Z Nation

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Z Nation only scores a 53 in Rotten Tomatoes but its campy and kitschy and doesn't take itself too seriously,


They dont spend a lot of money on anything, including make-up ..
in Episode 7 of Z-Nation Sketchy's Dental Situation is Bad, then Good, then Bad Again.
This is a great episode, primarily because it has Sketchy and Skeezer and their traveling gun show. Sketchy McClane is played by Mark Carr - this is the same character that sold Addy the Z-whacker. Sketchy's teeth are bad as you can see in the photo below
But later when he's calling out to the waiting shooters, we can see that his teeth are immaculately white and perfect again!
So where is the dentist that fixes Zombie Teeth? At the very end of the show, Sketchy's teeth are bad again... I would like to see a post apocalypse dentist treating patients for the onset of terminal zombie teeth. But this is the screen shot that should shame the make-up dept of Z-Nation.
Here we can see that Sketchy is just getting the black crayon treatment on his teeth. Shocking!

Looks interesting, kind of hard to depict anything besides a sketchy western rodeo shoot him up

Or is it a comedy? Still very interested

Looks good. Probably won't check it out though, I'm far too busy.

Well, to all who stuck w. it, its done now.

Not a bad finale, definitely in keeping w. the series as a whole.
I gotta admit there were times when i almost dropped this, until i got on board w. the fact that it was doing its own thing and not cloning Walking Dead.
Will miss some (most) of the characters, they were memorable.


I really liked this show. Had a much better pace and way more likable characters the TWD did. Gonna have to catch up on the missed seasons.

It got really weird, man. eek!

Weird can be GOOD! Better then Boring like TWD became.

I enjoy/ed both shows, for different reasons, obviously.
One thing i still cant ever decide is which bat i like better, the Z Whacker, or Lucille.

Puppies and Kittens.

We were nowhere near the Grand Canyon.

I really need to get caught up on this series.

Yeah get on that, man; i almost spoiled it for you like 3 times in this conversation!

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