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The authors of the articles are not listed.

However, I believe that some of them are free-thinkers who articulate from the heart, through dogmatism, that which is nothing but truth, and others are the ones who've been effectively transforming the face of society since history immemorial utilizing their instruments of deception, their weapons of war: and that is untrue and oppressive dogma.

Women have never been consistently considered by society to be more than man's equal, and men have been consistently considered women's superior. The truth of that matter is niche, we all have a part to play, and while some individuals are greater in scope and scale than others - that has never had anything more to do with culture, race, or gender than it's had to do with genetic fortitude. It has to do with damnation. Men listen to women, women are in a better position to manipulate the masses for that soul reason. This is why I suspect select women would have been used (if not acting on their own accord) to manipulate things in an oppressive order using men, the ones who act on principles set by their beloved matriarchs who don't generally put themselves at risk and stand up and act out on principality.

The second article was written by a woman, as the author refers to one as a female rather than a male. I'd personally refer to one with a his or her, though, which would confuse most as to determining my gender if I were an anonymous author like the ones at brain pickings.

There's another article that asserts that sex out of carnal lust is the antithesis of romance, again written by one who herself admits that she's a female. Perhaps it could be degrading considering that every given individual has sadistic and masochistic urges, however according to Maslow's demonstrable science, sex is a biological need - regardless of however "nasty", "carnal", "counterproductive", "raunchy", and "degrading" some may make it out to be. Like it or not our brains operate through drugs. The smartest of us are insane because logic and emotion are catalysts for each-other, and so, like our childhood selves, sex should be embraced and it should be indulged to the limit with our respective soul-mates: individuals whose desires meet their lover's perfectly, who embody their lover's ideal mate aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally, and vice versa. This way monogamy and mutual symbiosis (chemistry) makes two individuals catalysts for each-other; standing as a rock, they support each-other by bringing each-other a continuous source of happiness and allow each-other to embrace who they really are, that identity that we need to manifest, the child in us.

Somewhere along the line soul-mates were romantically debauched, twin flames dispersed, and as a result of that unholy matrimony damnation ensued. Most everyone alive today doesn't have a soul-mate and is inferior to the select few individuals who're meant to be alive right now.

I'll use the slave-boat analogy. Imagine you're a soon-to-be slave, being taken to slave on this boat.

Moderate waters keep the boat afloat, because excessive currents become chaotic.

However, I say let the boat wreck, go where you're afraid to go. We all fear death more than slavery, but that's just biology, in fact more traumatic than death is a life without freedom. We're limited by our fears, we're not going anywhere we want to go on the boat in a poorly made civilization without pioneers - a society that drains its inhabitants of their vigor to sustain itself. Without a boat they can ride the chaos, which will take them to far more interesting places than the boat.

That's the slaves' descent into madness, they will outlive the boat, excessive currents to undo their outer authority's moderation. Their inner authority was an excessively powerful authority. Better to be livid than to be tamed.

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