What do they do all day?

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What do you think villains do in their spare time?

With a lot of the street level guys it's pretty easy. Food, drink, women, fast cars, spend their hard-earned cash. Catch a movie. Maybe go to the football. Tinker about with their gear and plan the next heist.

Some villains have important stuff to do. Doom runs Latveria most of the time. Magneto has had Genosha and whatever. Kingpin runs his empire and guys like Sebastian Shaw probably run business interests. Ultron is a machine and probably just works like one.

What about the rest?

Joker - he's flat out crazy, but surely he gets bored. And he can't be killing people all the time or the government would finally hunt him down and kill him. Harley isn't around a lot, Batman is too busy most of the time with a host of other bat-villains and JLA business. Sure he still has to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom (unlike some others on this list). But what does Joker do all day?

Apocalypse - the guy is thousands of years old so he has had a hell of a lot of spare time on his hands. He does spend a lot of time making evil plots but they aren't exactly the sort of thing that you need tens of thousands of days to plan (more like 10 minutes), and he never actually achieves anything anyway. He gets into fights occasionally. He has absolutely no friends or social life. He sleeps a lot. When he gets up in the morning does he think "What the hell am I going to do today? I guess I could call... well, nobody actually. Don't have a job. X-Men aren't attacking... Do I need to fix anything or change a lightbulb anywhere - wait no, my base is self-repairing. Don't really need to buy food or clothes..or eat... Game of Thrones is on but I don't watch tv...X-Men still aren't attacking... wait is that Cyclops on scanner 3? No, it's just a bird..." Then he heads to his workshop to tinker with his Celestial armor for the millionth time and dream of schemes that will never come to fruition.

Dracula - another long-lived guy who sleeps half the time. His old series showed him entering into various half-baked schemes, knowing they would likely fail but happy to keep himself occupied because idle hands are the devil's tools. These days he runs vampire court or something.

Surtur - is this guy bored s***less yet? He just sits there for eternity and is probably thankful that somebody like Thor or Odin kicks his ass once in a while to relieve the monotony.

Thanos - his plans always fail and sometimes end with minor setbacks like being turned to stone, trapped in an imploding cancerverse or Han Soloed in carbonite, but I guess he has fun while they last. What about the rest of the time? Sure, he plots and researches, but this guy has a lot of time on his hands. What does he do all day?

What do you think these guys do? What about some other villains that might have too much time on their hands?

Endless Mike
Well, according to Deadpool's series, Doc Ock was seen reading Twilight on a cruise ship.

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