Earliest Posters on the Forums From the Prequel Days

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Who is still here?

Lord Lucien
Your last post was 11 1/2 years ago. Jesus, what was it like back in the Internet dark ages?

Back then the site was called episode-ii.co.uk. I was only 14 back then. laughing out loud

Well, queeq's still around.

Ush, aren't you the only 2 left from those days?

Darth Angel
I guess people move on (funny thing I actually remembered today about killermovies and droped by lol).

I never was a very active poster anyway so I guess this fits my profile. I remember to actually register almost a year after starting to look up for EU things in here.

Sith Master X
I've been here since 2004. Long enough in my book. smile

I think all but a very few of us have moved on in some fashion or another. Old members from back in the day and nostalgia keep me checking in.

I remember the boards started getting really slow around 2007ish. By that point Episode 3 had already been out for a few years and the SW hype was beginning to diminish.

As queeq has pointed out, Facebook and Twitter have really changed the way people socialize online. Even with Episode 7 being announced, I highly doubt KMC ever gets the traffic it used to. I'm ok with that though. It's kind of like our little hangout now.

10 years ago this section would get a new post every other minute.

Yup. And I was there too...

Anyway, nice to see you again, EJ!

I like the old style of socialising. Forums ftw.

Though I have jumped ship to the Jedi Council Forums at TheForce.Net because their forums are still super-active and have included all sorts of new bits and pieces from social media.

I may have come a little later, but I remember the episode-II.co.uk message board. My registered date states 2001, but I think I originally started in late 2000. I'm not sure though. I do not post enough. I was about 12 or 13 when I first joined. My typing skills frustrated many.

I remember that. wink

It wasn't that I couldn't spell properly. It was just that I sued so many typos. teh keyboard was hard for an impatient twelve year odl.

See what I did there? smile

Yup, regression.

I'm having flashbacks. Oh no.

Rebirthing time soon.

Havoc X
Regression? I spent forever learning forum short hand. Now, I can't remember much past "btw". 10y years is to long to be away.


Hi! I work hard to keep my password on my long-term memory.
But sometimes I fail.

We forgive you.

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