Drum Roll Please...

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The audience waits in anticipation, silent and breathless. The restless ones shift impatiently in there seats, while the others blink patiently. Everyone breaths quietly, afraid to make a noise. Ears twitch suddenly as a baby near the back of the audience burst out in tears, and the frustrated mother hurries out of the back doors in a frantic hope to be back in time. Just as the doors close behind her the lights begin to dim. The anticipation only builds as four separate spot lights move into focus on an entrance embroidered with gold and covered with a scarlet curtain. No one moves, no one dares to even breath, they are all choked up with anticipation.
A band beside the entrance way starts playing "Threw the fire and flames" and fire shoots up from either side of the entrance way as a handsome man dressed in scarlet, wearing a gold crown and carrying a diamond sword jumps threw the curtain covering the entrance way, holding his diamond sword up in a striking position and bringing it down in a chopping motion to the floor. Everyone in the crowd is on there feet in an instant, yelling and screaming in utter bliss at the sight of his majesty.
Lazers the color of blue, red, and green fill the air while two beautiful, shapely, and scantily clad women seductively walk up behind the king. The kind sheaths his royal sword and puts his arms around the ladies who simultaneously give him a sensual kiss on the cheek. The king slaps them both on the rear which sends them both skipping cheerfully down the ramp of screaming admires into the arena. They stop, holding out there arms in welcome of the king.
The King begins his descent down the ramp of people desperately reaching over the railing in an attempt to touch his majesty. The king high fives a couple of them, making a short stop at an especially attractive young women offering her to join him. The woman quickly accepts the invitation and is helped over the railing by The King. The King finishes the descent threw the deafening screams with the new envy of all his realms other woman clutching closely to his arm.
The King steps onto the stage, past the two women, and up to a microphone. With his arm that isn't being clutched he picks it up. The music immediately stops and the screaming ceases. Everyone waits with baited breath as there beloved king is about to address them. The King raises the microphone to his lips and looks around. He can see the unconditional love, bliss, and excitement in every ones eyes. He finally opens his mouth to speak and says "I am WildBantha88."

Welcome to KMC bro! Props for awesome introduction. thumb up

Being a King is cool...

But being an Emperor is better

Wonder Man
Welcome. Buy the next issue of Thor. It has King Thor. You might like it.

Originally posted by Emperordmb
Being a King is cool...

But being an Emperor is better

A god is even better.

King Joker
God I ****ing love this intro!!!!!!

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God I ****ing love this intro!!!!!! Thanks bro

hi guy

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