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The authors of the articles are not listed.

However, I believe that some of them are free-thinkers who articulate from the heart, through dogmatism, that which is nothing but truth, and others are the ones who've been effectively transforming the face of society since history immemorial utilizing their instruments of deception, their weapons of war: and that is untrue and oppressive dogma.

These two articles are contradictory. Of course the second illustrates a form of oppression. Women have never been consistently considered by society to be more than man's equal, and men have been consistently considered women's superior. The truth of that matter is niche, we have a part to play, and while some are greater than others in overall adeptness - that has never had anything more to do with cultural, race, or gender than it's had to do with genetic fortitude.

The second was written by a woman, as the author refers to one as a female rather than a male. I'd personally refer to one with a his or her, though, which would confuse most as to determining my gender if I were an anonymous author like the ones at brain pickings.

There's another article that asserts that carnal lust is the anti-thesis of romance, again written by one who herself admits that she's a female. Perhaps it could be degrading considering that every given individual has sadistic and masochistic urges, however according to Maslow's demonstrable science, sex is a biological need - regardless of however "nasty", "carnal", "counterproductive", "raunchy", and "degrading" some may make it out to be. Like it or not our brains operate through drugs, logic and emotion is are catalysts, and so, like our childhood selves, sex should be embraced, utilized, and indulged to the maximum; because at some point it will be indulged however insatiably whether it's with one's romantic partner or not. This why we shouldn't settle for less, this is why our respective lovers most have mutually beneficial paraphinilia, and why our respective lovers should be what we want carnally, intellectually, aesthetically. With monogamy and a symbiotically fulfilling couple of desires, everything can be indulged to the extreme and two individuals become catalysts for each other's progression - because when longed desires are fulfilled our inner selves emerge and we become greater - happiness is the most progressive of all emotions. For each and every individual that is meant to be alive right now, those not spawned out of the damnation caused by these oppressors, there's a soul-mate. For each and every single one of us.

The oppressors have won so far, they've effectively separated soul-mates and therefore have damned all of the men and women that these unholy partnerships have born. That consists of most everyone alive today.


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