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Hi There,
I am desperately searching for a movie title. I recall being terrified when I watched this movie as a child. I recently watched The Conjuring and wondered if the movie from my past was truly more frightening.

The Plot:

Couple of old guys who accidentally killed a woman when there were younger. They thought she was dead and drove their car into a lake with her inside. As the car began to sink, they heard her screaming and banging to get out.

Year later, she has returned to settle the score and marry one of the men. There is a scene where she is walking through an abandoned home and down the stairs in a wedding dress (super creepy). The actress that played her was so scary. I believe that this movie was made in the early 80's...but I can't be sure.

Would appreciate solving this.


I've seen that movie. If I remember the name I will post it.

Could it have been Tales from the Crypt?

Your movie is titled "Ghost Story".

I saw part of the same film in a drive-in as the second part of a double feature with E.T., also popular at the time. I was too young to remember more than a few scattered details from the film; it was past my regular bedtime when it came on and I slept through most of it. Years later, though, it was shown on TV, and, though I didn't see more than parts of it that time either, it was enough for me to recognize what I'd seen back on that family night with my aunt, uncle, mom, and grandad.

Anyway, if you Google "Ghost Story" or look it up on Wikipedia, you'll find the plot matches nearly exactly what you told us in your description and the approximate year.


I know movie name is "Ghost Story" and it was released in 1981.

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