Batman: New and Improved

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Batman, scourge of all that is evil. Gotham City's first and last defense against evildoers of every size, shape, and decorum. By day Batman is Bruce Wayne billionaire and head CEO of Wayne Industries. By night the creature that strikes fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere.

No injustice shall go unpunished. No fiend given clemency. There is justice. There is the dark knight. There is the Batman.

Now for a nice little bio on our eponymous caped crusader.

Taken from Batman: The Dark Knight #0

With that out of the way. The order in which I will catalog Batman's showings.

I. Strength

II. Speed/Reflexes

III. Durability/Endurance

IV. Martial Prowess

V. Equipment & Intelligence

VI. Fights

cool love new 52 batman.

I. Strength A

Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Batman knocks out a venom enhanced Ragdoll with a single punch, and is able to overpower another group of Arkham Asylum inmates injected with the stuff.

Batman: The Dark Knight #13

Batman breaks out of some steel chains.

Batman #5

Batman punches the head off of a ship's figurehead.

Batman #6

Batman grabbing a Talon by the back of his neck, and forcing him through a wall made out of white marble.

Batman punching that same Talon through yet another white marble wall.

Note that Batman was stuck in the Court of Owls labyrinth for eight days at this point, and Batman was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. The only water Batman could drink was probably drugged, and so he avoided drinking it when he could. That's on top of the fact that at the end of Batman #5 he got stabbed through the stomach with a sword from behind by this Talon.

So basically even when Batman is at his weakest and about to die he can still muster up the strength needed to do this.

Batman #24

Batman is able to dent the Red Hood's helmet inwards with a headbutt.

Batman #26

Bruce Wayne can easily break out of some handcuffs.

Batman Annual #2

Batman breaks out of some hardening foam. He mentions that it could have shed some of Killer Croc's scales off.

Batman gets caged by some steel restraints, and the Anchoress uses some "quantum tunneling" to mess with Batman's memories. Batman is eventually able to break out of not only the steel restraints with brute strength but the Anchoress's quantum tunneling as well.

Detective Comics # 3

Batman kicks Jack in the Box through a concrete support beam. Note that Jack in the Box was also modified by the Dollmaker at the time.

Detective Comics #8

Batman breaks through a brick wall in order to reach Digger Jones.

Detective Comics #9

Batman punches/kicks one of the Talons against a reinforced steel door so hard that it dents and breaks open.

Batman Incorporated #6

Batman breaking guns and rifles apart after taking down a whole bunch of henchmen.

Nightwing #30

Batman is able to break the Batcycle in half with a kick.

Batman & Two Face #25

Batman is able to stop a speeding car by pulling on it with his grappling hook.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.