Favorite Spidey cartoons

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Notice i didnt say best. I said favorite.

1. Spider-Man: The New Animated Series
The MTV version was slick. Like many of the Spidey toons it had stick footage and no one ever really changed their clothes, but it had a good energy.
I'd like to think if it had lasted, some classic villains would have made their way in.
Plus Neil Patrick Harris as Spidey. Thats legendary.

2. Spider-Man 1967
The original. Had the great song, the silly art and stories. Loved this as a kid.

3. Spectacular Spider-Man
This was the Graceland of Spidey toons.

4. Ultimate Spider-Man
Thats right, i said it.

5. Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends
It was so cool seeing Spidey with peers, having adventures. Plus we got to see other MU characters before Marvel had cartoons coming out every two weeks...

As much as I love NPH as Pete wasn't a big fan of the MTV one. It was basically a movie spin off and therefore bound by its script so writers were somewhat limited in their work, also the 3d animation... dunno.

As for the favorite.. it's tricky. I grew up watching TAS it's what got me into Spider-man and comic books in general but... nostalgia glasses aside I can't honestly say it's the best. Differs a lot from the source material, lots of characters (like Ock) downplayed. Recycled animation.

So to me it's Spectacular Spider-man no contest. Brilliantly written characters, development, great plot. And the fight scenes. Oh the one in gangland where Spider-man vs Tombstone vs Ock vs Silvermane deserves some sort of toon awards if there was one.

Ultimate.. no. Just no. I made several attempts to get into it but I just can't. To me it's not Spider-man. Just a really long poorly written toy commercial. And I realize it's aimed at kids but there's a way to do it and not take a dump on everything that makes the character Spider-man. They tried to do something with the latest episodes but still couldn't quite pull it off. I did like the Deadpool episode because we got to see Kelly's Deadpool. He was more silly and child friendly of course but still had that psycho vibe I loved so much in DP volume 1 that's been missing for years now.

Cant argue with any of that at all.
Still, i like what i like. Sometimes i even surprise myself.
I had ZERO interest in watching Ultimate, till i recorded and binge watched the series for and with my kid.
Hilarious stuff.

Spiderman the animated series & then followed by Spider-Man Unlimited.

Unlimited never caught my attention. Was it very good?

Yeah it was good...well i liked it

only thing i didn't like was how they ended it.


Thats how the MTV show ended, too. Pissed me off.

I'll see if i look up Ultimate, give it a whirl!

With Unlimited, Venom & Carnage's plan to unleash millions of symbiotes on the planet to finally rid it of humans once and for all finally happens

then that was it.

Damn that sucks!!!

Although it was meant to be a continuation of TAS I couldn't get over the fact that Unlimited took place on an entirely different planet. One half of the first episode was on earth. That's it.

Favorite? Spider-Man and his amazing friends for me.. Too bad they never rebooted that.

But best by far was Spectacular. It just did everything right.

Special mention goes to the Spider-Man/X-Men crossover in TAS. Too bad the movie rights are all over the place for something like that to happen in Live Action.

A live action version of that would be wicked...thumb up

I disliked Spectacular, But hey each to their own.

I believe you're the first person i've ever heard of not loving it! eek!

I loved spiderman and his amazing friends myself.

I loved Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, back when it was aired, here in the UK in the mid 1980's, when I was about 11-12. But it got relegated to 2nd place, about a decade later when the 1990's TAS series came on the scene. Even though we were all aged in the early to mid 20's age range, me my brother and our mates were all well into it. This cartoon captured the essence of the comic book character I grew up reading.
I still enjoy going book to SMAHAF's but it isn't the same. especially after watching the 90's cartoon.

Yeah, some things are never as good as we remember.

But surely that's because SAHAF was made in the late 70's/early 80's. Clearly to stand the test of time it would need a rebooted version. I mean imagine if the only animated Spider-Man we had was the 60's/70's one with the famous theme tune.

That being said, even today give me an episode of SAHAF over Ultimate Spider-Man any day of the week.

Well, i said "some".
In the case of cartoons, some dont age well, some are classic. I'd rather watch 40s Tom & Jerry cartoons over any of their stuff done the last 20-25 years.
In that example, its the newer stuff that seems trite and hackneyed.

Khazra Reborn
Spectacular was so good that it overcame my nostalgia for 90's Spider-Man TAS. I'm still bummed to this day that Spectacular got canned.

I agree my favorite was the 1990 spider-man animated series just like x-men I grew up reading spider-man comics it had heroes and villains I remember reading as a kid. I also got a chance t o watch the whole sereis on net flex couple years ago. I also enjoyed specular spider-man . I didn't like the mtv version too much I enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man spider-man unless your talking about the new one on Disney xd which I don't like it too much I do remember their was an Ultimate Spider-Man spider-man were he goes to this earth prime plant were its animals live their instead of humans humans live their too but it was kind of like spider-man 2099.

Spider-man TAS
60's Spider-man

If Spectacular hadn't been cancelled, it probably would have even gave Batman TAS a run for it's money. Hell out of all the Spider-man shows, that's probably the one that paid tribute most to the original Stan Lee/Steve Ditko issues. As each character that appeared and had a name was taken from the comics. Not a single one was made up for the show.

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