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The Big O

"SOMEBODY, HELP ME," screamed an exotically dark-skinned young woman as she was running like the wind down an alleyway. Her medium-length, dark-brown hair was flowing like a flag in a breeze behind her while her hazel-colored, round eyes reflected sheer panic and terror.

She she took a turn down another back alley and ran straight into a dead end. The buildings around her were tall and dark and the only light shining down on her was from the fire escape just above her head. She frantically glanced around like a trapped animal for an escape but paused when two guys appeared in front of her.

"We gave you to option of making this easy on yourself," one of the men said. They were both dressed in black suits and both had hardened faces that were flushed from running. They looked like secret service agents. They looked buff under their clothes and like they were ready for a fight. "But of course you chose the hard way. And that's how we like it," the other said as they both advanced towards the girl. They both knocked their gloved-fists together and their hands sparked with electricity.

When she saw that, the girl's eyes shifted. Going from the normal hazel color of a human, they shifted to a glowing, greenish-gold and looked more cat-like in appearance. She, let out a low and guttural growl as they approached her.

"Easy, kitty," one of the men in black said while reaching for her. Then, like lightning, the girl swiped at him. The man drew his hand back and the sleeve to his suit was torn as if something raked through it. "DAMN! The b**ch drew blood," he exclaimed. "Get her."

However, before the other man could take action, his hands started to erupt with electricity. He held them up with a confused expression before they blew up. He was thrown across the alley way an knocked out cold.

"I don't think she wants to take it easy," a blue-haired boy said from the top of the fire escape above the girl. He smiled down on the scene below him and his fingers were sparking with electricity. "In fact, I don't think she even likes you."

"Why do you kids always show up at the worst possible time," man asked the blue-haired boy as he ran towards the girl who still pressed up against the wall. Before he reached her however, a stray and out-of-place vine became entangled with his legs and he fell to the ground hard.

"Because guys like you don't know how to take a hint," a young man answered as he walked into the alley way. He had a disgruntled expression on his face and the girl couldn't help but stare. He had russet-colored skin, strong cheekbones and jet-black hair. He was almost tall and a little lanky but his sleeveless arms looked well toned. The way he was looking down on the man, the girl sensed something strange from him. It was as if he could communicate with her with just his eyes. And when he did meet hers, there was something that held her attention.

The vines around the man's legs continued to wrap around him until he could no longer struggle against them. Some also wrapped around the unconscious man. "We told you before to tell your boss that we're here to stay and to be careful. Apparently your boss doesn't like to listen."

All of a sudden, a swirl of shadows coalesced in front of girl that started to encase the area in darkness. Before she could do anything, the darkness receded and the two constricted guys were both gone. A very pale girl proceeded to rise out of the shadows and smile lazily at the other girl. Her long, black hair was a little unkempt and she looked slight yet capable.

The blue-haired boy seemed to float down from the fire escape. He was as tall as the other boy but he was almost as pale as the small girl. He looked like he could handle his own in a fist fight as his muscles could be seen through his tight shirt. He whistled through his teeth. "Damn, girl. Where'd you take them?"

The small girl innocently tilted her head to the side and gave a eerie smile. "You know that club where all those supers keep 'mysteriously' disappearing from? Well, apparently, there's some rumors floating around that the CHG is responsible. I took those two idiots there."

"You didn't," the blue-haired boy smiled.

All the girl did was let out a small, trill-like giggle.

"ANYWAYS," the black-haired boy interjected. "Are you okay," he asked as he walked up to the now rescued-girl.

She nodded.

"They didn't hurt you or anything, did they," he questioned.

She shook her head no.

"She doesn't say much, does she," Blue-hair commented with folded arms and look that was sizing the girl up.

"Who are people," she asked.

"We're like you," Black-hair answered. "We're supers."

"But why did those guys talk to you like they knew you?"

"Because we like to get in their way," the small girl said matter-of-factly. "We kinda do it all the time. But its really their own fault. They aren't exactly secretive about their business."

"Actually, they are," Blue-hair said. "We just intercept what information we can from them."

"Well, yeah but they should be better at hiding their stuff. I mean, come on. A large company like the Center for Human Genomes shows interest in human mutation while supers are popping up all over the place and disappearing every time they show up? They really thought no one would notice?"

Black-hair cleared his throat and the other two went silent. "I'm pretty sure they're going to send other agents after you. This isn't the first time they tried to take you, is it?"

The girl shook her head again.

"Well, if you come with us, we can keep you safe."

The girl hesitated.

"She probably thinks we're weirdos," Blue-hair accused. "So much for gratitude for saving your life." The slight girl hit him on the shoulder and he shrugged.

Black-hair just looked at her with a soft smile. "It's totally cool if you don't want to come with us. We won't force you or anything. But we also won't be able to help you that much if you stay by yourself. Like I said; they're going to send more people after you. They really want you. But take this," he said while handing a card to her. "You call that number and we'll come for you, alright?"

She just looked at the card as they started to walk away. The girl and blue-haired boy were bickering with each other but the black-haired boy looked back and smiled at the girl. For whatever reason, this made the girl walk towards him. He stopped and they just looked at each other for a moment.

"Okay," she said quietly. "I'll go."

"We'll take care of you," was all the black-haired boy said as he ushered her out of the alleyway. She didn't know where they would take her, but it had to have been better than where she'd end up if those men in black got her.

The blue haired boy, named Andrew, sighed. They had gotten the girl, and he had played Samantha's word game long enough. "Fine, whatever you say," he said in mock exasperation. "I'll scout around, see if there aren't any of them lurking about." With a flash of electricity, he was up on the rooftop, peering down below. No doubt Samantha was rolling her eyes at him, saying that a lookout wasn't necessary, but Andrew couldn't help himself. He was too accustomed to being unexpectedly attacked. As such, Andrew had developed skills that were key for the job. He could sense danger a mile off, and move around with speed and secrecy.
Andrew was certain that he would detect the enemy if they tried to ambush the group. His worries seemed unfounded, however. As he teleported from one carefully planned vantage point to the next, there were no suits to be seen, no prickling on the back of his neck. No feeling of barely checked anger. The coast was clear.

Samantha scowled at Andrew as he flashed out of the building, "idiot.."she sighed then slid down the wall she was leaning against until she was sitting on the floor then whipped out a smart phone to distract herself from her boredom. Just awhile ago she was just a dirty kid on the street sleeping behind a McDonald's dumpster living on discarded burgers and day old pies, now she's wearing new clothes and has a phone. She laughs silently to herself, a lot of things changed since she joined this team but a lot of things stayed the same she thought, sitting on the hard floor rather then their comfortable lazy-boy chair. Sam was the only one in the room now and the silence was starting to freak her out, she was thinking about joining Andrew on the roof even though it was a waste of time but she didn't want him to think that she wanted to hang out with him. She instead sat in her little corner and just tapped at her phone being somewhat soothed by the sound of the game she was playing, she knew Ben would be back soon after he was finished with the girl they saved from the dorks in black

Samantha rolled her eyes at Andrew as he flashed away, "whatever..." she said irritated by the boy's paranoia. She could understand him though, they weren't exactly taking a pleasant stroll in the park on a beautiful Sunday morning, however, they did take precautions before they swooped down to save the girl. Sam looked to the girl who was walking closely near Ben, "So what's your name?" she asked. It might have been mention before but she wasn't really paying to much attention and she was trying to break the silence while they got her back. It would have been faster to just shift through the shadows but it might have freaked the girl out and the first time always left her passengers...some type of way.

The Big O
"My name's Kat," was all the girl responded with. Even though the men in black were gone, Ben could see that Kat was still on edge. She was looking around wildly as if something was going to jump out at her. He thought back to the mission briefing that he, Sam, and Andrew were given before they came to find Kat. It said that she was a super with wild, animalistic abilities. However, Ben saw nothing of the sort save for her eyes changing when she was cornered by those two idiots. He knew that Kat and figured that Sam knew it, too, so he followed up his teammate's question with one of his own.

"You have any idea why those guys were after you?"

"Because I'm like you guys, I guess," was her reply. He waited for her to say more but when it became obvious that she wasn't, he continued.

"You're a super. We know. That's why we were sent to help you. But you must be something pretty special if they sent so many guys after you."

Kat just shrugged. "I'm nothing special. Just a girl, really."

Ben stared at her for a moment before responding, "I'm sure you're more than that. You've been on the run for almost two weeks. We almost didn't find you. Luckily, we know a couple of...trackers. But even they were having a had time finding you. I think you have more skill and talent than you care to admit."

"Really," the girl asked with a minute smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

"Really," Ben answered back, his smile more pronounced.

Kat then looked at him and smiled. "How would you know that? Are you a psychic or something?"

Shrugging his shoulders as nonchalantly as he could, he simply replied, "I have my sources."

"Right," Kat smirked.

Before they could continue, Ben saw Sam roll her eyes and he remembered that they were supposed to be getting Kat back to their base. He cleared his throat, "We're taking you to our place. You might want to call your parents to let them know that you're out with friends or something."

"That's not really necessary. They give me a lot of freedom."

"Huh. I wish I could say the same." He looked up to see if he could see Andrew to signal him back to them. "Sam, when Andrew get's back, could you get us back to the base? I know it isn't really that far from here but I don't want to be out in the open like this. I THINK I have a funny feeling about how easy it was for us to rescue Kat."

Sam almost tripped over her own feet when Ben asked her to teleport them back, "uh yeah I can do that but it's gonna be rough on..." she looked at the female super they just rescued, she was pretty but didn't really look like much however the same could be said about herself. "Well just be ready with a bucket is all I'm saying, first time walking through the shadows is always a doozy," she warned.

Cracking her knuckles she turned to the wall of the ally way and flicked her fingers to loosen them up before holding up her hands to the wall, her eyes began to flicker like a light struggling to stay on but soon they beamed. The darkness around began to be pulled to the spot Sam was pointing to and begun to swirl, it was large enough for them to use one at a time, she was still a newbie at teleporting others so opening a portal helped conserve power however it still was a draining task. "Shadow express open and ready for use boss," she said playfully.

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