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Exemplified persuasion of a sanctified
An image of the lord, horrendous of its own accord.

I was naked set adrift in space,
and time had lost all meaning,
I saw stars that shine and worlds
No one could hear me screaming.
Was caught up in a comet's tail,
i got away to no avail.
And then i passed right through the sun,
burned by the fire
and desire
To be back home with you.
Crystal tears fell from my eyes,
and as i woke i wondered why.
And then i knew.
I was naked set adrift in space,
and time had lost all meaning.

The dead they dance romance and pass
The people on the street.
The dead do all these things and more.
Shadows underneath.

Shotgun in the corner.
Woman in my bed.
Carnal thoughts of passion,
running through my head.
Am i just a sinner,
or is this love at last?
Am i looking at my future,
And living in the past?
I dont have the answers,
To the questions on my mind,
so i will just make love to her.
Innocence sublime.

I've sat with him
and supped with him,
partaken of his wine.
We've spoken of the
broken chains,
that bind us to mankind.
His were broke
in ancient times,
mine were yesterday.
Both too stubborn to give up.
Both of us will stay.

The funhouse mirrors
the cold sharp shivers,
that run along my spine.
I'm drawn to things
i cannot have.
Even for a time.

The Ending road.
The winding lonely well worn road.
Stars above
and wind through trees.
Around the bend what will i see?
Footprints and some yellowed bones
arranged as by an artist.
I have to smile
and shake my head.
This is where i started.

Secrets kept
And Jesus wept,
at what he'd not been told.
Three men had one
two were done.
But none of them grew old.

A stranger in a place i know
i've crowned myself the King of Bones.
Sit upon my tarnished Throne
rule my Kingdom
planet spinning,
out in space since the beginning.
Power over Life and Death
there for both first and final breath.
My Subjects never bow to me
as i would have it, as it should be.
Walk the way of those around me.
Think of all the things i see.
I am never seen myself.
For i have no power, wealth
just the Bones.

Zombie lover in my arms, never let me come to harm.
Deep inside her undead soul i can lose my self control.
Living seed and hellspawn dead, i know i cant come back again.
But i do and she is there smell of fresh earth in her hair.
Skin so soft and cold as ice, her haunted eyes my touch of life.
Why is she here and do i care?
The summer dress she always wears, turns to dust beneath my touch.
Cold dead flesh it haunts my dreams my warm firm touch is all she needs.
Together we are more than life, more than death and toil and strife.
Young lovers born two lives apart but me inside her one beating heart.
And one so still it might not be, but when i hold her close to me,
i feel her warm, she makes me chill,
another night will surely kill.
Or bring her back into the light.
I love her.

Wicked gypsy winter dream.
Let me show you things i've seen.
Dragons flying overhead.
Humming birds pick at the dead.
Armies ride across the plain.
An old man staring at the ashes of his fire.
A ship of candles on the sea.
The joy of slaves when finally free.
I grow tired.
Lived the lives if many men.
Been there seen the how and when.
And conspired.
Not to stare at passionate eyes.
Not to hear the children's cries.
I held those children close to me knowing what they'd someday be.
Saints and sinners kings and queens.
Everything that comes between.
Some rose to heaven fell to hell.
And their stories i will tell.
Let me show you things i've seen.

The butterfly is blue
As it flutters by
The dew
Collects on all the flowers
And i have to catch my breath.
I cant help but see the humor
In my own untimely death.

Back pedal Heavy Metal
Suicide bliss
Thunder on the mountain
Lightning from your kiss
In the moment that i saw
I waited much too long

How can you slow dance to a fast song?

If a pretty girl digs a gave
a man will try to fill it.
If a man has inspiration
a pretty girl will try and kill it.

Good stuff bro.

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