Respect Dracula (Gabriel Belmont)

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Shadow Whip: A supernatural whip-like weapon, which Dracula creates from his own vampiric blood. It retains many of the moves and attacks of the Combat Cross and serves as his main weapon. The Shadow Whip manifests as an eldritch red gauntlet on Dracula's right arm.
Chaos Claws: Dracula's power punches which inflict extra damage and can sometimes channel poweful flame eruptions from the ground, the Chaos Claws are burning red gaunlets and are use similar to Shadow Magic.
Void Sword: This mystical blue sword can be spawned by Dracula, capable of stealing life and heal him. Works similar to Light Magic. The sword can use adaptable powers like wave blasts, slashes of Void magic and a freezing power as well as a swirling vortex of wind during which the sword gives off electric blasts.
Immortality: After Gabriel became a vampire and gained the power of the Forgotten One, he became the immortal Prince of Darkness and took up the moniker Dracul. At the same time, he also maintains his position as God's chosen one, and is thus immune to the divine and holy magic that would typically harm those of his kind. As the new master of the castle, Dracula remained in the world for over nine hundred and sixty six years. Also as an elder vampire, Dracula can take on different appearences such as a withering old man, his young self and through downloadable content he can take on a physical appearence strikingly similar to Vlad Tepes III The Impaler with a mustache and a beard.
Blood Draining: As a vampire, Dracula can drink his enemies blood to heal himself. Brotherhood Warriors are easy prey during combat.
Mist Form: Dracula can become elusive black mist to reach new locations, phase through enemies without taking damage, instantly appear near enemies, and create large shock waves of smoke as seen in the E3 trailer.
Rat Form: Dracula can transform into a rat in order to get passed enemies that are unaware of this form and reach small locations with ease. Interestingly, Dracula has all of the beastal transformations of a common vampire except possibly wolf form, which his son Alucard possesses.
Dragon Form: Dracula's true form is his Dragon form. It is similar to the original Dracula's different forms he would take during a battle with a Belmont (except the original Dracula had a variety of true forms). In this form Dracula has partial Pyrokenesis, able to breathe fire upon his enemies. With the right amount of collected scales, Dracula can transform into a dragon and obliterate his enemies. This power's process works similar to the dark crystals from the first game.
Bat Swarm: Enemies can be stunned or distracted by a cloud of bats summoned by Dracula.
Vampiric Glamor: Dracula can use his vampiric charms to directly control unaware enemies to do his bidding. Glamored foes can be used to find new areas or to be ridden in battle.
Shadow Daggers: Like the Shadow Whip, Dracula can create projectile daggers from his blood magic. This power has to be refilled by drinking blood from enemies.
Stolas' Clock: The demon prince Stolas enclosed the ashes of a thousand dead bodies in these twisted hourglasses. These clocks slow time when shattered by Dracula.
Seal of Alastor: A relic that can be shattered to unleash the soul of a legendary warrior. Once activated, Seal of Alastor unlocks all of Dracula's weapon skills regardless of his progress.
Summon Wolf: Dracula has a connection with the creatures of the night. He as well has a pendant that allows him to summon a white wolf.
Chaos Eruptions: In Mirror of Fate, Dracula can create eruptions of fire from the ground when fighting Trevor Belmont.
Void Slashes: When fighting Trevor in Mirror of Fate, Dracula can swipe at the air with the Void Sword, causing slashes of Void magic to travel towards Trevor. The slashes can also be created in mid air.
Void and Chaos Shockwaves: In Mirror of Fate during his fight against Trevor, Dracula can leap into the air and unleash shockwaves of either Void or Chaos magic (depending on which weapon he is wielding) that can encompas the entire room.
Hellfire: While facing Simon and Alucard in Mirror of Fate, Dracula can lift his cape to shoot a barrage of fireballs. This is strikingly similar to how the original Dracula attacked while fighting.
Legions: As the Prince of Darkness, Dracula has command over the creatures of the night. Terrorizing the world from his powerful castle, which at one point will try to rebel against Dracula by turning his minions against him.
Teleportation: As seen in Mirror of Fate, Dracula can teleport to different locations in an instant while leaving behind traces of his infamous black mist. He does this while eavesdropping on Simon and Alucard and during the final battle with the latter two in which he teleports around his throne while being chased by Alucard. This ability may very well be linked to his Mist Form.
Electrokenesis: Since he was turned by Laura who was of Carmilla's vampiric breed and could manipulate lightning, it can be assumed that as Dracula, Gabriel will have this power. In the Void Sword trailer, Dracula is breifly shown able to emit lightning from the sword as a swirling vortex surrounds him.
Acidic Blood: During Dracula's battle with the Brotherhood, he vomits a great amount of vampire blood into the power source of the Siege Titan. This was powerfully toxic enough to currupt and destroy the mechanized giant.
Super Strength: As a vampire, Gabriel's already-considerable strength was increased dramatically. Dracula is able to push a large battering ram with little effort, peel off metal parts of a siege titan, and effortlessly pick up fully armored soldiers and throw them around.
Super Speed : Dracula can move inhumanly fast and can easily outmaneuver humans and outrun them.
Super Agility: As Dracula, Gabriel is extremely nimble. Able to leap a great distance onto the Siege Titan's hand to confront the Golden Paladin and he can frequently dodge unblockable attacks from enemies with relative ease.
Possession: Dracula can use his blood to possess his enemies and force them to fight one another or to take control of them to a limited degree. He can only inhabit a body temporarily, as the power of his blood will quickly kill the host.
Flight/Levitation: It is unknown if it he can still perform the act, but like Carmilla, Dracula was able to shortly levitate high off the ground after he gained his powers and before killing the Forgotten One.
Resistance To Holy Artifacts: A regular knight of the Brotherhood of Light would believe that crucifixes and other holy artifacts can weaken and kill all vampires. However, they have no effect against Dracula as he was once a knight of the brotherhood and God's chosen one. In some instances he can even reflect holy magic back against the caser due to this reason.

Videos coming.....

Spoiler! at 03:50
Dracula defeats a Paladin and takes an explosion possibly "country sized" also can be seen from space without a scratch...Also says that the power of God can't kill him

Beats the 3 gorgons while being weakened.

Kill an Acolyte of Satan while being weakened.

More coming soon....

Kills Carmillagain while being weakened
Easily overpowers Victor Belmont

Beats Satan's 2nd Acolyte while being weakened

Kills Death(zobek)

Kill Agreus(Pan's brother]

overpowers Toymaker

Kills Abaddon

Satan knows he cant beat Dracula so he summons a leviathan creature to destroy Earth.Dracula "overpowers the creature making it kill itself.Then Satan possess Alucard to battle Dracula.Gabriel defeats Satan in Alucard's body then kills the Fallen Angel.(Dracul also survives a fall from near space without a scratch.

Gonna add some gameplay video soon....

Oh and the only weapon that can kill Gabriel is the Vampire Killer (his combat cross from LOS)

Powers that werent mentioned:
Even in his mist form Dracula can use blitz attack either freezing or setting his enemies on fire.

He can also use both his void and chaos powers to create bubble shields around himself which can reflect damage.

Dracula can also summon a white wolf to dimension hop back to his castle where he is more powerful.

He can also use his void sword to create freeze waves.

Stealth Moose
Holy crap. Dracula got some mad skills now. Respect.

Vampire powers(mist form,possession,rat form ,batswarm ,demonic wings.)

Dragon Form(at the end of the video)

Void Sword

Chaos Claws

Dragon Form

Inner Dracula


Eon Blue
Very nice.

So Dracula's feats from LOS 2:
Defeats a Paladin.Whose armor and weapos are crafted by angel bones.

His blood is powerful enough to corrupt/destroy a magical device which was empowering a roughly 50m tall siege titan machine.

Survives a the power of the 7 archangels thanks to his immunity of God's power.(The explosion can be seen from space and kills 500 000 Brotherhood Of Light members)

The only weapon that can kill him is the Vampire Killer.(His old combat cross)

At Full power he is more powerful then Satan who is afraid to confront him in battle.

Being present in his castle makes him more powerful.

Summoning a white wolf allows him to time travel to the past.

Defeats a Stone Golem which is empowered by his castle's blood.

His Chaos Claws make him immune to fire.

Defeats a 30 m tall Gorgon by using his magic to create a dragon head to extend his arm and rips the Gorgon's heart out.

He is able to transform into a dragon which is his true form.

Defeats Carmilla.

Defeats Satan's Daughter by cutting her in half.

Defeats Agreus (Pan's older brother) by crushing his skull.

Defeats the Toymaker by overpowering him.

Defeats Abbadon the destroyer(a demon empowered by Satan)
by punching its face off.

Overpowers Victor Belmont (the last Belmont)
also kills a dark crystal demon.(Los 1 demon that can be summoned to aid you in battle)

Defeats his inner evil self.

Blocks an attack which is strong enough to shatter a castle tower.

Defeats Satan's 2nd Acolyte by crushin his head.

Kills Death by using his Void Sword to freeze and shatter him.

Kills a Leviathan who is powerful enough to destroy Earth by breaking his collars and chains causing it's energy attack to backfire.

Survives an incomplete explosion that was meant to destroy the planet.

Defeats Satan in Alucard's body.

Survives a fall from near space.

Kills Satan.

Demonic Phoenix
^ The incomplete explosion from the Leviathan feat is kinda unquantifiable though.

No sells a fire-breath attack from the Gorgon.
Also, the FalconDragon Punch!
Possibly reacts to a Lightning attack. Said attack was weakened though.
Dracula dodges an attack that is at the very least low end hypersonic.

thumb up
Thanks for the add!313

Dracula can also create vortex attack with both chaos claws and void sword however the range of the vortex is pretty small like 5 meter area.

Spinning his sword he can also create whirlwind to draw enemies near that are far from him.

I have a strange might sound stupid but now that Gabriel has the vampire killer couldnt he himself call upon the power of the 7 archangels?
I mean he was the one who finished the prayer not the Paladin.
I know its more then likely out of character but still.

Dracula vs Raisa Volkova (both are kinda weakened since Gabriel still havent regained his powers and Raisa is not in her true form)

All the boss battles

Notemessedatan easily killed the 3rd Acolyte by riping his face off with 2 fingers.The 3rd acolyte was said to be significantly more powerful then the previous 2.

Demonic Phoenix
Gabriel and Zobek tank an attack that busts the upper portion of Zobek's Tower (19:40)

at 27:10 easily rips a riot police guy's heart out then casually throws him through a wall....

Finishing moves

You guys are definitely forgetting about his fight against the Forgotten one where he already was a vampire. And there are a lot of strength feats there.

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