots for information leading to the people responsible for killing her family.

The Big O


Name : Unknown

Alias : Red X

Age : 18

Gender : Male

Powers : Red X Suit - Red X's powers derive from his suit's belt. The belt relies on power from the element Xenothium. The suit is also fitted with an invisibility or cloaking device, and a teleportation device. The palms of his gloves can also form X-shaped manifestations which can act as shuriken, wrist-mounted blades, restraints (by constriction or adhesion), timed explosives, instant openings, or any other conceivable function.

Red X's main weapon systems are designed in specific ways to beat each of the original Titans, but are still formidable and versatile enough to be effective in most any situation.

Weaknesses : Xenothium powers the majority of Red X's abilities, and when depleted renders most of his tools inert, leaving him incredibly vulnerable. Also, while being near the peak of physical conditioning, he is still only human, rendering him less powerful than most meta-humans. Psychologically, Red X is confident to the point of arrogance, leaving little in his mind that he cannot accomplish. This can lead to him pushing himself into overwhelming situations.

Skills/abilities : Physically, Red X is an accomplished acrobat and martial arts fighter, possibly as skilled as the original leader of the Titans, Robin. He has spent a great deal of time studying the art of meditation and thought control, making him resistant to psychic attacks to some degree, particularly telepathy.

Personality : Red X is less than serious as a Titan, finding most of his battles amusing and being more concerned with messing with his opponents. When the stakes are high, however, he makes sure that his foes are taken down quickly and efficiently. His arrogance can be a hindrance, but he can always be counted on to work with the team when the chips are down.

Bio : It's a crisp night with a cool breeze. The yacht roams the ocean waves lazily, its occupants illuminated by covered tiki torches and stringed lights across the bow. Glasses clink and champagne corks pop while people chatter all along the boat. A man passes from the aft to the stern, people stopping him along the way, shaking hands, laughing with him as he moves on. He passes through a door, holding it open for an older gentleman, who pats him on the shoulder while saying, "Great party, man! Love the boat!" He makes his way to the upper deck and steps out onto the topmost portion of the ship, all alone up there and looking down at the party goers.

"You've done well for yourself," comes a voice from behind him. The man cracks a smirk while swishing his glass and turning around. The masked figure before him has a different outfit...but he'd recognize that scowl anywhere.

"It's like I told you, back in the day," he replies, "I look out for numero uno."

"There's looking out, then there's being greedy."

"Call it what you want, I'm living my life. So, here for the party?"

"You know why I'm here," the masked figure growls, teeth grinding together, "The suit." The man takes a sip from his glass, lowering it from his lips just as it shatters in his hands, and he turns away with an exclamation, "Hey! That's quality dining ware. Guess your sense of humor's not improved much, Robin."


"Whatever. I don't have it."

"I swear, if you sold it off to s-"

"Come on! You really think I would've let that thing go willingly? Even if I couldn't fit it anymore, it made one hell of a trophy."

"So let me get this straight...Red X, the master thief, got robbed?"

"I like to think of it as...passing on the mantle." Nightwing rushes forward, grabbing the man by his collar and holding him over the edge of the roof, who laughs, "Still can't take a joke."

"Where. Is. The. Suit...?"

Sacred 117

Name : Removed
Alias : Nova

Age : 16/17 Years

Gender : Female

Powers : Pyrokinetic
The ability to produce natural heat from her body.
1.) Creating abilities by using the flow of fire through her vains. This varies from creating pure materialized flame to throw at her opponent to unleashing large waves of fire that can be manipulated to take whatever form required.
2.) The second involves using an internal heat transfer to an external status, strengthening her body. The higher her body heat reaches, the more power she can dish out. This means she is more powerful the more heat her body takes in. (Skip to Weakness 1)
2.5.) Super Armor State : Flames engulf her body to materialized and dematerialize a strong armor and sword. The armor can withstand basic attacks but will break down when sustaining too much damage. The sword can cut through steel.


Weaknesses :
1.) Due to her requiring heat for her powers, when in a cold area, her body requires the heat inside of herself just to sustain itself. Because of this, she becomes much weaker in colder climates to the point where she can barely even move.
2.) She easily loses her temper which makes her irrational. This tends to resolve with her unleashing her full pyrokinetic potential and demolishing anything within reach.
3.) While reasonable most of the time, discovering answers to riddles is not her strong point. Her typical answer to such a thing is "Hit it with a brick till it opens".


Skills/abilities :
1.) PyroStrike: She can produce fire waves from her limbs during a strike. In her armor state, this can be reflected in her sword movements.
2.) Overheat: She can raise her body heat to extreme levels to make herself like a human torch (this is impossible if the climate is cold due to its negative effects on her body.) In this state, she takes damage overtime and burns anything within arms reach of her.


Personality : Reasonable and calculating most of the time. She can be seen as kind, though calmly so. When she unleashes her armor state however, she becomes erratic and less rational to the point where she can be seen as "mean" or "cruel". Afer having lost contact with Snow, Nova's become even more irrational and "cold" toward those around her. She actively pushes others away and chooses to seclude herself, often spending time alone in her room reading or on the training course.

Bio : Nova was found by Athena in New York during a building fire. A villain (nameless for now) lit the building on fire using flamethrowers attached to his arms. When Athena went to investigate, Nova could be found at the bottom of the building with one hand directed at the building and the other at her chest. The fire was being pulled from the building and seemed to be absorbed through her arm into her body. Once the fire was put out, the girl Nova unleashed an armor that covered her body and she jumped up the building from window to window, reaching the roof where the villain was.

After a short confrontation, Nova dropped back from the roof with the villain tied up. She dropped the man at the arriving police officers feet before she was approached by Athena with a request to join the newly created Titans. Nova replied to her with a simple "I suppose, since I have nothing else to do"... and she took exception to that.

Appearance : Two(Below)

1. Regular Appearance

2. Armor State

Sacred 117

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