Crooners: Why are they no more?

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Why is the "crooning" style of singing gone nowadays?

There are no more new Dean Martins, Frank Sinatras, Solomon Kings, Nat King Coles, or Johnny Mathises in the industry.

Is it only because of trends? If that was the case, I know tons of people both young and old who still listen to these guys, so that must NOT be the reason.

Is it because there is a severe lack of talent in this generation of musicians?
Yes, that must be the case. If you sing too good, you "oversing" (A term I loathe so much. They made this up to hinder one's confidence in their singing style).

Also, I noticed that singers today rarely sing using their diaphragm. It seems like they forgot the basics on how to sing.

Omega Vision
There are still crooners today (Michael Bubble, Andrea Boccelli (sort of--he's a hybrid of crooner and opera singer), and Josh Groban more or less fit the bill), they just aren't nearly as popular because musical tastes have long since moved on from that style of music.

You could just as easily ask why there aren't any great Boy Bands today.

I don't see the crooners as some gold standard of singing talent anyway. When you compare a Frank Sinatra or a Dean Martin to Ivan Rebroff or Caruso or Andrea Bocelli the crooner comes off looking pale.

jinXed by JaNx
To be fair, I think there are more, Crooners today than there ever have been before. Just like most of music, the talent is lost in what is marketable. I'm not saying this is a d thing because there is an over abundance of music for each specific genre today than ever before, you just have to search for it. The fact that, Paul Anka is still appreciated speaks a lot for where music is today. Music, today I think is more healthy than ever before.

For respect to the topic, however, I will stick with my choice of Paul Anka.

If that's true, then where are the Paul Anka contemporaries?

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