Lucy Respect Thread

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Lucy (no last name given) is an American college student vacating in Taipei who, after being forced to deliver a briefcase to a Taiwanese crime boss by a guy she met at a wild party, is forced to become a drug mule with the drugs surgically inserted into her abdomen. When one of her captors kicks her in the stomach, the drugs (CPH4, which increases brain capacity percentage wise) are released within her body, and she becomes a psychic transhuman on a single-minded path to reach the full capacity of her brain and determine what to do with the knowledge she spreads.

Lucy presents various powers throughout the film. They include:

Telekinesis: Lucy's first manifestation of powers is telekinetically levitating herself onto the walls and ceilings. She TK's people through walls, TK's numerous cars, levitates multiple people to the ceiling, creates invisible force fields, paralyzes people in place, empties clips of guns pointed at her, and renders a hallway full of people unconscious with a handwave

Eidetic memory: Remembers every physical experience she has ever had, up to the taste of her mother's breastmilk

Instant Information Retention: Learn languages and how to drive instantly with no prior experience; read thousands of pages of a neurologist's work in seconds; instantly analyzes medical charts with a glance

Precognition: is able to predict what her friends says before it is spoken (though this may have been the advanced intellect)

Tactile Telepathy: Read a person's mind and memories by touching them, and even notice minuscule details in memories the person them self didn't notice

Clairvoyance: Contacts a police officer to help her track down the other couriers. Even though she is countries away, she knows he is fiddling around, and instructs him to grab the red pen at his desk.

Technopathy: Able to manipulate all the electronics in Freeman's house from countries away is also able to perceive/read electronic information streams and find out relevant data

Immunity to pain: digs bullets out of her shoulder without a slight wince

Shapeshifting: alters her appearance, and at one point gives herself an elongated "monster" hand and a webbed CFTBL-like hand, and even two hands from the same arm. She also morphs her body into a gigantic black mass of a super computer.

Physics-defying Matter materialization, manipulation, duplication transmutation, and dematerialization: Uses a pen to demonstrate that she is no longer bound by human-based physical laws, levitating it, duplicating the pen into two, reforming them, creating multiple pens (like an afterimage), morphing the pen into multiple black liquid-like shape-shifting orbs, then into a floating light-constructed object, before disintegrating it entirely. She also morphs the room she is in into a seemingly-infinite white room in which the supercomputer is contained (although it morphs back after she reaches 100%)

Time Travel/Chrono-spatial teleportation:
At 99%, she explores both space (going to Times Square, the wilderness, and explores several nebulae 2001-style) and time (rewinds time back to the 1800s, then the time of the natives, then the time of hominids, then the time of dinosaurs, and then the formation of Earth itself). It should be noted although she is doing this her "base" body is connected to a supercomputer (that she made out of herself), her physical body still exists at all these points in spacetime, as various prehistoric creatures see and react to her.

Physical Transcendence/ Relative Omnipresence/Omniscience/Omnipotence: at 100%, she transcends a physical body (as she exceeded the speed of light), but still is able to communicate through electrical signals, and has absorbed the total amount of knowledge of the universe, her last message being that "she is everywhere"

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