What is your favorite CW season?

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My favorite is season 2, CW became more graphic and voilent then. My second favorite is 1, and then 3,5,4 and 6 last, 6 had the darkest plot but was really short.

Ace Hambone
Season 5: I'm a big Ahsoka fan and especially enjoyed the four Ahsoka episodes that wrapped up the season.

I also like season 6 with the Yoda arc at the end.

Season 5 for me.

King Joker
5, 3, 6, 2, 1, 4.

For me it's season 3 because it really took the series to a higher level:

- The attack on Kamino had appeared in the EU before, but the TCW team did their own thing with it. Shaak Ti and the Aqua Droids looked great.

- Halfway through the season, the main characters (Skywalker, Tano and Kenobi) got a more elaborate look and made the show seem less childish.

- I loved how Clone Cadets and Arc Troopers went on from what Rookies (first season) had shown us: Domino squad was a great addition to the series. The Citadel Trilogy showed how our rookies had turned into full ARC Troopers and also gave us Even Piell and Tarkin.

- The Mortis Trilogy tried to explain the prophecy of the Chosen One in a simple but enjoyable way. We also got to see or rather hear Liam Neeson reprise the role of Qui-Gon Jinn.

- I still find the battle between Kenobi, Quinlan Vos (loved seeing him appear aswell) and Cad Bane one of the greatest fighting scenes TCW has provided us with.

- In only three episodes, we got to see more about Ventress' past and learnt about the survival of Darth Maul. Not to mention the show also introduced Saesee Tiin and gave Delta squad a cameo! I love my Clone Wars Boss action figure!

- The last two episodes, Padawan Lost and Wookiee Hunt, just showed how much the show had improved visually. The jungle and the Trandoshans looked fantastic. I also loved seeing Chewbacca making an appearance.

I loved arcs from other seasons too such as Umbara (season 4), Mandalore (season 5) and the Yoda arc (season 6), but overall season 3 stands out for me.

I think they get better as they go along, so 6 (I think) is my favorite. My order from best to worst is 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

I didn't care for the CW film that was meant to b a Pilot to the series though.

Season 2 and 4. Don't get why people like 3 so much, 3/4 of it was shit.

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