Matthew "Roy Miller" Knight Respect Thread

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Every now and then, an action hero comes along who just epitomizes everything awesome about the genre, and arguably the best example of that is Roy Miller, as portrayed by Tom Cruise in Knight and Day

Miller was officially an Eagle Scout turned Army Ranger named Matthew Knight, until he faked his death in Kuwait to join the CIA under the new name Roy Miller. Miller is perhaps one of cinema's best escapist characters. While he is cordial, friendly, a good cook, sends a fortune of money anonymously to his parents, and even owns his own uncharted private island, he is also invincibly deadly in combat and omnicompetent to a degree that rivals Derek Flint.

Perhaps Miller's best trait however is his smooth cool-headedness. No matter how seemingly insurmountable the situation, Roy just smiles, nonchalantly says "Don't worry, I've got this", and proceeds to handle the situation with his omnicompetent skills. Doesn't matter if he has to crash-land a jet, evade an international CIA manhunt, jump off cars during a freeway chase, take on armies of goons, escape being chained upside down, jump out of a burning plane, etc. No matter what the situation, Miller is ready to handle it with tranquil calmness and skill.

Being a CIA spy, Roy is in top physical and mental condition, performing leaps off buildings and cars without a hitch, leaving/reading incredibly esoteric and hidden codes, and stated to be able to dismantle a bomb with nothing but a safety pin and a Junior Mint. Even at a young age he is stated to have been a phenomenal swimmer and able to hold his breath for a full minute.

To conclude, Roy Miller is arguably the ultimate action hero and the ultimate guy "who men want to be and women want to be with", arguably even more so than James Bond himself. Polite and friendly, yet invincibly skilled and deadly, he is the best friend to possibly have and the worst enemy to possibly make.


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