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hello, i thought it would be great to have a thread talking about movie soundtracks, what ones you like, the ones you dislike, and also if you have any questions about soundtracks, which i do. so to start it off i have found a genre of music that i really like. i call it epic-classical but you really only hear any of it in movies. some examples are Carl Orffs - Carmina Burmina (or something like that) or many song from the conan the barbarian soundtrack. probably the best example you all have probably heard of is John Williams - Duel of Fates for starwars episode one. now my question is does any one know of other songs that would fit into this type of music? the lord of the rings soundtracks have some good ones and i have heard a lot of them in commercials but i havent found them any where. any one know more?

i love the music in requiem for a dream, donnie darko, sweet hereafter, braveheart, american beauty, glory, signs.

ya i actually have requiem for a dream (two towers remix) and brave heart and glory, but i will have to check those others out thanks. also would you know about the song that they play for the commercial for the PS2 game medal of honor? that sounds like a pretty sweet song.


Thomas H
The Rock
Black Hawk Down'
LOTR both of them!
Last Of The Mohicans!

oh yeah, amelie has some good music too.

Snatch, some class tunes were played during that film. cool

Matrix I, from the looks of it Matrix II is gonna be great too
Star wars - all of them
all of danny elfman
all of john williams
all of howard shore

that a hell ton of movies right there, but i though i'd do it by composer

let me know if i've forgotten any really good ones. i'm sure i have

Bad Boy
1) Armageddon (that music is amazing!!!)

2) Bad Boys

3) Enemy of the State

4) Unbreakable

5) Pearl Harbor

6) Gladiator

7) Face/Off

8) Reindeer Games/ Deception

9) The Rock

10) Speed

Thomas H
Armageddon had a great soundtracK!

Pulp Fiction was a cool soundtrack.

ya john williams and howard shore have some great stuff. i just purchased the matrix 2 soundtrack and x-men 2 score, so i will let you all know how they are once i get a chance to listen to them.

LOTR and STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except the old ones haven't gotten around to them yet

well heres a word of warning. i am sure some people will like it but i was severly dissapointed in the matrix soundtrack. avoid that purchase if you can.

One of my alltime favorite soundtrack is Gladiator. Hans zimmer and Lisa Gerard were amazing together. Titanic is also one of the best. Sissels voice is amazing.
Trevor rabin has also done goog with Armageddon and American Outlaws, The terminator 2 theme is perfect.
The tomb Raider soundtrack was laso good

Thomas H
Hans Zimmer is one of the best ever!!

preston mullins
One movie that has an awesome soundtrack, but doesn't really have an original score is, 'Trainspotting.'

preston mullins
Wasn't Hans Zimmer the bad guy in 'Die Hard'?

preston mullins
No, you idiot, Hanz Zimmer is a music composer. Hanz Grueber was the villian in Die Hard.

preston mullins
Hey, wait a minute, aren't you me?

preston mullins

preston mullins
So I basically called myself an idiot?

preston mullins

preston mullins

preston mullins
I think I just went insane.

Captain REX
Here's my soundtracks.

-- Star Wars Episode I and II

-- LOTR I and II

-- Gladiator

-- Black Hawk Down

-- Diseny's Tarzan

-- Con-air

-- Speed

-- Lion King on Broadway

My dad is friends with a guy that worked on the music for Tarzan. He also did the Lion King and Twister and Speed. Oh yeah, and Con-air.

Spiderman and daredevil, though i'm not saying that all superhero movies have good soundtracks, i just liked those 2. oh yeah, and 8 mile

I like the Blade soundtrack only for that Rave song.

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