HP ~ What?

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hayden's minx
have I just missed a major part of the storyline or is there no reason to Harry Potter.
I mean we know harry's parents died to save him blah blah blah, and serius was a 'secret keeper' but changed to peter. But why did HP's parents have to have a secret keeper? I mean why did Voldermort want to kill his parents ~ have I missed something or just realised the biggest fault of the books.
It's been bugging me for ages and i hate harry potter so i thought i'd post this.

hoho..sorry mate..can't help you. I barely saw the first movie.
Thsi should be in a movie section though

Maybe we'll find out in the later books...

She's talking about the books, Dexx. They haven't filmed the plot she is talking about yet.

You know, Minxy, for someome who hates HP you seem to get into it rather a lot... don't be ashamed to admit that you like it...

Anyway, all we know is that Voldemort wanted the Potters dead. If there was a more specific reason other than them being his enemy we do not know it yet.

oh.. the books? Sorry...i'm even less documented

hayden's minx
Yeh well if I hate something I need a good reason and this shows ~ not a very dramatic build up if she has thought of the plot.

As far as I know. Voldemort aka Tom Riddle was bringing people to his side. If they refused he killed them so they wouldn't cause trouble. The Potters refused. Thefore he killed them and tried to kill Harry, but that didn't work. That's just what I know.

BOPRecruit 16
as much as i enjoy reading the hp saga, there's too much good things happening to harry. it's almost like he never has to deal with tragedy, pain, and failure most of the time. it'd be nice if i could find out of the history/life of the malfoys and some of the other darker characters. like what's their deal. about draco, i'm guessing his father beats him and he just copies what he sees his father do. how sad if that were true. who knows? here's a good hp site about more details on the upcoming books and possibilties from author/rumors: The Harry Potter Network http://thehpn.rupture.net gtg ^.~ KaJi No ToRi NaOsU

I agree with Boprecruit 16. I would like to know more about the "darker" characters. Like Snape and the malfoys. Don't know why. I think he also has found out the reason why I hate the gryffindors. AlMost all of them are goody-goody-two-shoes and everything goes perfect for them unless there in potions class. Notice it wasn't a fellow gryffindor that died it was a hufflepuff.

Oh, well, it is obvious to anyone that Slytherin is the house for sensible people- they just seem to have a rather stupid crop during the time of the books. I cannot believe their founder was as crass as the dumb bullys we get in the film.

hayden's minx
Slytherin house is the best anyhoo - coz evry1 in the other houses are just annoying.

Much is revealed in later books..... heheh(including Order of the Pheonix)
much about the history of Voldermort, his connection with harry, about harry's family, *his mom especially* and many suprises pop up... that actually connect many things...

cool, wish I had it.

hayden's minx
May i ask how you know of this information Odin? And if there is a connection with his mother; wouldn't there be a connection with pertunia?

heheh well.. I have allready read the book.... awsome.... i was thinking of posting a spoiler thread..... but dunno....

Well, there are some sites that provide spoilers. As far as I know, there will be a major revelation about Harry's mom in the upcoming books. So that might clear up things.

IMO, though, it's not that strange Voldemort killed Jack and Lily Potter. I mean, he killed everyone, so why not?

Every knows Slytherin is the best house.

Gryffinshitz is to many good-two shoes
Ravenfreaks are to smart
Huffygeeks are just damn clumsy

hayden's minx
Jack Potter? I though it was James. Oh well.

It is hard for me to believe that you actually think gryffndor is the worst house it is slytherin by far. They are rich kids that have everything you could ever need and all they can think to do is bully others.

If that isn't good enough for you how about this. The three main characters wich are Gryffyndors are of the lowest class of wizards. You have a poor one, a mudblood (which is supposed to be inferior, dobut it), and a kid who had no parents.

Not to mention the fact that others in their house like Neville who can't even get a simple charm right. And some one has the balls to say that good things only happen to them. Well duh, they are the ones that are actually trying to do good. Should Malfoy be rewarded for being a jerk all the time. Or his sidekicks for being croonies.

So next time try to think your comments all the way through before posting.

Gryffindor is a house for poncey proud arrogants. Slytherin just has a bad rep because it is for peole who want to get ahead ane necause there are a few numbskulls in it in Harry's time. Salazar himself could not have been Draco stupid, can he? Else he would never have been the great wizard he was.

hayden's minx
Harry Potter has a 'deprived' and sad childhood, therefore when he is older he's gona get it on with Neville in a bar called 'le sherrif's'.

Apparently Slytherin was a great wizard but great for what. Rember when harry bought his wand the man said voldermont was a great wizard he just use his powers for bad.

I would even go as far to say draco is a good wizard, he is good at potions it would seem and quick in a duel. Good with spells. But he is still rotten. If you look at the two house record Slytherin puts out more bad wizards then Gryf.

And the theory that everything good happens to Gryff. is false as well. Actually Slytherin had won the house cup and quid. cup seven years running. So the gryff. winning streak just started. Then good stuff dosen't happen to the house it happens to harry.

Well... first of all... we already know that information about why Voldemort was after James Potter (if you remember he didn't want to kill Lily... he just killed her because she wouldn't let him get to Harry) will be included in the 5th book... also... think about all the bad stuff that has happened to Harry as well as the good stuff... Would you really want to go through all of the hoorible things he's been through just to get the little good things out of it? ya, he gets a lot of publicity... but JKR makes it very clear that he doesn't like the publicity...

sometime he likes it huh

he went after the potters coz of the prophecy thats y they needed a keeper

and i agree with hhhhr he liked it when it annoyed that umbridge woman

1. Why did HP's parents have to have a secret keeper?

- i think its clear that its a sort of powerful magic spell that works only when there's true friendship & loyalty between the secret keeper & whoever he/she is hiding - having a secret keeper makes it more difficult for one's location to be found.

2. Why did Voldermort want to kill his parents?

- Dumbledore, i think, said that Lily & James have defied Voldy thrice.. so its not hard to believe that even without the prophecy, Voldy would still be going after Lily & James anyway.

well dumbledore told HP about it in book 5.

I dont know if you guys have already taken this quiz..

Are you obsessed with Harry Potter?


..and no matter what i do or how many times i take this quiz, this is always what comes out! erm


it said i am an obsessive

Voldy wasn't after Harry's parents he was after harry himself so he had to get rid of Harry's parents just to get to Harry so Harry's Mom and Dad both died trying to save him

Actually the only bad wizards we know of are Voldemort and the Malfoys... and to a point the Blacks. For all we know there could have been just as many bad wizards from Gryffindor - after all the views about that are from the characters who are friends of Gryffindor...

Voldemort attacked the Potters because of the prophercy(?) saying that the person that would destroy him would be from parents who had defied him three times. The Potters had - and so had the Longbottoms...

Didn't someone say at some point that there's not a bad wizard that wasn't in Slytherin?
If so, then what about Peter whatsisname ? the rat guy?

no they said there wasn't a witch or wizard in slytherin that didn't go bad that's different.

nope we know avery, nott ,cabbe and goyle were in slytherine too. i'm sure there were more.

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