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The Big O

The Big O
Name: Benjamin Mason Morningstar
Age: 16
Appearance: Benjamin stands 5 feet and 10 inches. He has a russet-colored complexion with deep brown, almond-shaped eyes. He is of a lean but toned build for a boy of his age and height who engages in moderate exercise. He has shoulder length, straight, jet-black hair that he often keeps in a ponytail.
Powers: Benjamin hails from a long line of Blackfeet Native American Indian shamans and as such, he has access to the unusual gifts granted to those of his line.

Mediumship. Benjamin has the ability to see into and communicate with the spiritual realm. He can see, summon and converse with various spirits. While he cannot be control any spirits he summons and/or communicates with, he CAN ask for their assistance or allow them to take possession of his body to use as a vessel. When his body is possessed, Benjamin's gain supernatural strength and durability. However, he no longer has control over his body and the possessing spirit can use it as it sees fit. To counter this, the spirit can only take possession for a limited length of time before it is exorcised from Benjamin's body and is SEVERELY weakened while Benjamin is simply left disoriented for a few moments.

Nature Invocation. Because of his spiritual abilities, Benjamin can communicate with the spirits of nature to ask them to work in his favor. This includes all forms of nature including all flora, fauna and the elements. By conversing with the spirits, he would be able to ask the weather to bend for him; communicate with animals to fight for or with him; or converse with plants to spontaneously grow and entangle or poison someone. However, this could possibly work against Benjamin or not work at all as he has to successfully "converse" with the spirits to gain their favor.

Nature empathy. Benjamin is sensitive to the state of nature in an, as of yet, undefined area around him. He can feel when plants die; when animals are frightened or angered; or when something affects the elements unnaturally. Because of this connection, Benjamin can be negatively affected by the heightened emotions once he arrives in an "emotionally-charged" area.

Ritualism/Potion creation. Benjamin is capable of preforming ancient Native American rituals or creating potions that, if performed or created properly, can generate a variety of effects ranging from healing or boosting himself or others to calling forth spirits from the spiritual realm to do battle on the earthly plane. It should be noted that the rituals could possibly take days to complete and Benjamin often needs to have the proper amount of time to preform them. The potions, on the other hand, can be made as soon as he gathers the necessary herbs needed to create them. However, some potions do require a certain amount of time to "set" so that their intended effect activates when used.

*It should be noted that because of his age, Benjamin is still learning a vast amount of knowledge required to achieve these feats and more often than not, the effects he desires to happen may be rather small in scale. It should be assumed that over time and with constant practice, Benjamin will be able to achieve greater feats of skill.

Name: Andrey "Andrew" Brok
Age: 15
Appearance: Andrew is still growing, so he stands 5'11'' only for now. He has pale-ish skin, semi-spikey blue hair, grey eyes and natural athletic musculature.
Powers: Lightning Elemental - Andrew displays the powers of an electricity wielding Elemental. However, unlike others, he has spent the majority of his life on the run. As such, his physical prowess and offensive abilities are weak. On the other hand, those abilities which have allowed him to survived are much more developed.
-Superhuman strength, speed, and endurance: These are very minor. Andrew has trouble lifting a car at the best of times.
-Electricity manipulation: Andrew can fire blasts of electricity from his hands. These can arc across multiple opponents, but are not always lethal.
-Teleportation: Andrew can teleport anywhere in his line of sight. This has been his primary escape method for most of his life.
-Flight: Andrew knows he is capable of flying, but has never practiced, so he cannot do it very well, if at all.
-6th sense: Andrew can sense the energy of other people. He can distinguish between supers and non-supers, and can even glean a basic understanding of a super's powers if he concentrates on them for long periods of time. Due to this gift, he is keenly aware of potential threats to him and those around him.
-A basic understanding of hand to hand combat, self taught from online videos.
-Higher than average intelligence. Especially knowledgeable when it comes to science, despite having no formal education.
-Can speak secondary languages like English as though he were native, with no trace of any accent.

Name: Samantha Swift

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: Samantha is 5'4 slender with with pale skin, jet black hair that reaches to her mid back, and eyes that seem to change color from golden yellow to dark grey. She usually has dark patches under her eyes from lack of sleep and possibly anemia and her hair is usually uncombed in a messy pony-tail with her clothes being filthy from her "travels".


Light- An ability that allows her to call upon the force of light to heal, or smite her enemies, or barriers to shield herself from damage.

Shadow- An ability that allows Sam to call upon the force of darkness to use offensively such as: create blades of shadows to cut through enemies, blast foes with pure dark energy, or tendrils of shadows to bind her enemies and drain their life force to heal herself or others.

Shadow's Gate: Using her shadow ability she is able to instantly transport herself to another body of shadows.

Thunder Fox
Name: Lance Donovan

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: black shoulder length hair, violet eyesand tanned skin, has two words tattooed on his forearms "tenebrarum" and "iudicium"
Shapeshifting: The ability to shift one's physical characteristics

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