Strongest Female Jedi Tournament: Round 1 Battle 7. Bastila Shan Vs Bariss Offee

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Fated Xtasy
Hello and welcome back to the SFJ tournament, in our last battle the jed exile, Meetra Surik won against Darth Talon in a overwhelming 12 to 2. Now we have two new combatants who despite their age and rank they are a force to be reckoned with. On to the mother****ing fight!

Bastila Shan

A powerful young padawan turned jedi master, trained as a jedi sentinel, bastila was trained to resist powers like force stun, fear and paralysis, bastila was known to have been proficient in combat having dueled against Revan's personal guard, Darth Malak who was one of the most skilled duelist of time and Revan, Juhan and Jolee bind all of whom she fought on the temple of lehon. bastila was also skilled in the ways of the of force, she capable of using the force stun ability as well as its advanced version force Stasis an ability she used against Revan and his allies, she was also able to conjure up a powerful force wave that threw Revan and his allies back.


Bariss Offee
A powerful jedi knight trained by the jedi master Luminara Unduli, Bariss was a highly skilled jedi was proficiency in both the force and lightsaber combat. In battle Offe utilized a blue lightsaber and the soresu form as shown when she and her master fought off a speratist ambush, however she was also able to expertly apply a Jar'kai variant of Makashi to the point where many confused her with the sith acolyte Asajj Ventress as shown when she dueled the jedi knight Anakin Skywalker. her force powers were very well developed, she was a expert healer when need be, and was capable of using the dark side force power force choke without looking at her victim, she also had some proficiency with TK as she hurled a bunch of debris at Ventress before she knocked her out.

As always I hope you'll vote for your favorite and carry them to victory! please don't forget to vote on the poll!

King Joker
Barriss is spelled with two R's, Xtasy. But yeah, Barriss in a very hard fight.

Barriss was being toyed with by ahsoka in the episode "brain invaders" but if you mean the S5 Season then ****, If Barriss can easily pwn Ahsoka then she should have no problem with bastila

Nice image of Bastilla there.

Anyway, it's a tough call because Bastilla is largely an unknown.
Bastilla had 3 end-game duels against:

1) Darth Malak
2) Revan, Juhani, and Jolee
3) Revan

She lost all three and there is no way to know how well she did in any of them. This is pure speculation, but here is how I'm guessing these fights went down:

1) Malak was able to overpower Revan with the force at this point, so I think Bastilla would have been no match for him here.

2) I'm speculating that she did well in this one.

3) I'm speculating that she did just as well against Revan as Barriss did against Anakin.

Barriss had 2 end-of-season duels against:

1) Ahsoka
2) Anakin
Bonus: (She snuck up on Ventress and possibly incapacitated her)

She completely overwhelmed Ahsoka and she put up a good fight against Anakin but was ultimately no match for him.

I feel like Bastilla could possibly win this, but I'm going with Barriss because her feats are more fleshed out/concrete.

Yeah, if nothing else you always find the best pics ever, Xtasy.

Lord Stark
Bastila wins the sex appeal contest. thumb up

Barriss's sith gear looks like the sith warrior armor from the TOR trailers

Fated Xtasy
Originally posted by NewGuy01
Yeah, if nothing else you always find the best pics ever, Xtasy.

Thanks dude, but it was a ***** trying to find a version of that Bastila pic that didn't take up the entire ****ing space lol

Bastila is easily getting pwned by a bunch of gangsters, she loses.


Bastila's got battle meditation, Barriss has badassry.

King Joker
Vote for who you think would win, guys.



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