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Well, I have the decided to make a respect thread for Doctor Who, as I don't see the verse being used in versus around this forums. I apologize if this isn't the most appropiate place to post this, please if a mod finds this in the wrong place then move it.

Well, I'm gonna break it down by tiers, from strongest to weakest in the verse following my own criteria. Well, allons-y!:


The Glory is a device that constitutes the greatest power in all of the Doctor Who continuity. It has its origins and only appeareance in the DW Comic Strip The Glorious Dead.

The Glory is basically the center of the Omniverse, it's focal point and the thing that holds it together. The Glory has a mind inside of it that acts as its controller, and it has to select a successor from any reality in the Omniverse. If not, ALL REALITIES (i.e. the Omniverse) goes puff.

The Omniverse is the totallity of existence. It includes the Doctor Who Multiverse, Real Life and every single work of fiction you can think of. Just imagine how powerful it is when it can hold all of that together and can control any reality with impunity. The Glory is basically the master control for the Omniverse, and it would be capable of destroying anything bar a true Omnipotent (The One Above all, etc). The Glory has shown that it is the closest nigh-omnipotent to true omnipotence in fiction. It's not Omnipotent because of the fact that it has to select a controller, with the danger of breaking the All down if it doesn't.

Many people say "But has Doctor Who an Omniverse?". This people treat the term "Omniverse" with the meaning of "greater than a Megaverse". Nope. Omniverse means ALL OF FICTION AND REAL LIFE! If you don't understand this, then the true power of the Glory cannot be understood. And if you are gonna say "Prove it!", here I bring you scans from The Glorious Dead to back all of this!:

Here I have some scans that show the Doctor drifting through the whole Omniverse, some realities pretty impossible:

P.D: If the images are not showing up, please open the links in another window.



The Grace is a species of pan-dimensional beings. They have made their only appereance in the audio The Judgement of Isskar. I haven't got the audio itself so I'll cite other sources.

The Key to Time, the most know artifact created by The Grace could, as the resume of The Judgement of Isskar in the Dr Who Guide says,

In the same audio, the Grace have shown the ability to completely stop time. Even more importantly, the Guardians of Time are agents of the Grace, and the Key to Time has an equal power to the Guardians' combined form. Here is a quote from the Discontinuity Guide regarding the Grace, the Key to Time and the Guardians in The Judgement of Isskar:

The Key to Time could erase a memory from the minds of the entire universe. This is a quote that references it from the novel The Quantum Archangel, again showing that the Key to Time has as much power as the Guardians and that they use it as a tool from time to time:

The Master tried to rend asunder a constellation using the Key to Time in his search for regeneration. As the novel Cold Fusion tell us:

Here, another quote from The Quantum Archangel, which I suppose is refering to The Grace:

In resume, If your species are considered gods by omniversal beings, boss them around and can create an artifact equal to their combined power, you are freaking powerful. This makes The Grace the greatest power in the Doctor Who multiverse. Due to both the Guardians and the Key to Time being of omniversal power, this means the Grace is on that level as well.

And next...:


White Guardian:

Black Guardian:

The Red Guardian.

The Crystal Guardian, alias The Celestial Toymaker:

The Azure Guardian.

And the Gold Guardian.

The Guardians of Time are the most powerful trascendental beings with the exception of the Grace. They have been refered as Great Old Ones, which were Time Lords from the previous Universe, which means that the Guardians are the most powerful of them. They represent primordial forces: the White Guardian is Light and Order, the Black Guardian is Darkness and Chaos, the Crystal Guardian/Celestial Toymaker is Dream and Fantasy, the Azure Guardian is Equilibrium and Balance, and the Gold Guardian is Life and Death. They were the Universe.
They live in and are the supreme rulers and most powerful beings of the Six Fold Realm, called Calabi Yau-Space by non-trascendental beings. This realm is composed of the 6th dimension to the 11th dimension.

The six Guardians of Time were able to combine into a single form, called the Six Fold God. This being had omniversal power, and considered Eternals and Chronovores, trascendental beings created by themselves, to be less than insects, bacteria basically. Here a quote from The Quantum Archangel that cites some of their powers and what they are capable of:

Here a quote from the No Future novel which puts the Six Fold God at omniversal level:

This codes of conduct were created by the Grace, supossedly. The Guardians can pull-off galaxies' arms (this should be a rather low end feat, but you'll see in the entries on Eternals and Chronovores).

Quote from the novelisation of the Old Who TV episode The Armageddon Factor, on the White and Black Guardians:

The Black Guardian can confuse a TARDIS (again, same episode):

Quotes about the Shadow in the same episode, a servant summoned by the Black Guardian:

About the Black Guardian being equal to the White Guardian:

The Guardians can use any form they choose, such as when the Black Guardian impersonated the White Guardian in the same episode:

The Guardians organise games for the Eternals to entertain themselves. They can grant Enlightenment, which gives someone the power to destroy a Universe. From the novelisation of the Old Who TV episode Enlightnement:

The individual Guardians grow stronger or weaker along with their spheres in the Universe, and can channel their power through individuals, also seen in Enlightnement.

The Crystal Guardian, mostly known as the Celestial Toymaker is the most well known Guardian apart from the White and Black Guardians. He could create dimensions that could contain a Universe (various galaxies at minimum), such as the Celestial Toyroom. This quotes are from the novelisation of the Old Who TV episode The Celestial Toymaker:

The Toymaker also showed reality warping, such as animating toys, making them of different sizes... He could warp reality to show past events in 3D.

He can use memories to permanently fix people to his universe. He is relatively omnipotent when within his universe, but his powers are limited by the rules of his games (which he can modify anyway).

And that's it. All the feats of the Key to Time mentioned in The Grace post can also be applied to the Guardians, because they use the Key and their combined power is equal to that of the Key.

Now, for the next tier below the Guardians of Time:


The Carnival Queen is a being that incarnates the irrationality within the Time Lords, and seemed to be able control irrationality. She appears in the novel Christmas on a Rational Planet.

Some quotes about her creation:

The Carnival Queen was still imprisioned in the Time Vortex, but she could influence the world. Her children, the gynoids, affected reality by being present.

She is outside of Time, and her mere presence on Earth can extend to every planet in the universe in their rational stages, her mere presence can make the Universe into an irrational place again.

She is affirmed as an universal threat, and her arms were moving throught dimensions:

This is what happens only when her prison opens:

By the action of escaping, she returned magic to the Universe. The mere possibility of her escaping was affecting the whole Universe, making it more irrational.

The power of the Carnival Queen is not clear, but she is indeed one of the most powerful in the verse due to the effects her mere probability of escape was causing.

Next one!:


The Swimmers are trascendental beings living in the Void between Universes. They are incredibly powerful creatures that are covered overall in the novel The Taking of Planet 5. All the subsequent quotes will be coming from that novel.

The Swimmers can eat Universes:

Here, One, a Celestis (a trascendental being that will be covered soon) expresses his fear of the Swimmers with this amazing paragraph. See for yourselves:

In this quote, One puts the Swimmers as vastly more dangerous than the Memeovore (a being I'm also gonna cover). They are bigger than Universes, and collapse then in Big Crunches by getting near them. Their parasites would be bigger than worlds, they would the macro-ecosystem of other creatures, their space-time. They think the Swimmers are natural evolution, beings who destroy Universes to clear their paths, to swim freely in the Void. The Memeovore would be a very small apperitive to it.

That's it for the Swimmers. They sure are some of the most powerful.

And as I covered the Swimmers, let's cover another thing from The Taking of Planet 5, that could very well be in this place in the tier:


The Memeovore is the most dangerous predator in the Universe and a threat to the Universe itself. It was artificially evolved by the Time Acceleration of Planet 5 by the CIA (Celestial Intervention Agency, the Time Lord secret service) to use as a predator to the Fendahl. The Memeovore is the Fendahl Predator, a devourer of concept.

The Memeovore devours the meaning of textures, cultures, social customs, color... everything across the entire Universe. The Universe would be worse than destroyed, a wasteland devoid of meaning:

The shape of the Memeovore couldn't be understood by a Time Lord at mere glance:

The Memeovore has devoured Mictlan, a micro-universe made of pure concept and ideas:

Next one, and this one is insane....


The Quantum Archangel is the human Anjeliqua Whitefriar after becoming one with the Lux Aeterna, the substance that serves as the basic foundation for the Multiverse. This goddess is on par with the Menti Celesti, as said in the novel The Quantum Archangel (obviously), in which this being appears. It was also said that it was capable of commiting multiversal genocide on the Chronovores (The Master planned to fuse with the Lux Aeterna and become a Quantum Archangel himself):

The Quantum Archangel could destroy the shields of a TARDIS, which tanks supernovae and black holes, in less than a second:

Another thing refering to her:

About her transformation:

She can see the flow of Time:

She could alter history on a whim, change her own doings and give Paul back his invention:

The power of the Lux Aeterna, the power of the Quantum Archangel:

During their battle and after absorbing the Lux Aeterna, The Doctor and the Archangel began throwing planets at each other:

The Quantum Archangel could create a Universe for each person in the Universe.

And that's it for the Archangel!



As said before, they are equal to the Quantum Archangel, as said by the Master. They are conceptual beings named Time, Death, Pain and Eternity. They take the form of Eternals but in truth they are abstracts who embody their names.

Here some quotes about them from the novel Cat's Cradle 01-Time's Crucible, were they are shown to be the gods worshipped by the Time Lords:

More next day, guys. This is far from over!

Quick but important update on the Menti Celesti.

They are beings considered gods by even the Guardians of Time. They were the ones who they consulted in The Quantum Archangel about the fate of Kronos, not The Grace.

Note that the Guardians speak in fear in the presence of the Menti Celesti.

There we have the Menti Celesti listed, and some testament to their power. This, even when they are the abstracts of a multiverse, puts them at mid-high omniversal level.

The Menti Celesti can choose Champions, avatars who can wield their power:

The Champions can prevent multiversal collapse.

It is seen that, even when being so powerful, they are still bound, comparing their situation to those of the Guardians, bound by rules of conduct (then The Grace is possibly the author of this rules, this is only theory however as it would make this race borderline omnipotent).

Being the Champion of one of the Menti Celesti, and thus an avatar of them, grants you absolute power over the sphere of said entity, only overriden by the god itself. After becoming Time's Champion, the Doctor could change history by willing it, and Mel could spread Death everywhere after becoming her Champion:

The Doctor pwned Death, and rewrote history with his Time's Champion powers:

So that's the update on the Menti Celesti, who have rose beyond the Guardians of Time with this! The Quantum Archangel isn't certainly equal to them, that had to be boasting by the Master. All this came from the novel Time's Champion. It is not officially published, but it's plot was outlined by The Quantum Archangel author Craig Hinton before dying, so it means that all this was intended during said novel. You can disregard it if you desire so, but the BBC has the policy of everything is canon. Only pages such as the wikia like to have a closed canon, but that is simply not true by BBC standards.

Next in the scale:


The Lampreys, appearing in the novel Spiral Scratch, were transcendental multiversal beings that exist because the multiverse itself exists:

The Lampreys live in the Time Vortex, they can shapeshift and devour the chronon (temporal) energy of entire planets.

They can access every universe and devour them.

They can time travel and use it with great competence.

A Lamprey is put on omniversal level threat in this quote.

Lampreys can devour whole multiverses, making them Chronovores on steroids.

A Lamprey declares the Omniverse its restaurant:

And I think that's the best about the Lampreys!

Quick Menti Celesti update (yes, another one...):

The author of the novel has said that they are not superior to the Guardians (that's something the Valeyard believed) of Time, they are an elite group of Eternals created by the Guardians to succeed them when the multiverse breaks down. So the Menti Celesti are not superior to them, but rather equal to them as they are meant as the next Guardians, or a bit weaker still.

That puts them on the level of the Guardians, and The Grace returns to be the most likely thing to have ordered the survival of Kronos. That puts the Grace in its place again, as the Guardians spoke in fear in their presence.

There's nothing in Doctor Who worthy of respect.

Wow! Now i understand,why The Doctor can fight against verses like Marvel and DC.doh


This thread basically got its official continuation on Spacebattles, by the way. It's already gotten to 30s of pages, and lots of people have collaborated. Go on there for more.

Originally posted by trexalfa
This thread basically got its official continuation on Spacebattles, by the way. It's already gotten to 30s of pages, and lots of people have collaborated. Go on there for more.

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