Sebastian Shaw (X-Men Legend 1) vs Vixen (Supermutant)

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Location Savage Land

Win by KO, Death, or Incapacitation.

Only animal powers for Vixen.

Shaw starts at normal human levels.

Random encounter.

Additional rules:

Pre 52 Vixen

Morals Off

At first this might seem like a mismatch in favor of Sebastian Shaw, but I will prove that Vixen's versatility and cunning in using her animal powers are too much for him. Furthermore, there are a lot of conditions here that greatly favors Vixen.

Key points:

1. There are no morals which mean that Vixen can go straight for the kill. Also there is no prep, and my opponent has made the unwise decision that Shaw starts this match with just human stats.

An un-amped Shaw has no defense to Vixen using the flight and speed of a peregrine Falcon (fastest animal on earth) combine with the weight, strength, and durability of a Triceratops. Thereby, putting a hole in his chest (and ripping his heart out) like below.

2. Vixen can overload Shaw for a ko, just like what Emma Frost in Storm body accomplish with a single unintended lightning bolt.

Below Vixen uses the power of an eel to emit and/or absorb electricity 3 different times. I have never seen a limit place on how much electricity she can emit/absorb.

3. Shaw admittely was almost choked out by Tigra, and this was after he had amped himself by smacking his head with books for 8 straight hours to escape his cell.

Vixen is much stronger and durable than Tigra, plus she can use the ability of a viper to quickly choke her prey. In addition with limited shape shifting ability for added pressure in strangling.

I'll wait for my opponent to respond, before I list my other ways to victory.

X-Men Legends 1
My opponent seems to think that Shaw is helpless in human form. This is a huge mistake. It doesn't matter what level shaw is at when it comes to absorbing energy because he absorbs it the same no matter what. My opponent is also relying on using old shaws durability feats and has failed to realize that Shaw indeed has Gotten many upgrades over the years. My opponent also seems rather fond of using low feats as well.

Most feats that were posted have been due to either PIS or showing shaw without his current amps.

2. Here we have Shaw taking attacks from Colossus with no damage whatsoever. In one he is on his normal levels and in another he is far below his average and still yet overpowers Colossus via physical attacks.

Tanks Cannonball's melee, and b*tchslap-KO's him:

After being pushed out of a ship by Emma Frost, Shaw became significantly more powerful thanks to the kinetic energy he absorbed after hitting the ground:

Jumps to incredible heights and shreds through that same ship:]

Tanks/absorbs Extremis Iron Man's repulsor blast

Sebastian one-shots Rogue /w/ all the powers of She-Hulk:

Although Vixen is strong. She will not be able to put shaw shaw down by physical force she has no way of overloading him. This will be further proven after my opponent responds.

I will continue with my key points, before addressing X-Men Legends argument. But I will state that none of my first three key points have been legitimately rebutted.

4. Shaw has sustained damage by piercing, stabbing, and cutting attacks in the past. Slashing attacks has drawn blood from him on numerous occasions. Here are some examples:

1st scan Daken stabs Shaw with his claws, and cause him to loose balance.
Scans 2-4 Wolverine stabs Shaw w/ claws and makes him bleed.
Scans 5-6 Donald Pierce slashes Shaw w/ energy claws leaving cuts on his skin, and has the upper hand until he allows Shaw a brief moment to recover.

Vixen with morals off will slash his throat with her claws or crack his skull. Her claws have hurt everyone from Despero to Superman.
crack skull of android

She can also turned into this wolf like creature and bite out his throat instead of arm like below.

5. Vixen can spit venom from a cobra. This can either cause paralysis, blindness or death for Shaw.

6. Vixen can communicate with animals. Here in the Savage Land there are plenty of carnivores that she can tell to eat Shaw. Imagine a T-Rex swallowing Shaw whole in one gulp. Or a swarm of poisonous insects injecting him with deadly poisons. Game Over.

Demonstrates the ability to talk with animals including insects.

Now in response to my opponent's argument. First Colossus amped Shaw by repeatedly attacking him with just blunt force. Same thing for Cannonball's attempted blitz. Vixen w/o morals will go for a quick kill using min force to either ko or kill him.

Like snapping his neck, with the strength to easily destroy a tank.

My opponent has yet to prove that Vixen cannot overload Shaw with electricity from an eel, or any other electric animals.

Shaw is very powerful and is extremely difficult to beat with only blunt force. But as I have demonstrated, he is vulnerable to piercing damage, passive attacks, and especially suffocation.

Shaw basically states that suffocation and passive attacks will defeat him.

Here Vixen squeezes the air from Gorilla Grodd's lungs and displays the strength necessary to break his neck. Shaw is very susceptible to the same attacks.

Even if Vixen didn't go for the kill right away, she has the speed, quickness, and durability to engage Shaw, until she can learn and exploit his weaknesses.

Combines the speed of a cheetah , durability of a rhino, and finesse of a Capuchin monkey.

With the proportional durability of an armored beetle, she is able to withstand an attack from a bloodlusted Superman.

Shaw also has a bad habit of revealing how his powers work to his opponents. He is very vain and arrogant, its in his character. Therefore, he will tell Vixen about his ability to amp from physical force sooner than later.

Scan 1 Shaw brags to Namor about how his powers work early in the battle.
Scan 2 same thing to Wolverine, Scan 3 same bragging to Rogue.
Scan 4 again brags to Warpath exactly how his powers work.

In this matchup, Shaw's bragging will go a long way into his defeat, provided that Vixen doesn't just rip his throat out in this morals off random encounter from the start. She has the strength, durability, speed, and quickness to engage Shaw, and dodge/counter his amped-attacks until she realizes or he reveals the extent of his powers.

And I have already proven the many different and versatile ways she can defeat him with passive attacks (attacks requiring very little energy), suffocation, electricity overload, cobra venom- deadly projectile attack, Shaw becoming a T-Rex's snack, and so forth.

Shoot me a PM when this match is finished, so I can judge. I don't want to let it go longer than necessary. Glad to see it happening, though.


Well, since I had another opponent to go MIA in the midst of a bz, I will opened this one up for voting. I'm not going to add anything else and beat a dead horse. At least it was short, so I guess that should count for something lol.

Hopefully you tried to follow up with the new guy via PM before pushing the vote, but assuming you have, I've been asked to vote, so...

There isn't really much to judge, because Supermutant is the only one of the two whose posts actually amounted to a plan of attack. I don't know for sure who would win between these two, and I know a lot more can be said on Shaw's behalf. But based on what was shown, there's no way I can vote for Shaw.

The range of tactics available to Vixen is impressive, and I would have loved to see her pushed harder in this match. Supermutant, nice job with the few posts you had; it was a strong display. Just unfortunate that you didn't have a better challenge. Vote is for Vixen.

I feel like this match had much potential for tactics and counter tactics, that it's a shame it barely started before it ended. There was no actual direct debate , so what's left is the offense and defense displayed, on which one side clearly demonstrated more.

My vote is for Vixen. Congrats Supermutant.

Yeah I sent Xmen Legends numerous pms and emails, with no response of course. Anyway it was time to just move on, the same thing happen against Werewolf the 2nd time, although he at least posted a couple of times before going MIA.

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