10 Best Episodes?

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^ Here's a list of the 10 best episodes in the opinion of the StarWars.com team; what are yours and why?

I agree with the mentioned episodes/arcs for the most part, but I would personally change the order a bit.

My top 5, for example:
1.) Sacrifice
2.) The Lawless
3.) To Catch a Jedi
4.) Ghosts of Mortis
5.) The Box

King Joker
1.) The Wrong Jedi
2.) The Lawless
3.) Sacrifice
4.) Landing at Point Rain
5.) Rookies
6.) Cloak of Darkness
7.) Carnage of Krell
8.) Altar of Mortis
9.) Padawan Lost
10.) Brain Invaders

Those are all of the ones I can think of a the top of my head...

Fvckers, I want a list and reasons. uhuh

Tbh, the reasons given in the link you provided in the OP pretty much mirror my own thoughts. I can copy+paste, if you'd like? thumb up

10. The Zillo Beast. What the link states about the Godzilla esque coolness. Plus seeing Palpatine jumping at the chance to take advantage but through his "it's all for the greater good" persona Lol.

8/9 The Lost One/Voices. Going into the Sifo Dyas Arc was welcomed, seeing Dooku against Anakin and Kenobi one more time was actually pretty great. Hearing Liam Neeson's voice as Qui-Gon talking to Yoda was awesome.

7. Cat and Mouse. Liked the introduction of Admiral Trench, the cloaked ship, the suspense of where this was going to go, plus great to see Skywalker being the cunning general he was always supposed to plus his piloting skills. Plus again how different Kenobi and Skywalker's approach is and showing that it was usually Skywalker's approach that paid off.

5/6. "Heroes on Both Sides" and "Pursuit of Peace". Most people probably found these boring, but I really enjoyed getting into the politics of the War which wasn't delved into enough in the films.

4. Ambush- The first episode all Yoda centric was just so damn great.

3. Nightsisters- First real focus on Dooku and Ventress. Great to see that Villain centric episode and see Dooku as bad ass.

1/2. Revenge & Revival- Seeing Maul revived and scheming for the first time, the great Lightsaber battles and it all leading to Kenobi left alone against the 2 Maul brothers- all really exciting stuff.

DP, your list excludes "The Lawless" and "Massacre" and therefore sucks.

^ I went for a bit of variety with my choice, since that is why I liked the show. But in truth all the episodes of the Darth Maul arc and those episodes leading up to it were the ones through which I was the most excited. And yes "The Lawless" was amongst the most exciting of those.

"Eminence" and "Revival" did nothing for me.

The Mortis episodes off the top of my head and all of the final season episodes that are now on Netflix. ;P

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